Friday, May 22, 2009

Contemplating Contempt Of Court.

Hantu Laut

“I’m not going to rely on the court’s decision. It is only a legal process, the solution is to give the people the right to choose a new government,” said Nizar to reporters outside the courtroom yesterday.

The Court of Appeal is expected to give its verdict today and it could go either way.However, Nizar has already made up his mind not to take heed by saying he is not going to rely on the court's decision but would push for dissolution.From what I know not respecting court's decision would be contempt of court.

Assuming the judgement is in his favour than the Sultan may ask him to reconvene the state assembly to establish whether there is a deadlock.If so, than a dissolution is imperative and I am sure the Sultan will grant it to him.

It is also imperative that he would not play dirty like he did before, hit below the belt by suspending BN assemblymen.

In the meantime, there seems to be a lot of unhealthy lawmakers in Pakatan. This is the second death over a short period. Manek Urai assemblyman Ismail Yaacob died after a long illness. The irony is PAS suggesting to UMNO not to contest the seat, maybe, because of fear of losing in their very own heartland.By now the Malays might have a change of heart.PAS is the weakest link in the coalition.Losing their grip on political power may not be the comeuppance they expected.

They are not the same.Penanti was a game Anwar wish to play with Najib.Malek Urai is a dead man seat that fell vacant. Any seat that fell vacant due to death of elected representative should be contested irrespective of whether the BN can win or not.BN/UMNO should only refuse to contest those engineered resignation.Najib was right to make that decision.

Let Anwar and Pakatan 'siok sendiri'


Y1 said...

If the former DCM did not resign due to alleged corruption, BN was spinning that the PR govt in Penang was corrupt. When he resigned, BN says it is a political game.

PR just can't win can they?

Anonymous said...

I can bet with u that Pas would win the by-election even without a blink in the eyes.Maybe,BN is doing a Penanti's stunt by staying away for fear of losing the by-election.The people have already lost confidence in this regime and it would be another hara-kiri if BN would to stand against the high esteemed Pakatan Rakyat esp.after the verdict in this MB vs MB's case.

Anonymous said...


Do you honestly believe BN got a chance in Manik Urai ?

Like I always say, "go to the ground and feel the pulse " of the people before you make those insensible comments !

Armchair politics will not get you far except making a fool out of yourself.

With the latest verdict on the Perak's MB vs MB case, BN might as well use the same excuse as in Penanti to stay away from any by election for the moment.

Anonymous said...

Definitely BN will win in Kelantan, and that businessman in Penanti will beat the pakatan hands down and then join the UMNO under the able leadership of Najib.

WHY? Bcoz of:

Tun Daim Zainuddin has personally told Dr Mahathir that Singapore possesses all the evidence that Najib, Razak Baginda and Altantuya met at the Oriental Hotel in Marina Square one year before she died.

This means, with the evidence that Singapore possesses, they would be able to blackmail Najib.

Surely Dr Mahathir would not want someone who can be blackmailed into doing Singapore’s bidding become the next prime minister knowing how he feels about Singapore and those perceived as under Singapore’s control?


Anonymous said...

Anyone who can believe what RPK writes are in the category of gullible Malaysians .That chicken didn't even have the guts to face the music . More like chicken shitting here and there or a taliban taking pot shots here and there and goes into hiding .
How to do respect someone who has no guts to face the people he slandered ?