Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guilty By Association ?

Hantu Laut

If your brother is a thief are you guilty by association?
If your brother is a murderer are you guilty by association?
If your sister is an adulteress are you guilty by association?
If your sister is a prostitute are you guilty by association?
If your close friend is a drug addict are you guilty by association?
If you close friend is corrupted are you guilty by association?

It can happen to anyone, anytime, that someone close to you committed terrible crime and your immediate reaction, whether guilty or not, to try help your loved ones and those close to you.

Only those in Pakatan and their supporters are overtly sancimonious and of high morals. Other are pariahs.

A religious man said to a whore, 'You're drunk,
Caught every moment in a different snare'
She replied, 'Oh Shaikh, I am what you say,
Are you what you seem ?'
Omar Khayyam. 1048-1122


donplaypuks® said...

So, what exactly are you blabbing on about?

Call a spade a spade!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is the Hantu trying to say? Is he trying to be a man of wisdom, while still persistently spinning that the Pakatan folks are the evil ones? Sorry didn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

The long winded association talk seem to imply something but the final para is taking jibes at PR.

Seem typical of HL. Hates PR like mad even when talking something sensible.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Oh well. It is what I have always said to my fellow friends.

Yang hina itu Barisan, yang suci itu Pakatan.

Malaysians are moving into a new direction that will have ever lasting effects in our country - Anwarisme.

It will surely put a few happy faces in Putrajaya especially Anwarisme but one day, the people will know what Anwarisme brings.

It will be demo-crazy and chaotic.

Anonymous said...

maklumat ini amat berguna untuk menunjukan bahawa Dtk Najib bukan-lah PM Flip-Flop. timakacih

'Kallymullah and Brandan are openly instigating a rebellion against Ahmad Talib in NSTP. The no.1 GEIC told friends over tea that he 'tak berani nak ikut cakap Kaly' but 'editors dari NST' have had a few meetings with the cospirators in Bangsar Village and Briekfields. Mereka ini juga menggunakan MalaysianInsyderr untuk berbohong konon-nya Perdana Menteri tidak bersutuju debngan perlantikan Ahmad Talip.
MI berani berbohong kerana jika Pm ambil tindakan itu akan ditohmah sebagai sekatan kebebasan.
Sebenarnya MI adalah umpama racun dlm masyarakat kita sekarang.
Kalymullah even cuba prevent Najib from becoming the PM, apatah lagi bersubahat dan berbohong demi mengekalkan kepentingan dia dan kuncu-nya dalam NST/BH.
Harap2 Dtk Johan Jaafar dan yang lain2 tak terpengaruh dgn mainan Kalymullah yang tgh takut akan bayang2 sendiri.
These conspirators won't stop at anything bcoz they have everything to lose if NST/BH is purged of foreign operatives and anti-Malay/pro-Malaysian Malaysia elements.
if ecah and every 'editor' has to endorse any incoming Editorial Advisor/GE/GEIC or Chairman, then Kalymullah wouldnt have made it even to the bus stop along jln maarof.
p/s Datk Najib should take action against anonymous articles in MI that is attributed to him. If you don't stop it now, these guys are not going stop either.

Semambu Striker

10 May 2009 19:49

SM said...


Sorry to digress but since the High Court has said that Nizar is the rightful MB of Perak (to my utter shock & joy!), I guess your idol HRH Sultan of Perak should go back to his Law Books again?!
I guess Allah is watching over Malaysia after all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are guilty by association if you condone what a wrongdoer is doing, like what you are condoning the BN's deed in Perak.