Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Susan Loone's Pathetic Sortie

Hantu Laut

In most big family there is good chance that one or more child would be black sheep. I mean, a child that is born biologically bad and no amount of moulding can reshape their insatiable appetite to do the wrong thing.Some come from good and well to do families where other offspring are normal. The black sheep are evidently different from the rest and are probably born with chromosomal defects.

When such thing happened to a child people tend to blame the parents for poor upbringing.In most cases no parents want their children to be bad.Even some bad parents don't want their children to be bad. Some may become bad due to parental neglect but some are just born with bad chromosome making them impossible to deal with, a thorn in their parents' flesh and a danger to society.They can immerse themselves from petty crimes to the most atrocious ones.

It was recently reported that Raja Petra's son was caught by the police for thef and in possession of stolen goods and he admitted to the crimes.

I am writing this article not because I would place blame on Raja Petra and his wife.I fully understand his predicament and as I have said earlier, sometimes, as parents, we may have exhausted every possible means to get the child turn over a new leaf but are left helpless and heartbroken.

In the case of Raja Petra's son he is no more a child, he is 31, he is considered a man and has passed the age of parental control. Raja Petra can't be faulted for what this young man did.

I am writing this article not because of what his son did, that's none of my concern, I am writing this to bring forth the ridiculousness of this antagonistic blogger who due her deep hatred for Najib and the government try to politicise the case and makes it appears as a retaliation against Raja Petra. I quote some of what she wrote below:

"Sure I read the story about Raja Petra’s son (here). Sure, many are doubtful that the story is even true.

I, too, have my questions, let’s put those aside.

All I can say is the police and the courts are really efficient when it comes to Raja Petra son’s crimes. I salute them. Hope they can be as efficient when it comes to other crimes, too.

I wonder, when it comes to big and internationally acclaimed crimes like murder by military/c4 explosives, we still do not yet know WHY the hell did those two cops blow up Altantuya, when they didn't even know her".

She made the impression that the whole thing was a frame-up.

A crime is a crime no matter how small it is.

It's a pity politics has ruined her faculty to tell left from right and right from wrong.


Bad Sloone said...

I think she a gonna , very soon she'll be entering not Kamunting but Tanjong Rambutan's five star hotel . Matter of time , if you go thru her blogs , its all anti govt propaganda and anti Naijb . Hope the Thais in Bangkok doesn't give her a present .

SM said...


Yes, I agree with you. Although (as you very well know) I'm pro-Opposition, I think Ms. Loone is "barking up the wrong tree" here.
A crime is a crime & if he's guilty, then he sould pay the price. However, I do feel that being RPK's son, the MSM ensured that it was widely publisied (but they were at least careful not to "critize" RPK for what his son did).
On another note, just for your information, I used to be a staunch TDM / UMNO supporter (surprised?) but after seeing how UMNO & their leadership went about their business.....I decided that "it's time for a change in Malaysia"!
I'm ver intrigued with Najib's 1 Malaysia concept, but to date...I see it as just another Slogan (I'm willing to be open mineded about him though!).

Anonymous said...

This is what susan wrote:

“Well done to the police force in being able to nab Raja Petra’s son. A crime is a crime. He gets what he deserves, if he has done all those. And according to news reports, the guy admitted it”.

I dont understand y u all disagree with what susan wrote.


sawadikap said...

Any idea she is staying in Thailand?

Anonymous said...

"It's a pity politics has ruined her faculty to tell left from right and right from wrong."

Huh?! How so, Hantu?

Can you read proper b4 blabbering?

She wrote:

"Well done to the police force in being able to nab Raja Petra’s son. A crime is a crime. He gets what he deserves, if he has done all those. And according to news reports, the guy admitted it.

No wonder lah,can charge so fast.

All I ask is he gets a fair trial. Hey, why is he unrepresented? Where are the lawyers?

I believe he will get a fair trial, though, for I do not think Raja Petra can fix the courts or police."

Seems you have plenty of unread and blabbering supporters here, as well!



Anonymous said...

This has to be a retaliation of sorts by hantu laut on some article that RPK questioned why no police report was made against hantulaut.


Makahai said...
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Anonymous said...

"Oh the dummy sloone's pussy licker is here too !!! hahahahahaha
As usual defending the pussy hole ."

Well well well the fellatio expert is at work huh

Anonymous said...

Makahai, that's a kneejerk projection after you've spent so much time at such that your brain has turned to mash and simply cannot even read anymore.


Anonymous said...

this blog only for cock suckers izzit?

Anonymous said...

Makahai, someone sucked away your grey matter that way? Premier membership privilege, no doubt.


Anonymous said...


Do you know how many petty thefts, robbery, snatch theft occured daily in KL and Selangor state itself ??

If all these are reported in the Star and NST, your daily copy of newspaper would be 5 inches thick !

So what susan observed has its merit, and the motive of running such "small" issue in pictorial print is all too clear isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

there's a lot of ppl here saying that this is petty theft so how come it's given so much attention?
I guess it's like this in the news world.
Dog bites man. Not newsworthy.
Man bites dog. Now that's more newsworthy.
Son of grass cutter pleads guilty to stealing jeans. Yawn. Ho hum
Son of SOMEBODY pleads guilty to stealing jeans. Very very newsworthy.
So life's like that.

eddy said...

