Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Tweedle-dum And Tweedle-dee

Hantu Laut

PKR's Fauzi Muda says he is prepared to reveal all evidence regarding his allegation of being offered RM50 million by Najib for him to organise defections of Perak's Pakatan assemblymen.Maybe, he should and let the public decide whether he is what he says he is.....of unquestionable integrity.

Only they seem to have the affinity to attract such offers , none of DAP or PAS elected members have been approached, or at least they have not said so.

Would you believe that PKR elected representatives are of the highest calibre and impeccable integrity that even RM50 million wouldn't buy their souls, if not their sins. It certainly have bought the sins of the two scumbags that left the party to be independents and supported the BN. Many of them have lamented the turpitude of the BN government and the icing on the cake of their unconquerable and unquestionable integrity.

Sometimes, facial expression and body language are instant give-aways. Some lie to try fortify their lack of self-esteem and some to seek self-glorification while some are just pathological liars.

I will not rule out the fact that there may be some offers made by the BN to entice those scumbags to shift royalty to their side but I also believe there are just too many embellishments to the story to make the scumbags look good and Najib looks bad. What different would Najib be to Anwar, who glorified and gave standing ovation to the jumping of the UMNO's scumbag to PKR, that, unfortunately, was a flash in the pan. Anwar's bid to takeover the government through unscrupulous means of crossovers of BN lawmakers were no lesser evil.The only difference is, he didn't succeed. If he had, and should Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi called for dissolution of Parliament and the king agreed, I bet my bottom dollar Anwar, Pakatan and its supporters would be screaming for blood and would accuse the Agong and show the same disrespect as they did to the Sultan of Perak.

There are more scumbags,villains and liars in PKR than in the other Pakatan's coalition partners.

The Tweedel-dum and Tweedle-dee, two of a kind, who look the same and say the same things.


Anonymous said...

Clearly either Najib or Anwar...they share the same templates.

Ku Li is a better choice...


Anonymous said...

Ye ke, kalau aku dah ambil dah 50 juta bang,

banyak bang

Besar bang

sedap bang

oh masukk bang

tak kan tak mau.....

Aduh sakit bang,

besar sangat bang.......

Anonymous said...


As long as they are frogs, they are all scumbags, it doesn't matter if they are PR or BN. Those who offer monetary or any other rewards are just the same. These scumbags have no dignity nor shame except self interest.

Curse be with these scumbags for making the country in such a mess.


kittykat46 said...

Last week I bought a new (actually second hand) car.

I had totally lost patience with the existing car - in spite of the high maintenance spent on it, it was regularly failing me.

I don't really know for sure whether the new car will be any better. But I know for sure the old car had become practically useless for my needs.

A parable for Malaysia, Today.

matangsaga said...

hello kittykat46,
when buying a new car, especially a second hand car,inspect it thoroughly, take your time and don't hastily decide on it.Or better yet get an expert opinion. As you have said "I don't really know for sure whether the new car will be any better". but you certainly know for sure what's wrong with the old car. After a while you discovered the new 'used' car you bought is worst than the old car. By then you have to live with your wrong decision.Or buy another car. My advice is that buy a new 'new' car. After all you have bought someone else's old car....practically useless for his/her needs

SM said...


It's "impossible" that UMNO would stoop soooo low (we all know how clean UMNO is).
To top it all, MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan said in Malacca that the MACC had completed its investigation on claims of money politics in Umno and found no cases so far.
There you have it, we should all vote for UMNO & the BN BECAUSE...UMNO has
No Racism, no unfair treatment, no corruption, no unsloved murders, no unsolved disappearances, no unsloved killings in Police lock-ups, no cover-ups, trasnparent dealings at all levels, a clean soon to be PM in waiting with no "stain" to his name (by the way that Mongolian woman either never existed or she blew herself up!).
WOW! Malaysians are a very lucky lot!).

Anonymous said...


you make it looks as though all the scumbag politicians happen only in the pakatan camp.

yet, day in and day out, whenever, I chanced upon the parliament sessions, the kind of scumbag politicians I saw seems to be from the BN camp....why ?

may be our definition of scumbag politicians are of the opposite ?

Anonymous said...

HL the way, my definition of scumbag is as follows;

"A person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible "

what's yours ?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


its not najib or anwar.

when all the key pillars of democracy are compromised to protect the prize from the coup-d-etat, you know we are slipping down pretty fast.
who can trust the judiciary after the ridwan decisions of ridicule?
who can trust the police when it now goes after the assemblymen for illegal assembly when they were denied the house to meet?
who can trust the MACC when it went beyond the powers to investigate the Speaker?
who can trust the civil servants when a clerk of house went on top of the head of the Speaker with impunity?
No, it aint about PR or BN. Its the trampling of the constitution with impunity that tells me that this country's future is hanging on the balance.

Anonymous said...


what do you expect from someone who liken child porno to traffic offence? and expect that its commonly found in handphones, you and me included.
and that child porno is just child play.
instead of lecturing his son of such evility, he only gave such lame excuses for something thats condemned worldwide.
if he cant distinguish moraltiy, my world how can he sit on the throne of MACC and preach impartiality and righteousness
gosh, its freaking sad, isnt it whats becoming of this country?

Anonymous said...


Atleast you are honest in your writting to show that you are a BN supporter. What has the opposition done to you that you have to call them sumbag. Let him present the evedience and let us jdge. If he has Najib's voice on tape offering the 50 Million ?. You seems to pass judgement too early. i guess you are doing damage control on behalf of Najib. How much has Najib paid you to spin the lies.

Anonymous said...

Why Hantu no comments from you on Accusations that you are indeed Najib's spin doctor