Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is UMNO Killing Itself ?

Hantu Laut - (An UMNO watcher)

This could be 'the straw that broke the camel's back'. Rumours abound that some top contenders for the top posts in UMNO may be disqualified and barred from contesting the party elections for involvement in money politics. Names mentioned are Ali Rustam who is running for deputy president and said to be leading in the race.Others are Khairy Jamaluddin, Khir Toyo, Mohammad Rahmat, Azalina Othman and Norza Zakaria. Khir Toyo was also said to be the leader for the Youth race.

Has Mahathir played a big part in influencing the disciplinary committee to act accordingly. If the story is true than the return to Mahathirism is now becoming more obvious and the demise of UMNO may be faster than what many have expected. The days of unfair play, intimidation and coercion are over and 8 March 2008 was a wake up call.A call for change but UMNO remains unfazed.

Did Najib succumbs to Mahathir's persistant demand that those involved in money politics should not be allowed to contest the party elections ? If all are true and those names mentioned will be suspended from the party than without any doubt UMNO is moving back into that territory and it is clear which candidates are being protected.

To remove these candidates from contesting just about a week away from the party elections is definitely not in the interest of the future PM and a sure recipe for disaster.Most people see it as unfair actions and a move to protect certain candidates and allow them to win uncontested. The party will come out even weaker than before as disgruntled members will be working against the party and some elected representatives may even cross over to the oppositions to show their displeasure at the undemocratic means to boot them out. These people have been nominated to stand for elections in accordance with party rules.How they get there should not be a contention at this point of time.It only goes to show that the top leadership are afraid of competition and live in a time warp of primeval feudal system using money politics as an excuse to pave the way for an easy win.It's about time the leadership teach the Malays in UMNO how not to fear competition.

It would be wrong to take such hasty and harsh decision to punish those that you feel are guilty based on assumptions, allegations, suspicion, hearsay and without concrete evidence.

Not that I believe those names mentioned are completely innocent but in the dirty world of politics witnesses can be bought and sold and without substantive proof one must be given the benefit of the doubt.

If the rumours are true than Najib is going to inherit a much weaker party. I can already see
a big grin on Anwar Ibrahim's face.

The 8 March Elections should be a lesson to be learned but UMNO seems unaffected and continued with their old-fashioned ways of doing things. It will pay a high price for this folly just to save one or two favoured candidates.

Time has changed and those who refused to change will be changed.

UMNO should take heed.


Anonymous said...

"It would be wrong to take such hasty and harsh decision to punish those that you feel are guilty based on assumptions, allegations, suspicion, hearsay and without concrete evidence."

HL, you really think so ? Is it really that difficult to prove if those top echelons UMNO goons are corrupted ? The different kinds of vehicle they drive daily, the kind of palatial abode they dwell in, the overseas holidays and the shopping spree they took for the whole family, with sometimes extended families too ! Even on the prime minister pay, I doubt one can live like that !

Talk to any business man in town, what kind of deal one has to cut to secure deals, what kind of undertable money one has to fork out to win contracts or procurements....the examples are all too many to even mentioned it.

It is very clear to all and sundry, the country is in real trouble, it is just not only the world economy. It is the structure, the fabric, the decency of the people, all these are taking dramatic changes that makes the country a not so nice place to dwell in.

Whom, the ordinary citizen can take to task for all these changes ? The answer is there for all to see, unless one choose to be deaf and blind selectively !

Stop bullshitting yourself or at least be honest to your own conscience when you write....

SM said...


I fully disagree with you on this one.
If UMNO is actually "clamping down" on "corrupt" leaders, how can that be bad (assuming that this is really the reason & not because Mahatir is pushing Najib to do this. Or, is Badawi's "clan" being purged out before Najib takes over?)?
If the "trash" is being thrown out by Najib, then all I can say is maybe Najib has woken up?
However, knowing UMNO (& Najib) & its Leaders, I think this is probably a bit of "sandiwara" to show the people that they are serious about change.
Let's see what happens. I bet you nothing really happens (just a big hoo-haaa...UMNO style)!

Hantu Laut said...

You must read my article in the right context.I am not condoning corruptions nor do I wish to have corrupt leaders.What I am trying to portray here is that UMNO may be in deeper trouble if they carry on with the purge because there is no UMNO leader with a clean slate, everyone has skeletons in the closet.Those who think they have been selectively persecuted will go against the party.

