Saturday, April 4, 2009

Najib:He Is No Wimp !

Hantu Laut

He defies expectation of an authoritarian rule predicted by many.Surprises that have thrown the oppositions and skeptics in utter disbelief and one that may influence the outcome of the three by-elections.

Although to early to tell, Najib had started on the right footing, doing what the ethnocentric leaders in UMNO had refused to do for decades.A prime minister who has his ears to the ground will go a long way.

He has on his first day as prime minister did the unthinkable and the unexpected.He released 13 ISA detainees including some Hindraf leaders and lifted the suspension of two opposition publications - Harakah and Suara Keadilan. He has also indicated that his government will comprehensively review the ISA which has been a thorny issue and a rallying point for the oppositions.

Although, I don't expect him to abolish the ISA in totality, I believe he would find ways and means to fine tune it and to bring it in line with the justice system. I am not against the ISA and Seditious Acts as long as they are not abused by those in power and only used in its proper context.

One can now see that Najib is not a wimp or going to be wimpish and intimidated by the warlords in UMNO. His assertiveness to deal with a situation is a good sign.

As he has said earlier to judge him by his actions.


Anonymous said...

He's a surprise. Something that I cannot imagine he's got all the guts to do what Mahathir would not expect him to do. I wish him and all Malaysians all the best. Give him all the support in this direction.
Mahathir, sit back please.

Hamba said...


BN Man said...

I'm a loyal Government supporter, and most of the time I accept what the government tells me is true.

For more than a year, the Government has been telling me the Hindraf are dangerous fanatics with links to terrorist organisations. The other ISA detainees are also too dangerous to be allowed to roam our streets free.

Now Najib has suddenly released them just like that.

So are they dangerous terrorists, or aren't they ?
To BN - please don't treat us, your loyal supporters, as fools.
Tell us the truth.

Ever Onwards said...

Hantu: These are early days yet. Remember the various good things that AAB did and promised when he became PM? They eventually led to the best performance ever by the BN in the 2004 elections. After that? Well, he wasn't able to keep up with his reforms or to keep his promises. Then the disaster of 2008 happened, and their worst performance ever. What Najib can do remains to be seen. But he doesn't start with a clean bill, like AAB, and people trust him less than they trusted AAB when he started. Maybe it's no more than a new broom that sweeps clean?

Hantu Laut said...

Ever Onwards,
I agree. I did say 'too early to tell'It's definitely not conclusive what he is going to be, a good PM or another disappointment.

However, he starts on a good footing and that we should give credit to him until such time he proved otherwise.

He is of stronger character than Abdullah, let's hope he put it to good use.

Anonymous said...

Quite a big change in tone from your earlier posting.

~ Archer.

Anonymous said...

Apa apa la you people....

Whenever or whatever: Najib takes actions which are positive as PM, he is to be commended. You skeptical lot like to compare and analyse everything...making everything looks simply gloomy, cerr...

Make it simple, he cannot be all good, he cannot be all bad. When he is good, he is to be commended...when he does bad, he is to be critised.
So far only 2 days but so far he did good...totally against so many speculative attacks of what he would be as PM....

So why so soon you people attack?

and of course, some of his actions, we will differ in opinion like I would praise him if he ignored KJ..and Hantu will not..ha ha ha


truthseeker said...

najib is no wimp? then what on earth could be the reason for exiting through the backdoor when Mr.Sharibuu went to the parliament of malaysia? berani kerana benar beb.. tu common sense..

mech81 said...

Najib needs to own up on what his role was in the Mongolian murder...and the govt's role in the trial. the trial was a total embarrassment to the outside world with regards to our justice system. We were a total laughing stock..though most ppl would say that everyone was chuckling underneath...

with regards to the ISA detainee issues...why in the world only now and plus conditional release...these ppl especially HINDRAF are just exercising their democratic rights..i say this is just an all show no substance attempt with the by-elections around the corner

At this point in time...there is no capable replacement for PM... let alone a whole cabinet (maybe Lim Kit Siang but that is it)

BN have been playing "i-dare-you-not-to-elect me" card too long, PKR is imploding from the inside...our fears about PAS is well recognised...really...i say good luck to Malaysia's future though i'm very sad to have said this

We could've been a great nation...but just a letdown by all the ones that said they were doing this for the country but actually all they were doing is bleeding the country from the inside out till there no more pastures left to bleed...