Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anifah/Clinton Joint Press Conference:Better Than Good

Hantu Laut

Watch the video.A joint press conference between US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman.Can you see any semblance of severe case of delusion as preferred by this envious and sycophantic DJ blogger here.

He speaks well and better than some of our previous ministers and didn't have the kampong accent of Anwar Ibrahim.

Setting the record straight is not an attack.Only those carrying Anwar's ball would intentionally misconstrue what he says.

Don't have to be prolix to send the message across.


Anonymous said...


What the FM says are just BN sides of the stories, nothing great to shout about, whereas for how well he speaks , I believe there is plenty of room for improvement. Just by comparing his disposition to H clinton, you can see with a glance they are two world apart.

Try not to put him on the pedestal by comparing him to other loose canons in the parliament; like that specific one from Sabah, as it is an excercise in futility.

Your standard of judgement needs huge adjustments.

eddy said...

As Malaysians we should be very proud that a Malaysian from Sabah, a first time Foreign Minister showed good demeanour and confidence standing besides the third strongest person in the United States Government in a joint press conference. Anifah was not even overawed by the occasion, well even if he did he did not show it.

I think Anwar is just envious of Anifah, because all this while he tells his supporters that he is a great friend of the American Government while the BN Government is not well liked in the United States.

So, when Anifah was warmly received in Washington, this really knock the wind of Anwar's ego, hence to steal Anifah's thunder, Anwar latched on Anifah's comment about being offered a DPM post by him and as usual started a suit against Anifah just to discredit Malaysia's Foreign Minister's diplomatic success in starting to warm the cool relationship between the BN Government and the United States.

Anyhow, Anifah Aman has done well so far, I think Najib has made the right choice for Foreign Minister.

fazilogic said...

Dear Anon 9:31pm

You said:
"What the FM says are just BN sides of the stories, nothing great to shout about...[snip]"

So you meant to tell that if a good English speaker comes from BN we should apply different handicap (as in golfing rating)?

You meant to tell that only good English speakers from Anwar-side (not his back side.... err on 2nd thought, may be both sides front and back of his) can we take whole-some as truth, nothing but the truth?

Kikikikik... i beg ur pardon..

Hantu Laut said...

It shows the kind of people you are.You are ruled by your heart not your head.Can never give an honest opinion even if it's true.

Comparing Anifah with Clinton.It's your brain that need adjustment.

As a first timer he did an excellent job.Even Clinton was impressed with him being a much younger man.Najib was right to give him that post.

Envy will not get you anywhere.You all seem to have caught the Anwar's syndrome.

SM said...


I think you will agree that I try to make comments that (although sometime sarcastic) are polite & not "crude".
Yes, you do get alot of comments from pro-PR supporters & yes some of these comments are pretty crude, but you have to agree that some of the comments that are anti-DSAI & anti_PR are also pretty "vulgar" & crude...perhaps they think they are being smart by being so crude (look at Fazilogic's comments). Alas, they are only showing their stupidity (& are too stuid to even realise it!).
As for Anifah, I think he's definatley much better than the Foreign Ministers we had in the last few years (but you must agree that he has some ways to go before he can even compare with DSAI's rhetoric style).

Anonymous said...

Does sound like bunch people with nothing better to do here.

Admiring FM is okay. But to say he has portray Malaysia in the positive light to US. I give a big question mark here.

Anonymous said...

"Setting the record straight is not an attack.Only those carrying Anwar's ball would intentionally misconstrue what he says."

That is certainly no different from those who carry Najis` balls.

Anonymous said...

pendatang tanpa izin a lot in Sabah come never ending problem ? what the action from goverment? SAPP said none