Monday, May 11, 2009

Perak:A Reversal Of Fortune

Hantu Laut

Now, who says our judiciary is not fair and always sided with the government? I would like to hear what Pakatan supporters have to say.

The High Court has declared that Nizar is still the lawful menteri besar of Perak. The BN should respect the court decision and let the law takes its course.If the state assembly has to be dissolved, so be it.

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Y1 said...

At last, one brave judge. Thank God for that and thus not all of our cynicism is justified.

Sadly these are so far and few in between.

May we see more righteous judges for the sake of Malaysia's future. Pray that these judges will dispense justice without fear or favour.

Pak Zawi said...

I was surprised by the outcome myself as this one judge seems to be quite independent. Hopefully the Federal Court won't reverse the decision.

Anonymous said...

One swallow does not make a summer.

The Courts are full of brave judges who stand for truth and justice.

Pity though, these judges never EVER get promoted.

ONLy UMNO Treasurers do!!!

Wait till this case gets appealed to the kangaroo Federal Court, we will see the Courts true colours then!

Raped too many times said...

From the UMNO-BN point of view, this is a rogue judge.

The problem will be corrected by tomorrow.
All will be on track again.

Godisuno said...

serba salah, menang salah, kalah salah. Bila PR menang, hakim berani. Bila PR kalah hakim dirasuah. Bila PR menang mahkamah adil. Bila PR kalah mahkamah tak adil. sampai bila agaknya mentaliti ini akan berterusan. Asyik berpolitik, negara tergadai. Asyik berpolitik, rakyat sengsara. Apabila dalam minda ada stigma bahawa "aku saja yang betul, orang lain semua salah" maka setiap yang berlaku akan dilihat dengan mata prejudis. Semua akan dikomplen, tiada ucapan terimakasih. adakah ini hasil daripada pemikiran terbuka yang diminta dari rakyat Malaysia. Demokrasi menyatakan bahawa yang majoriti akan berkuasa. Itu adalah "demokrasi" yang dilaung-laungkan. atau PR ada definisi lain bagi demokrasi? Adakah majoriti memilih PR? adakah yang minoriti memilih itu rakyat, yang majoriti memilih itu bukan rakyat? jika PR itu pakatan rakyat, tidakkah patut PR juga menerima seadanya pandangan majoriti rakyat yang tidak memilih PR. Atau mungkin PR ada jawapan juga untuk ini. Mungkin majoriti rakyat yang memilih bukan PR itu buta matanya, hatinya dan telinganya. atau majoriti rakyat itu telah dirasuah oleh bukan PR, atau majoriti yang memilih itu adalah pengundi-pengundi hantu. Lebih baik sama-sama terima keputusan PRU dahulu dan sama-sama majukan negara. Tak payah nak berpolitik nak rampas itu nak rampas ini, nak tarik itu nak tarik ini, nak lompat itu nak lompat ini kerana bila kena pada batang hidung sendiri susah nak ditepis susah diakui apalagi nak terima. Bebaskan Malaysia dari ahli politik yang mementingkan diri sendiri. Biarkan mereka membuat kerja mereka, kalau tak puas hati dengan prestasi mereka PRU akan datang kan ada. Kita luahkan bersama-sama di atas kertas undi.

sarah said...

It is not Pakatan supporters who need a clean judiciary, it is Malaysia that needs it. Get that to your head. Secondly, you can't deny that Malaysia's judiciary is tainted and has failed. So a good judgement made by a certain judge is not reflective of what others do or the entire system. Thirdly, you argued (before) that Pakatan will lose any court ruling bcoz the Sultan has the right to suspend the MB and appoint anyone in replacement. That was a toddler's claim that even the Ag and the old Mahathir have rubbished and anyone who read the Perak and the Fderal constitution will simply see that Nizar was and still is the MB unless removed through a vote in the DUN. Fourthly, BN lost all the way. It lost Perak again. It badly lost Bukit Gantang (which is adding to their fear to face an election). It lost the public support, it lost the fence sitters, it lost the image needed for acceptance, it lost all it has invested in. Remember, Ridwan too was a judge who made the famed ludicrous rulings which have been set aside by the Federal Court. So your Rockybru argument that the judiciary is free is a pathetic attempt to gain consolation rather than the truth.

If Zamry wants to be the MB, he should have the balls to beg Perakians and get their support, otherwise behaving like a pirate and hiring thugs to humiliate elected leaders is not leadership. It is mafiosa. And only pathetic brains or parasites that feed on that shame can support such lunacy. If a man (nizar) calls for a duel (a fight), you take on him. If you are wrestled to the ground, accept it. If you win, you rein supreme. Simple!

Hantu Laut said...

Pak Zawi,
Nice to hear from you again.

Yes,this is like a boxing match. This is only Round 1, we don't know what Round 2 would be like.

forexwatch said...

Fairness is only a point of view - a view point. If favours you then it's fair. That's Annuar,Hadi,Karpal,Lim Kit Siang & Nik Aziz.

Pak Zawi, I have trust in the Judiciary with Tan Sri Allauddin.