Sunday, March 1, 2009

See Who's Talking Now

Hantu Laut

He was one of them, who, hardly a month ago, kept saying no recession will come to Malaysia.

Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop has woken up from his slumber and came to his senses that the nation is indeed in trouble.However, he doesn't know how serious is the trouble and what the government intends to do other than saying Malaysians must stand united regardless of race, religion, political or ideological differences as only through a united stand could the future generation reap the benefits.

That's a political talk not a solution to the economic problems. Read it here.


Anonymous said...

didnt Najib say the same thing.

i like what he said which is "WE ARE OK".

i always wonder "WE" stands for "WHO"? I am sure his cronies are all smiling. when he assumes the throne, "WE ARE OK" will be laughing all the way to the bank. Pump Priming gala dinner with crumbs to spare if you would just be another sycophant for Najib. Thats all.

justicenequality said...

There is the fictional "Rip Van Winkle" who SLEPT for 500 years.
Like him sleep for another 448 more.

vinnan said...

UMNO clowns who are the product of the NEP which protected them from cradle to grave will never have the ability or balls to take on the economic nuclear missile which is already in Malaysia and waiting to explode.

Annu said...

vinnan said...

UMNO clowns who are the product of the NEP which protected them from cradle to grave will never .......

So are the PKR clowns who were also the product of the Royal Circus of Malaysia , still trying to create instability by only now saying they were offered 20 Million just to become independent . Thinks all Malaysians are so stupid to believe them (these two goons ).

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't notice, PKR, for all its faults, is NOT in control of the Federal Government.

But UMNO is..and this moronic behaviour shows clearly it does not DESERVE to continue to be in control.

Anonymous said...

Umno is just a party and cannot be put at fault. Its the individuals who is actually abusing the power in MOF.
When Najib takes over ...pls get rid of Noh Yackop and his advisors namely Dato Siti Hadzar and all her cronies at the MOF. Dont forget the smart ARSES on the fourth floor as well.

Anonymous said...

anon 7.46pm

replacement will be as bad. it aint gonna solve the problem.

on crossing over, Hee did it for the love of this country. What a sacrifice! Hee, go back to Jelapang to serve. Rest of PR are clowns, ok.

Anonymous said...

As a friend high up in the financial services sector said a few weeks ago, of course Mat Nor, Najib and most UMNO big guns were not in any remote form of trouble (they are filthily rich), but the SMI's were already in deep shit, some losing as much as 70% in their turnover.

What type of blind and deft government is this?

SM said...


Typical crap from UMNO! We must be united irrespective of Race or Religion. Ya rite!
We have never been more divided in all of our history!
As the saying goes, "New bottle but same old wine"!
Nothing ever changes with these guys.