Bro, Susan Loone reminds me so much of Tokyo Rose, only Ms Loone does her propoganda for Anwar,PKR and DAP from Bangkok?.

Must commend her though for having the stubborn determination to support the Pakatan with very little concrete and positive material to work on like what the 4 Pakatan states had achieved so far beside having kangaroo courts now and then thru their state privelege committees and oh, must not forget to mention about calling for unnecessary byelections also, etc, well oklah besides also the usual fitnah, baseless accusation and spin against Najib and BN supporters.

"Tokyo Rose was a generic name given by Allied forces in the South Pacific during World War II to any of approximately a dozen English-speaking female broadcasters of Japanese propaganda. Their intent was to disrupt the morale of Allied forces listening to the broadcast near the Japanese mainland.">Wikipedia

Fearless said...

Susan Loone is a foreign aid propaganda machine obviously working for PR tailor to deliberately cause maximum damage to the government. Her operation is to incite hatred to cause disturbances and hostility.Her extremist factions are gaining popularity among her radical fans who sallow her shit and cheer her lethal slander which make a mockery of our country.

Just look at what they have done, that's a big clue to the future, if those people ever rule.

Anonymous said...

Big clue to the future by BN cocksuckers:

May 20, 2009
KUALA LUMPUR: A former special assistant to Malacca Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Khalil Yaakob claimed trial in the Sessions Court here to sending an e-mail containing 55 files of obscene photographs to a magazine reporter nine years ago.

However, he caused a stir when he seemed to be admitting his guilt when asking for lower bail.

“I did not know. At the time, I was young. I was not aware. I had no intention to send (the e-mail),” said Roslan Abu Bakar, 49, who was arrested on Tuesday……

He is said to have sent the e-mail to Dayangku Intan Mohamed Rusli at the Parliament Service Centre at Jalan Tun Ismail in Kuantan at about 9:30am on Aug 22, 2000…….

Roslan faces a maximum fine of RM50,000 or jail term of up to a year or both under Section 233 (1)(a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 if convicted.

At the time, Roslan was special assistant to Khalil, who was then Information Minister and Kuantan Member of Parliament, while Dayangku was writing articles on Malaysian politics for a magazine called Gosip.

Anonymous said...

"Son of grass cutter pleads guilty to stealing jeans. Yawn. Ho hum"

Yeah you should yawn and ho hum.
Reminds me of the Minister in sabah who after he became minister kicked out his wife so he could get a better one.

On the way to work in his limousine he would pass his wife who had to eke existence as a grasscutter.

Towering malays yawn ho hum to that oso.

Anonymous said...

"Her extremist factions are gaining popularity among her radical fans who sallow her shit and cheer her lethal slander which make a mockery of our country."

Very good. High time the munkees got a solid kick, now running around like headless chickens led by the "fearless" Najis who doesn`t have the testicles to show in penanti. This is a towering malay hahahaha the traitor.

Anonymous said...


Keputusan Barisan Nasional (BN) tidak bertanding dalam pilihan raya kecil di Penanti pada 31 Mei ini bukan kerana takut kalah, tetapi protes terhadap pembangkang yang memperalatkan sistem demokrasi di negara ini.

Ketua Pemuda BN, Khairy Jamaluddin berkata, tidak timbul soal gentar kerana jika BN meletak calon di Penanti, tindakan itu menunjukkan BN menyokong pembangkang dalam memperlekeh demokrasi.

“Kita tidak perlu bertanding, ini (pilihan raya) agenda pembangkang, ini protes kita terhadap pembangkang yang hanya memainkan sistem demokrasi dengan cara mengadakan pilihan raya.


kah kah kah… PROTES ?.... PROTES?.... PROTES?... kah kah kah…


kah kah kah….. JANGAN LAH NAK TIPU ORANG MELAYU…kah kah kah..





Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

Anonymous said...



Keputusan BN tidak bertanding di DUN Penanti dalam pilihanraya kecil 31 Mei ini, tidak akan memberi sebarang kesan kepada gabungan tersebut, kata Muhyiddin Yassin.

“Kita tidak bertanding, nak ada kesan apa,” katanya selepas merasmikan majlis pertemuan dengan sasterawan Malaysia dan pelancaran buku terjemahan siri sastera Malaysia di Putrajaya hari ini.

Muhyiddin yang juga timbalan presiden Umno berkata, tidak ada sebab pembangkang hendak membelasah Umno kerana parti itu tidak bertanding di Penanti.


kah kah kah… TAK ADA KESAN ? kah kah kah…

kah kah kah… APA BANGANG SANGAT MUNKEE NI…. kah kah kah..

kah kah kah…. KESAN NYA …GEROMBOLAN KALAH….kah kah kah…

kah kah kah… KESANNYA… RAKYAT SOKONG PAKATAN…kah kah kah…


kah kah kah…TAK ADA SEBAB NAK MEMBELASAH ?...kah kah kah..

kah kah kah.. WAK SEMBAB NI BETUL NGOK…kah kah kah…


kah kah kah… SEBAB NYA KAMU BANGANG…. INI SUDAH CUKUP…kah kah kah..

Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

Anonymous said...

"4 Pakatan states had achieved so far beside having kangaroo courts now and then thru their state privelege committees"

U the same journalist "eddy" from MM who used to go around digging in GH garbage cans and then "breaking" the story? So how`s the drinking getting along? Still sloppy huh and do the editors still tell you to fark off for littering their tables with your cigarette ash?

Anonymous said...

Talking of "state privelege committees" looks like the Toyol`s son got a duku from MB s`gor:

Khir today accused Teng of taking revenge.

When he was opposition leader in the previous Barisan Nasional (BN) administration, Teng was suspended for 18 months after he threw a copy of the Standing Orders into the dustbin and refused to apologise.

Khalid laughed off the suggestion that the suspension was a form of political persecution.

“I think Khir should relate this experience to the speaker who also experienced a lengthy suspension and they can both discuss their unhappiness,” he said.

Hantu Laut said...


Do you know how to read English or are autistic?

fearless said...

There are a lot of coward comments from a particular anonymous, I know him, he is using such tactic once too often. Again such parasites demonstrate the Mat Rempit's behavior which run wild and make a nuisances in the cyberspace. Indeed, such undesirable people needed mental counselor to overhaul their brain before they deserve any merits in their comments about others.

Anonymous said...

"There are a lot of coward comments from a particular anonymous, I know him, he is using such tactic once too often."

You moron, and you cant even tell your HL fellr I`m autistic, so kill me then you cheapskates and umno lapdogs. Go ahead if you got balls, stead of doing wheelies, no substance but it`s been fun shoving it down your farking throats.

Ciao, enjoy yourselves....aftr all you clowns made my day. A fearless HL and garbaging eddy hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I don’t know whether Hantu Laut is a Malay or not, but Malays believe in all sorts of Hantu -- Hantu Laut, Hantu Dapor, Hantu Kopek (Boobs Ghost), Hantu Raya, and whatnot. I assume, however, that Hantu Laut is non-Malay and non-Muslim from the way he or she has whacked Islam.

I want to see whether the two Umno slime-balls and scumbags, Hj Osman and Hj Hassan, are going to make a police report against Hantu Laut as well. If they don’t, then another ‘pejuang Islam’ like the PKR Member of Parliament for Kulim, who said he would defend Islam to his last drop of blood, should instead.

Read what Hantu Laut said. He is ridiculing the Syariah. The Muslims consider the Syariah as God’s law. Ridiculing the Syariah tantamount to ridiculing Allah.

Hey, Hj Osman and Hj Hassan! Hantu Laut is mocking Allah. Hantu Laut has whacked the Quran and is dragging Islam through the mud. Are you going to remain silent? If YB Nga Kor Ming, the Member of Parliament for Taiping, has insulted Islam just because he recited a verse from the Quran, then what Hantu Laut wrote is many, many times more insulting. Are you going to do nothing?

I am going to see what happens from hereon. If no one bothers about what Hantu Laut wrote then it just confirms what I have always said about Malay-Muslims, they are full of shit. Hantu Laut just wrote that Islam equals shit and these ‘defenders of Islam’ are not in the least bothered. But they are extremely concerned that YB Nga Kor Ming, the Member of Parliament for Taiping, has recited a verse from the Quran even though he did so not out of disrespect.

Malays always quote from the Bible, although most times they don’t realise they are quoting the Bible. Do we see the Christians frothing at the mouth and rushing to make police reports? Haprak punya Melayu, Muslim munafiq! I would like to call these people dogs but then I love dogs and would not want to insult dogs in that manner.

-autistic mat rempit

Hantu Laut said...

You think you are smart.You shamelessly plagiarised RPK's writing and put it as your own comment, even put your name as autistic mat rempit.

You are not only autistic but also absolutely shameless, because you can't write your own material, you have to steal from other people.

Kids should't play with fire.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha.... First time I see HL break and lost his posture.

As you say, kids shouldn't play with fire!

Anonymous said...

Hantu Laut,

Anyone reading would know that was by RPK and was in reference to your trying to cheat your way out by calling an earlier commentor "autistic" for having said that you were being vengeful for RPK saying that a police report should be lodged against you.

You are an absolute disgrace to the blogging community. Justification for your actions and trying to wriggle out by throwing some words like "plagiarism" which is poppycock, but probably suits your mental masturbation,
Hey, but if that is what makes you come.....then enjoy it......

at least until the police report is lodged.
Have fun.

-your loving autistic mat rempit

Makahai said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hantu Laut said...

Dear All,

I hope you guys write in proper language and show some respect to the lady.Although, I wrote to criticise her article I will not tolerate or condone foul language against her or any other third party.

We can have a health debate without resorting to obscenities.Writing the way some of you did only show your shallowness and stupidity.

Anonymous said...


Good that you step in to do damage control. Thot you do not know that person uses vulgar name.


fearless said...


No need to lift any finger on you, worthless scrap like you will eventually rot by itself.