Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nizar Should Go Back To The Assembly

Hantu Laut

Nizar should go back to the assembly to show that he has the majority support of the members to continue as menteri besar and that Pakatan has control of the house.Then there would be no need for him to ask for dissolution.

A dissolution is not necessary unless there is a stalemate in the assembly.The Regent should ask Nizar to prove his claim that there exists a stalemate. The assembly must reconvene without any members being barred from attending it.

The sacking of the two assemblymen that crossed over to the BN was illegal as the pre-signed undated letter of resignation was considered illegal (a precedence in Sabah) and goes against Article 10 of the Federal Constitution

The last say is still the Sultan.Dissolution may or may not be granted.


Anonymous said...

But why so worry about the snap election? I wouldn't speculate who would get the rakyat support, maybe BN might win convincingly in the snap election then we can put the ghost to rest, we can then tell PR to shut their mouths once & for all. I for one is dying to find out who the rakyat really want as their government, BN or PR? Isn't that a fair solution?

Anonymous said...

What nonsense!

Why must be the suspended DUNs be allowed in?

Can Gobind be allowed back into Parliament?

A Malaysian said...


BN majority includes 3 Inds previously from PR. Raykat voted them when they stood as PR candidate. As a fair minded Raykat, I ask these 3 Inds to stand for re-election. If Raykat voted them in their own capacity as Independent then it would be fair for you to ask Nizar to go back to The Assembly as then all aduns would have been elected by Raykat fairly and knowningly in the capacity they have all stood for.

I agreed with Haze Purple in one of his comments. Slightly over a year ago, these same 3 Inds. assemblymen were singing a different song. Surely, HRH's in his wisdom, ought to be perplexed and angry at these 3 assemblymen for not honouring their pledges, made not too long ago? How can he accept these turncoats who might in another few months change their mind again?

So again, why not take the final best solution. Go back to the Raykat. Doing so, will better determine who the Raykat support as the government of the day.

Its a shame talking about democracy but not practicing it.

HL, I am sure all fair minded Raykat will agree to the final best solution.

"GO BACK TO THE RAKYAT" and stopped the mess. Enough is enough. Too much time has been wasted already.

Hantu Laut said...

A Malaysian,

I have no problem if the state assembly dissolved and Perak go back to the people to decide.I am only expressing my opinion what could happen.

A Malaysian said...

Thanks HL for the clarification.

"Should Go Back" gives me the impression that it's your expressed opinion that "Nizar Should Go Back To The Assembly. An opinion,I found unfair knowing the friendliness of the 3 Inds to a particular party. Now that I have mentioned it, I am still puzzled that a sultan reputed to be highly learned and wise can agree to accept the 3 ind. to make up the majority number. Surely as independent assemblypersons, they would have taken stand where they deemed right irrespective of the party. So how could HRH accepted BN's claim they have the majority.


forexwatch said...

I don't think a snap election is good at the moment.The security of the nation is very fragile and will be at stake.

The suspended DUNs were wrongly suspended.

Anonymous said...

wrongly suspended?

Even if the speaker does wrong, its final.

Ask Pandikar Amin Mulia whether he suspended Gobind rigthly or wrongly!

Krishnan said...

"The assembly must reconvene without any members being barred from attending it."What a simplistic argument. Never have I seen a more ludicrous claim than this. It would have been better to say Nizar should leave Zambry alone and give him power on a silver platter and that should be the case till the next elections. Zambry was suspended for masquarading as MB and his illegal excos were the same, they are suspended constiututionally, therefore live by the constitution, that's why they were ordered to return their salaries. Their suspension stands. Anyway, there was no goodwill on BN's behalf as far the situation is concerned, where do get this utter naivety that should Nizar should pamper you? ka ka ka

Hantu Laut said...


Go back to school if you have no understanding of the law.Zambry masquarading as MB and his illegal exco, come on, you are insulting the Sultan.He and the exco was appointed by the Sultan.