Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Are Pakatan Supporters Made Of ?

Hantu Laut

They curse, insult and babble in imprecations. They berate other opinion with string of expletives and language fit for the gutter. They are the highly indoctrinated and intoxicated Pakatan supporters.

Below are some of the comments that are common language among Pakatan supporters who formed major segment of blog readers.

From an article that appeared in Malaysia Today on decision of the Court of Appeal on the Perak MB.

written by Dragon888, May 23, 2009 11:14:25
Those 3 judges are crooked, corrupt and incompetent. They are stooges to BN. I wonder how are they going to sleep at night. The only way is to get rid of BN and then the tainted judges, AG, Police chiefs, etc. We need the French govt and citizens to prove that Najib had dinner, lunch or coffee with the murdered Mongolian lady... This would be the easiest way to get rid if this corrupt PM...

written by raven1958, May 23, 2009 12:38:49
These judges are slimy bastards hiding behind Rosmah's panties.....anyone have their home addresses..please comment.......they are not going to get away with this....I have an Ah Long friend who is good at tracking thugs....maybe will utilise his services.....

A word of assurance from an Indian to Raja Petra on his apology to the nation about his son.

written by Remo, May 21, 2009 07:17:13
No worries Pete.
You don't have to feel guilty.
You have to go on.

I am Indian and we Indian believe in fate.
I believe it is fated.

We are with you and you continue your struggle to eradicate the corrupted government.

From an article in Malaysia Today on Hafidz Baharom.

written by nero287, May 22, 2009 21:57:49
Hafidz must had his nuts squeezed real tight in order to write a nut-piece about RPK. In fact he stooped so low down by mentioning RPK's son in his article. Only Saifool would have appreciated his posture!

First the police prostituted themselves to UMNO, then 3 entities from Perak did it. Three more judges whored themselves today and I guess journalists such as Hafidz didn't want to be left out. Very soon we will be known as a Brothel State. Shouldn't these people just Putrajaya when they pray since the person that they worship resides there. BTW Hafidz, after reading your article, I wouldn't trust you to write an essay for my teenage kid. Pathetic attempt at spin doctoring.

From Zorro-Unmasked on the Court of Appeal's decision.

Anonymous said...

To be expected, these judges have said it "Yes, we respect shit!"

In shit we trust, Najis Razak variety.

May 22, 2009 5:32 PM

From Susan Loone's blog.

Never trusted the judiciary from the day Madhatter manipulated those guys to his aDVANTAGE! The Verdict??? Could’nt care a damm as everyone knows it a gone case!
To me the courts can get F$%#@! to hell!
Fern - May 22, 2009 at 8:37 am

From my blog.

Anonymous said...

Definitely BN will win in Kelantan, and that businessman in Penanti will beat the pakatan hands down and then join the UMNO under the able leadership of Najib.

WHY? Bcoz of:

Tun Daim Zainuddin has personally told Dr Mahathir that Singapore possesses all the evidence that Najib, Razak Baginda and Altantuya met at the Oriental Hotel in Marina Square one year before she died.

This means, with the evidence that Singapore possesses, they would be able to blackmail Najib.

Surely Dr Mahathir would not want someone who can be blackmailed into doing Singapore’s bidding become the next prime minister knowing how he feels about Singapore and those perceived as under Singapore’s control?


May 23, 2009 5:03 AM

This one is from a blogger who once was a radio DJ who used to insult his listeners who called in to his talk show for their bad English.He has no confidence in the judicial system.

So now the Zambry fler is back as Menteri Besar of Perak. The 3 judges of the Appeals Court have decided so. The people of Perak did not have a say in this.

You're not going to sit there and tell me that you're really surprised. Are you? If you are then I must commend you on your optimism and belief in the sanctity of the Law and belief in the purity of our judicial system. Good for you. I am not so gullible la. From the time the circus began there was no other outcome that I would have expected.

Now 'they' will all tell us, "It's the law!" Sure it is. "We won fair and square. It's legal!" Sure.

But it isn't even about the Law and justice really. It is about trust. Maybe legally Zambry is the chief minister. Maybe the other fler has lost the confidence of the majority. Maybe the old Sult was right in his decision ordering the resignation of the other MB. Maybe like the old saying says, pigs will fly.

It is sad isn't it? That after more than 50 years of Independence we have lost trust in our courts and judges.

Of course, it is sad, when people have to resort to such improper and uncouth behaviour.

