Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anwar's Dilemma, A Failing Nation: The New Yorker

Hantu Laut

This is part of the dirty campaign against the Malaysian government by Anwar Ibrahim, pulling wool over the eyes of the international community, a bluff that the Western media are more than ready to accept, embellish and spread throughout the world pandering to this treacherous man insatiable appetite to grab power. He has successfully lured gullible Malaysians to his side with his demagogic and self-seeking political enterprise. A pity me campaign that have radically changed Malaysians view of politics in this country and one that is dangerously moving towards the politics of individualism and personality cult.

He courted and managed to rope in Ian Buruma, a highly regarded writer and academician to further his political agenda.The writer predicted that Anwar is likely to be prime minister in the next general elections and a more democratic and less corrupted Malaysia.

This writer swallowed hook, line and sinker of Anwar's emetic story.

Below is a synopsis of Ian Buruma's article that appeared in the New Yorker.He was winner of the Erasmus Prize for 2008.

Ian Buruma, Letter from Malaysia, “Eastern Promises,” The New Yorker, May 18, 2009, p. 33

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May 18, 2009 Issue

ABSTRACT: LETTER FROM MALAYSIA about opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and the ethnic and religious problems facing the country. Anwar Ibrahim has come back from six years in prison on corruption and sodomy charges to become the best hope for a more democratic, less corrupt Malaysia. This is the same Anwar Ibrahim who had once been at the heart of the Malaysian establishment. He was poised to succeed Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad until he launched an attack on “nepotism” and “cronyism” in his own party, the United Malays National Organization. The “cronies” included members of Mahathir’s family and in 1998, Anwar was removed from the cabinet and from UMNO. He was charged with corruption and sodomy and was beaten while awaiting trial. Mentions accusations that Anwar is a Jewish agent. Released from prison in 2004, Anwar eventually returned to Parliament in a landslide. In the next general election, possibly as soon as 2010, Anwar Ibrahim may well become Prime Minister. Writer discusses the role of race and religion in Malaysia. The country’s population is more than half Malay, defined by ethnicity and Muslim faith, but large numbers of Chinese and Indians arrived in the nineteenth century. Discusses Mahathir’s 1970 book “The Malay Dilemma,” in which he argues that the Malays could not compete with the Chinese for genetic reasons and needed to be protected with affirmative action and mandatory ownership of business enterprises lest the Chinese and Indians take over. The book was banned, but activists succeeded in distributing copies to Malay students, including Anwar, who was president of the Malaysian Muslim Students Union. Tells how Mahathir and Anwar steadily gained influence until Mahanthir became Prime Minister. Anwar was brought into the government to help implement Mahanthir’s ethnic theories. He did so until the late nineteen-nineties, when the consequences had become too blatant to ignore. Writer observes Mahathir (who is no longer Prime Minister) speaking at a demonstration protesting the Israeli attack on Gaza. Tells about Anwar’s daughter, Nurul Izzah, who was elected to Parliament in 2008 and who wears the Muslim headscarf. Discusses the growth of independent blogs and alternative-news Web sites in the late nineties in Malaysia, including Malaysiakini, which was inspired by Anwar’s call for political change. Describes the obstacles that need to be overcome before Anwar’s coalition of opposition parties is ready to rule. Briefly tells about the current Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Beware of wolf in sheep's clothing!


Anonymous said...

You know what is good? AI do not have control of whole country's machinery unlike UMNO. Even if he is PM, he would not be able to abuse the country's resources like UMNO.

But I guess East Malaysians who supported BN are used to BN taking their money for the ride. Maybe they are immune.

Hantu Laut said...


We East Malaysians are smarter because we can tell a fake.

Anonymous said...

Support ori con but reject genuine non-branded as 'fake'!

As Clinton say about blind prostitute... "got to hand it to her!"


donplaypuks® said...

And the proof that Anwar is behind all this! Your gut feel is as good as the next gutter journalist's.

Without Anwar you have nothing on politics. And you and the whole might of UMNO/BN cannot marshall your PR machinery to counter 1 man?

Yeah, it's always a Zionist/Satan USA/Bush/West conspiracy to topple M'sia because it is the leading threat to th West. And these Westerners who have their Embassies here have no brains or independent analytical abilities, except for people like Hantu Laut?

Utter crap!!

eddy said...

Bro, saya sangat setuju orang Malaysia di Sabah dan Sarawak memang lebih bijak, sebab mereka boleh bau penipu dari jauh lagi.

Even the great Khalsa Warrior the indomitable Karpal Singh told Anwar to "bertaubat" i.e repent. You cannot ask for better advise for Anwar Ibrahim than that. I say sudah lah tu anwar mencanang sana menipu sini, you are never destined to be Prime Minister of Malaysia no matter how hard you try.

Would asking an American writer who knows next to nothing about Malaysia, our history and culture writes and sing praises about you change your destiny Anwar? No, I don't think so, it just exposes the charlatan in you to many of us back home in Malaysia.

Your destiny shall be written here in Malaysia by the High Court Judge who will hear your sodomy trial in July lah Anwar not by an American writer in far and distant America.

SM said...


Never, never, never ever give up! (W Churchill).
You can be sure DSAI will continue to try to become PM (until UMNO finally gets rid of him by hook or by crook)!
Actually, it's pretty easy for the BN to wipe out DSAI & the Opposition in the next GE!
1/ Change the NEP from a Race-based Policy to a Need-based Policy
(this in itself will achieve Najib's 1 Malaysia policy)
2/ Clean up (not superficially please) the Judiciary & the PDRM.
However, I fear Najib has his work cut out for him...Why? UMNO will never allow such fair policies as they do not know how to compete on an even playing field!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... if East Malaysians so smart, why are they still developed? With all the riches of balaks, oil and much much more....

Only a half filled vessel make noise. You guys from east are real jokers.

Hantu Laut said...

I must admit Anwar,the West and you(a uk trained accountant)are smarter than everyone else.

It's odd to introduce oneself as, I am UK-trained doctor,US-trained second-hand salesman,Zimbabwe-trained dictator and so forth unless that person has serious inferiority complex.

If you are incapable of logical progression in your argument it's simple, just say 'utter crap'.That's really smart! I agree.

Dr. Tee said...

East Malaysian smart? My foot lah! Why sabah from the riches state, now the poorest state in Malaysia? Smart eh?

We need change my friend. We need to change and revamp the way our country is governed. The only way to do this is to get rid of BN and UMNO.

Cheers, DRAT

Dr. Tee said...

East Malaysian smart? My foot lah! Why sabah from the riches state, now the poorest state in Malaysia? Smart eh?

We need change my friend. We need to change and revamp the way our country is governed. The only way to do this is to get rid of BN and UMNO.

Cheers, DRAT