Sunday, April 19, 2009

Protester Killed By Police

Hantu Laut

Police brutality and violent handling of protesters is not only happening in Malaysia.In the US and UK cases of police brutality are on the rise with some resulting in death.The difference is, in Malaysia, it can become a hot political issue taken up by the oppositions to discredit the government.In the West it stays as police case investigation by the police or an independent body if the government deemed so.

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April 18, 2009

Beaten G20 man Ian Tomlinson ‘died of internal bleeding’

The masked policeman caught on film hitting and pushing a man who later died at the G20 protests has been questioned on suspicion of manslaughter.

The Metropolitan Police officer was interviewed under caution earlier this week after a second post-mortem examination concluded that Ian Tomlinson died of severe internal bleeding — contradicting an earlier finding that he had had a heart attack.

Video footage and photographs showed Mr Tomlinson, who was not a protester, being harassed by police dogs, struck by a masked officer and shoved to the ground minutes before he collapsed and died on April 1.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is investigating his death, said: “Following the initial result of the second post-mortem a Metropolitan Police officer has been interviewed under caution for the offence of manslaughter.” The officer, a constable in the Territorial Support Group who has been suspended from duty, attended the interview voluntarily and has not been arrested.Read more.....


kittykat46 said...

I've seen police brutality in Western Countries with my own eyes.
So it occurs everywhere. But there is a clear difference with Malaysia. Where a blatant case occurs or there is evidence of systematic, deliberate brutality, officials get punished, including people high up in the chain of command.

In Malaysia, the responsible goons not only get away scot-free. They get promoted, up to, and including Inspector General of Police.

Y1 said...
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Y1 said...

Agree with Kitty as I have yet to see a police officer resign or take responsibility for violence but there seems to have lots of cover up in cohort with the government.

Gram Kang Kong said...

kittykat46 and Y1,
Don't get me wrong,I do not condone police brutality by postng the article.I believe politicians should not politicise such case and make it a political issue.The Kugan case is one such example that can cause racial tension because reckless politicians politicised it.

Such action should be left to NGOs and human right groups to pressure the government for remedial actions.

SM said...


Of course we have Police Brutality everywhere.
The dofference is:-

You can trust their Police to conduct an impartial enquiry! Period!

Kugan died of natural causes?! As "scrooge" said in Dickens' Christmas Carol..."Bah Humbug" (I'm being mild here!).

Please...Malaysians can't be lied to anymore!