This is the kind of government Malaysia will get if we don't open our eyes now and realize it is not about corruptions or abuses of power that they want to get rid of BN and restore democracy as they claimed.

It is now clear their greed for power had overwhelmed their senses and they have showed the highest disrespect for the justice system and insulted the judges of the Appeal court.

Is this the kind of government you want, who teaches you to defy the law?

Three days of hunger strike will not kill you.

May I suggest that the whole of Pakatan and its supporters go on a hunger strike.It will help to cleanse their bodies of the bad elements.

For Pakatan supporters it is also a way to prove your indelible support for the party.


hohohoho said...

Surely Dr Mahathir would not want someone who can be blackmailed into doing Singapore’s bidding become the next prime minister knowing how he feels about Singapore and those perceived as under Singapore’s control?


This kekekeke is one of the punks infesting in that Slone's blog whacking every commenter. I suspect he's the product of that guy who calls himself ~arse0~

Anonymous said...


How about highlighting what some BN supporters wrote too ?

How about reading some of your own old comments ? The labellings, the negative propagandas and the insulting innuendoes you tried to depart ?

To a lot of sensible and logical commenters here, from both Pakatan camp and BN one too, we see many of the kind of comments put up as examples here by you, and we ignore them because there will always be that group of societies that we term as "kurang ajar"; we just have to live with it.

The issue here is NOT about these people, who are "kurang ajar". Your aim to tarnish the PR people will never succeed by putting forward issues like these because these are NOT THE CORE ISSUES !!

Anonymous said...

If you think they are bad go to a pro umno blog parpukari and read the filth that is written.

Anonymous said...

HL, Get a bearing for yourself. If you are BN lapdog, say so. Make yourself known and be proud of it. Don't try to be neutral but side BN. What difference does it make as compared with the Perak frogs?

You like to put yourself high up but you still need a little help from Mr Spock. You are way too emotional at times.

Hantu Laut said...

I don't read Parpukari blog.None of the blog that use strong language all the times interest me.We still can deliver a strong message without resorting to rudeness and vulgarism.

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 7.42,
I was neutral before until you guys showed me what Pakatan is and what kind of people supporting them.Yes, now I am supporting BN because the leaders in Pakatan are hypocrites and show no respect for the law.

Ex-PKR said...

Only dogs and chicken post under anonymous since they dared not show their faces !
Faceless bastards , typical of these Fcukatan Riots supporters or Pakatan Rasuah idiots . Only good for hit and run tactics .

Raja PembohongKelentong said...

Now the chicken RPK and his wife has been reportedly hiding in Brisbane and staying with some friends .Haha the chicken backside guy who talks non stop just like the chicken backside , can't blame him since he a chicken in hiding .

Malaysian said...

You can intimidate and do many many more postings such as these and get your UMNO goonies to support you by beating the shit out of people who do not agree with you. But at the end of the day, we will know who remained.....

Muthu said...

"But at the end of the day, we will know who remained....."

Tell us who is running away and hide in a distant land

Anonymous said...

After so many years, you still want to play foot-soldiers to UMNO? Muthu, please think wisely. Or maybe I am asking too much from brutes who only think of fighting.

Kayveaus said...

Anonymous May 24, 2009 2:45 PM

After so many years, you still want to play foot-soldiers to UMNO?

None of your business as along as its not those from Fcukatan Riots

sunwayopal said...


if I was Pakatan, I will be stupid to follow your advice and let this matter rest till PRU 13, in fact, if anything, Pakatan has to find ways to keep the fires burning.

Use this slogan:-

"Perak, the day Barisan raped democracy"

Continue reminding people that Barisan Najis is a party that has no regard for laws that uses PDRM and the judiciary as their bitches to do as they please.

In short use Perak as the main tool in PRU 13.

To do this, they cant let the matter rest.

That would be so silly of them!!!

SM said...


Sad isn't it? The PR supporters are becoming almost as bad as UMNO supporters!

Muthu said...

Anonymous May 24, 2009 2:45 PM

I know what I am talking about! I don't come on here to get foolish advice I don't need.

Anonymous said...

Muthu was a great fella Rajini character. Based on your kind of posting here. Just another tin kosong BN supporter like the Nalla fella.

Can't put you as Samy bcos you are not even there at that level yet.

Muthu said...

Anonymous May 24, 2009 11:17 PM

say what you like, it doesn't really matter to me, actually, it is kind of fun looking at you stupid guy moan