Saturday, February 28, 2009

The 'Lion Of Bukit Gelugor' Is A Ruffian

Hantu Laut

Although, many of us are appalled at the way UMNO youths try to rough up Karpal Singh in Parliament, he is not completely blameless. This combative old coot in a wheelchair is a ruffian.He is a lawyer and should know it was wrong of him, without proof, to accuse UMNO Youth as the culprit who sent him the bullets.Anyone could have sent it including those in
Pakatan waging dirty war to discredit UMNO in the eyes of the people. His aggressiveness, uncompromising position and fondness for flabbergasting and abusive rants has earned him detention under ISA and suspension in Parliament. His aggressiveness and combative personality are the likely cause of his constant huff and puff.

His accusation without the burden of proof would certainly invite nasty responses from those who are short on fuse.

He might be wheelchair bound but he is no weakling.He should now be called the 'Lion of Bukit Gelugor"


Anonymous said...

wah, kaytee your gud chum will huff and puff and blow your house down! ;)

Anonymous said...

so, should the laws be applied on the UMNO goons or not?

vinnan said...

Tak ada telor UMNO bastards. Picking on a defenseless OKU. The same as Zionist killing defenseless Palestinian children in the name of their God and race. Same UMNO racist bastards here. If these bastards have the balls why don't they go to Palestine and fight the racist Zionist bastards. Whoops! I forgot these racist Zionist bastards will burn their racist UMNO ass and leave it in the desert for stray animals. Now I know why UMNO bastards make the most noise over Palestine but none has dared to go there to fight the Zionist. A simple case of NoTeloritis.

Anonymous said...

brainless UMNO...

what do u expect beside THREAT!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think the man got balls of steel

We need politicians like him, dare to speak out, dare to face racists from UMNO, and dare to make his point loud and clear !

HL, you said the bullets may not be sent by UMNO youth, but is there a difference ? After all the instigations and accusations on the Lion himself for being a penderhaka by the former ?

Sometimes I wonder what happens to the true teaching of Islam and the cultured malay traditions has gone ? 20 odds able bodied man trying to manhandle an old OKU....who actually are the ruffians here ?

kittykat46 said...

"those in Pakatan waging dirty war to discredit UMNO in the eyes of the people"

To be honest, it has hardly been necessary to do so.

Every day , UMNO discredits itself in the eyes of the people. Except maybe people who primarily depend on Utusan Malaysia or New Straits Times for their news.

Gulam Robani said...
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Gulam Robani said...
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Hantu Laut said...

You got to chill out.You can make your point without resorting to expletives

Hantu Laut said...


Don't rule out that possibility.Politicians from both sides resort to dirty tactics all the time.Remember Tian Chua doctored photo of Najib.

Anonymous said...

I think Hantu you got it all wrong. See the meaning of ruffian below
A ruffian can be defined as a scoundrel, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person.

The above is definetely not Karpal. He is a principle man. This is what BN is and alos you for your unprinciple writtings. You sound more and more like a lalang

SM said...


No matter what Karpal said, it did not give them the right to go to Parliment to "attack" him.
Please, NO EXCUSES lah!
Plus as usual, the Police or whoever was in charge of keeping order did not do anything to stop these idiots.
The PKR do not need to wage a dirty war to discredit UMNO. UMNO is dirty & corrupted to the core (even UMNO members agree on this point).
Give them enough rope & they (UMNO) will eventually hang themselves.
Among all the Political Leaders around, Karpal really stands alone in that he has been always true to himself & to the people (even if it meant going against his own party).