This is a big wayang by the top leadership to show the people that they are cleaning up the party when in fact they are paving the road to give the favoured candidates easy win....uncontested.

It is practised everwhere.No where in the world you can participate in an elections without spending some kind of money.Those we think so are not honest,pretending and just behaving superciliously.

UMNO is cleaning up the wrong act.The cleaning up should be with the huge projects that they gave to themselves and their cronies.There's were the big money is.

SM,believe me,I agree with you it's one big sandiwara and it's going to work against the party.The crisis of confidence of the people will not change.

Anonymous said...

why are you so afraid with the return of mahathirism? atleast look at what we have now after 22 years? come on. mahathirism is good. those who against mahathrism just lodge a baseless allegation, without strong evidence. just because you love anwar, you hate mahathirsm. be rational! anwar was in mahathrism system before!


Anonymous said...


Now you are talking a bit of sense and you look like a worried UMNO member who does not know where is next meal is going to come from.

Anonymous said...

HL: what are u baggering about?

It is not about Mahathir etc etc , it is about cleansing UMNO frm corrupt individuals which will surely ensure UMNO demise.

UMNO in dire time need to start afresh with clean leaders.

I salute Najib for being able to take the risk to clean UMNO frm corrupted warlord.


Mat said...


This DrSid is really a 'hentam kromo' guy. He actually thinks that you're an Anwar fan? You cannot write anything against Chedet guy, do you? and you said all Anwar fan are taksub moron ...

kittykat46 said...

I could say I never have any sympathy for UMNO, but I can almost feel it here.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

If they don't act on the corruption, it will just confirm what the public already believes - the UMNO leadership condones, even participates in corruption.

If they act on it, it will alienate those hauled up, and their supporters. And the public will believe there's selective punishment going on vs. "favoured" candidates.

Maybe a compromise would be to act firmly after the election...but that may be even uglier.

Imagine the headlines...UMNO Deputy President charged with money politics...

Hantu Laut said...

Dr Sid,

I excuse you, maybe your first time here.I am not a suppporter of Anwar nor do I hate Mahathir.

Mahathir autocratic style is now out-of-date,it was good during his time, but people are more politically matured now, they can't be led by the noose round their neck anymore.

kittykat46 said...

Its like what one Singaporean, a PAP supporter actually, told me.

"What Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore in the 1960's to the 1980's was great, and we'll always be grateful. But if he tried the same stuff today, he'd have a rebellion on his hands."

Similar comment about Mahathir re:Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Comment taken from Malaysian Insider:

Public Perception is everything.

Suffering from very bad public perceptions is certainly a halt to whatever reform BN trying to do.

For instance, today we'll some big names being hauled up for money politics in UMNO, although (I truly doubt) they finally become sincere in reforming and because UMNO is suffering from very bad public perception, the public will only see:

1. This is a gimmick before the meeting.
2. Public will question the timing of these events.
3. Public will see Najib having a hand on the candidates he wants.
4. Pre-judgement that nothing going to happen, a mere suspension is at most.
5. Why didn't this act reported to MACC?

You see, when you suffer from bad public perception, no matter what you try to do will be viewed with doubt and cloud with agendas. There's no way BN can reform until they restore confidence in their leadership.

If now, Najib suddenly being replaced by Tengku Razaleigh, public perception will suddenly change, and today's action of punishing people in money politics will have more effect and the events will then be more believable in the public eye.

Understanding the root cause of not being able to reform which is your leadership suffering from VERY bad public perception, is the first step to reforming. Remove him, and replace with some credible in the public eye (like TRH) will automatically enable BN to reform again.

Don't believe? Go down and ask the public.

Chong said...

No wonder whatever trick is happen inside UMNO,it's good that UNMO becomes weaker as Bn have not serve good for the Rakyat so far. The doom day of UNMO is the good day for the Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is going thru another mutation. This UMNO has expired its life cycle. The Malays today are no longer the kampung people you see in P Ramlee movies who lived in wooden kampung house with little furniture and handmade curtains. Those folks are simple Malays who lived for their ideals.
The original UMNO was deregistered to make way for Mahathir's UMNO Baru which later dropped Baru for sentimental reason. That UMNO was membered by Melayu Baru, a new breed created and lived on NEP. Having lived in and ocean of wealth they can no longer be contended. The next step is to have power in hands. Power of the Government lies in UMNO or so they may think. To get power, they have to get elected. After all once power gained, it's easier to lay their hands on the State's coffer for payback.
The current scenario is a back stabbing affair to get into UMNO top circles. Whatever, we will care little less as they have found no formula for their future success. Even the many Malays on the street have abandoned UMNO.
Let them be.

