Monday, March 16, 2009

The Braying Donkeys

Hantu Laut

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng sees red over NST (New Straits Times) reporting and considering barring NST from covering his press conferences and functions.He accuses NST of slander and false reporting.

This is the man and his whole outfit called Pakatan who accuses the BN of abuses of the fundamental rights of citizens of this country and the lack of press freedom. Champions of freedom of expression! My foot! When are going to stop fooling the people ?

See ! Guan Eng, now that you are in position of power you are behaving exactly like the BN. You are showing your true colour, no different from the BN, your intolerance and ready to abuse your power to show your displeasure. I am sure you should know what to do if the NST publishes slander and false reporting. It's simple, take them to court.

Unfortunately, like the kettle that you accuses of being black, there are also black sheep in your government.Two of your men are allegedly involved in covering illegal activities of some quarry operators and this was reported by a PKR man, Amizudin Ahmat, an executive council member of PKR Youth.The report appeared in the Star here. Maybe, you should also consider banning the Star for false reporting.

I wonder what this braying bunch of Pakatan holier than thou donkeys would do if they get the central government ?


Pok Kam said...

"I wonder what this braying bunch of Pakatan holier than thou donkeys would do if they get the central government?"


Anonymous said...

Hantu Gila

Just shutup. Your area pain in the rear with your nonsense analysis

Bobohizan said...

"Anonymous said...
Hantu Gila

Just shutup. Your area pain in the rear with your nonsense analysis"

I cannot agree more! What happens if a coalition unity government takes over in the next few months? Would it be the Hantu Gila's turn to be turned into a donkey?

kittykat46 said...

Well, I don't approve of Lim Guan Eng banning NST from press conferences. But I can understand where his anger is coming from.

I read the offending articles in NST, and in media terms, its as if NST has declared war on the Penang PR state government. And no attempt was given to allow LGE or the Penang state govt a right of reply.

Pure, plain spiteful partisan writing by Barisan Nasional Times, which is the correct name for the NST.

Which makes me wonder - Shouldn't NST be subject to the same circulation restrictions as other Political party newspapers ?

donplaypuks® said...

I'm no UMNO/BN supporter. But, you can't speak mouthfuls about UMNO/BN owned Press censorship while in Opposition,and then the moment you come into power, talk about banning the NST and anti-DAP newspapers.

No, you must have firm principles and live or die by them.

My advice to Guan Eng - grwo up. If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, then drop cooking and get out. Politics is not for little mama or papa's boys!!

Anonymous said...

Would UMNO or other BN expose their member for doing hanky panky? I haven't heard any since time in memory.
But UMNO and BN are willing to buy PKR rep who have cases in court under corruption to get the Perak Government.
It was well known for Mahathir to keep a list UNMO hardened criminals in his book so he would expose them if they misbehave..
HL, any donkey would hee haw if you pull its tail to change its course..
and for calling them donkeys, you deserve another name... kalindahau..

Anonymous said...

najib is also accused of being a murderer. so, whats next, hantu?

simple, aint it. if they are found guilty of corruption, just send them to MACC and they behind bars.

would the same standards be aplied to Najib and BN fellas? You prepared, hantu and swear before your great grandfathers grave you will do it?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I do hope P.Pinang will grant all press with equality.
Barring nst wont be good nor effective.
nst is not a good paper to read but some still do buys it.

It is nice of HantuLaut to highlight this issue.
PR must be reminded to be fair and equal at times as well.

Thank you for pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

khun pana

shouldnt the beloved BN be reminded of the same?

subversion of justice is fair? using state apparatus to stop a legislative assembly is fair?

using MACC to pressure the speaker is fair?

reports have been made against the police under section 124 and refusal to investigate is fair?

DEMOCRACY and the vital supporting platforms are being trampled upon, yet bunkums are arguing over inane issues.

I rest my case.

SM said...


Seriously bro, what's happened to you these last few weeks?
If the NST slanders Guan Eng, take them to court? Hahahahah! Come on! The courts in Malaysia or some Fantasy world court?
Is this the same type of courts that have tried Razak Baginda? The same type of courts that tried DSAI for Sodomy? The Lingam-type courts? The same type of courts that's being led by a Chief Justice that has "admitted" to bribery (& nothing has been done against him even though Karpal Singh keeps trying)?
Who in Malaysia believe in our courts?
Just look at the crap that the Utusan has been spewing! All the summons & Police Reports filed against them & still they are happily spewing lies & hatred!
Take them to court....hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

kittykat is right.

HL, what about a state govt's fundamental right of reply.

You talk about fairness, why NST, Utusan and Berita does not give the Pakatan gvt a right of reply.

And you talk about fair, give me the last ever article EVER that you see NST, Star or the dailies ever criticise the Barisan Najis govt.


Anonymous said...

Straight to the point. NST melayu punye, Star, Cina punye.

Mesti lah Ah Pek tu mau "gam" NST!

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73