Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is Muhiyyudin Yassin Safe And Sure ?

Hantu Laut

Will supporters of Ali Rustam shift their weight to Mohammad Taib to show their anger and displeasure at the Disciplinary Board and the top leadership for their inconsistency and double-standard ? A good question and the answer may come in the next few days.

Muhiyyudin's may not be all that safe and sure of bagging the deputy president post if the unhappy delegates decide to teach the top leadership a lesson.There are rumblings throughout the party. Chairman of the Disciplinary Board Tengku Rithauddin has came out with a poor and unconvincing explanation.
Some are calling for the Board to be disbanded.

This is no more an UMNO under Mahathir's charge. It is now more liberated and members have no more fear of the top leadership as they did when Mahathir was in charge. Than there is the choice of an alternative party that they can join unlike before when the oppositions were weak and couldn't make an impact. Today, the oppositions have gained prominence.

Should that occasion arises what would the disciplinary board do, disqualify Mohammad Taib too or send warnings to delegates not to vote for him ?

They might have overlooked this factor when they decide to only dispose off Ali Rustam and kept Mohammad Taib because he is a distant third in the race and not seen as a threat.


Tranquility said...

Msian politic would make a good B grade TV2 saturday matinee show

My Name Is Muhyiddin said...

I like your spelling of Muhyiddin: "Muhiyyudin." Never seen it before -- well at least not for the man from Johor. It's even pronounced quite differently from Muhyiddin. It has an extra syllable, with an emphasis on the 'yy' in the middle instead of the 'dd', at the beginning of the last syllable. Anyway, this Muhyiddin, or Muhiyyudin, or Muhiddin, or Muhidin, or Mohidin, or Mohiyuddin, or Mohyeddin or whatever (all variants of the same name! -- can't blame you for the mistake!) has cast doubt on the claim that Ali Rustam is the front-runner. So he may be safe and sure after all, or, at least he thinks that way, especially now that Ali is out. Anyway, I think he's the best candidate for the post. But that's only my opinion. In actual fact, many doubt whether he'll win the match with Mike Tyson, considering that fairness has not been the name of the game in UMNO elections in recent decades.

Anonymous said...

who is he ?

SM said...


Can you imagine only a few of those standing for "office" in UMNO is tainted with Money Politics? Although, if you believe the MACC, then ALL of them are clean. Then again the MACC can only take action when it comes to cows & cars (Money Politics is not in their Vocab.)!
Obviously the move to stop that Racist Ali Rustam was politically motivated. Then they just let KJ off with a warning (I bet Pak Lah warned Najib not to "touch" KJ)?
I bet you M2 Taib will get the votes from Ali Rustam's supporters now.
The move to stop Ali Rustam to "help" Muhyiddin has back-fired on Najib! It would have been better to have had a 3-cornered fight. That way, there would have been a split in the votes for the "Pro-Badawi" faction.
Who knows M2 Taib could be the next Deputy PM of Malaysia! I hope he starts learning to speak & write English (as he told that Australian Court he could not speak or write English. Remember?).

Hantu Laut said...

The UMNO Disciplinary Board had their chance to show they are serious to clean up corruptions and money politics instead they screw-up big time.They resort to most disgraceful selective prosecution.They called themselves disciplinary board when they themselves have no discipline and incapable of making sound decision.