Ever Onwards said...

Alamak! Your post has been selected by RPK for Malaysia Today. This is surely one of your better posts, and deserves a wider readership. Coming so soon after your donkey post, this is indeed refreshing!

Talking about Mahathir, even a good dose of Mahathirism won't help Najib. I agree with you, my dear Hantu, that Mahathirism has no place in twenty-first century Malaysia. (Incidentally, Mahathir was also mentioned in that weird post by a Dr Sid who falsely accuses you of being pro-Anwar: goodness gracious me!.)

Anyway, didn't the grand Mamak of Malaysian politics say that the BN Perak power grab was illegal? Well, at least he knows the constitution better than you do, my dear Hantu (reflecting on my arguments with you in previous posts). Well, Mahathir -- smart guy that he is -- is no longer a member of UMNO. I wonder how many will remain in the sinking ship, which is what UMNO is today. To choose another proverb, UMNO is like a drowning man clutching at straws, and the illegal power grab in Perak is one of its last straws. As it is an "illegal" straw (if there is such a thing!), it won't help keep UMNO afloat for long, and the consequence for UMNO and BN politics in Perak and Malaysia as a whole, will be devastating.

Anonymous said...

What I am trying to portray here is that UMNO may be in deeper trouble if they carry on with the purge because there is no UMNO leader with a clean slate, everyone has skeletons in the closet.

Haiyo Hantu, make up your mind la...Now you say NO umno leader is clean yet so many of your past articles demonstrate how you want them to continue to be in power.

You are really a 'status-quo' disciple, aren't you?

You want UMNO/BN to change but don't change so much...

You want UMNO/BN to get rid of corruption but don't punish anyone...

Seriously now, what kind of a patriot are you????

Today am gonna say it, your claim to 'non partisanship' is a joke, it's devoid of any credibility and you are really a musang berbulu ayam...

This is your blog, but you know why am I so pissed off, it's because you deceive with your claim of being independent minded and I have really wasted my time on your deceit......but that's my bad...


vinnan said...

UMNO started as the party of the gurus, pakciks and makciks in the kampungs. It was truly a party of the grassroots. Then with the NEP it became the party of the professionals. Under Mahathir UMNO became the party of the tycoons or whom some refer to as the UMNOputras.
Today, the UMNOputras are fighting among themselves to be on top of the heap. Well Ali Rustam is out for breaching party regulations right after Mahathir said that the UMNO power grab in Perak engineered by Najib is illegal. Hantulaut do you really think Malaysians do not smell a rat here.
One more thing:


You are just too stupid to learn.

SM said...


Ali Rustam is suspended from the UMNO Elections but he's still Malacca MB! Best part about all this is Najib asking Rustam to accept the verdict! Hahahaha! Instead of sacking this corrupted Racist he asks him to accept the verdict? God, & Najib is going to be our next PM?!
Next, KJ given a warning but he can still stand for UMNO Youth top post!
In UMNO, you can be "judged" to be corrupt (in this case, Money politics) but you can still carry-on as if nothing has happened! Where's the MACC? Shouldn't they be doing something about this? Ya rite! Stupid question.
To your question...Is UMNO Killing Itself...well...as I have always said...give UMNO enough rope & it will hang itself...we are seeing this now...the rope is thightening slowly!!!!!

Hantu Laut said...

Ever Onwards,

This is not the first time and this certainly is not one of my better posts.

Malaysia Today have posted many of my articles in the past which you probably didn't notice.

I also used to write for Asia Sentinel and some others under different pseudonym.Thank you.

Hantu Laut said...

Ever Onwards,
I believe the Sultan has the constitutional right to appoint whom he thinks have the majority support of the members of the assembly.It is up to the Sultan to decide.There was no power grab there was a change of government by change of majority.I still stand by what I believe is true.

Of course, the idle thing is to go back to the people but the Sultan doesn't think so and we should respect it, it is within his right not to dissolve the assembly.

Mahathir is an angry man.He wouldn't say that if this happened during his time. He was PM when the BN grab power from PBS in Sabah using the same method.Did he say this is illegal we must not do it?