Monday, June 29, 2009

Racist-Mania:Who The Fairest Of Them All?

Hantu Laut

The racial spats continues.They have become even more innovative with salvos of nonce and phrasal words like 'borderline racist' and 'rabid racist' being shot from both sides of the political fence.Maybe, I should also start using another new one, what about 'down-to-earth racist'?

Borderline Racist 1960's Jell-O Ad - The best bloopers are here

It is interesting to know that Mahathir is only a 'borderline racist' and Khairy Jamaluddin is a venomous 'rabid racist', according to Lim Kit Siang.Where does Lim Kit Siang stands in this circle of racist.Some have called him 'Chinese chauvinist', Khairy has given him the soft tag of 'borderline racist', maybe he should be considered for 'down-to-earth racist'.

The proposed unity talk between PAS and UMNO has rattled Pakatan. PAS departure would mean collapse of the coalition. PAS knew the Malays would be departing in droves to UMNO in the next general elections hence their broaching of the unity government. The stumbling block to the unity talk was only Nik Aziz and all for personal reason. The proposal is shelved for the moment but would definitely come back to haunt Pakatan. Hadi and Nasharuddin are like latent volcanoes, withdraw just to give respect to the Tok Guru, but would erupt, sooner or later.

Mirrior mirrior on the wall who the fairest of them all? On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give Lim 8, Khairy 7 and Mahathir a low 3.

Mahathir is not a racist, he is just misunderstood.

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eddy said...


1.Kit Siang is not a racist, he is however a Chinese chauvinist.He has never and will never contest in a constituency where the Chinese are in the minority as he knows his message does not cut with others.

2.I think Dr Mahathir is a Great Malay Sympathiser who wants his race to become successful and competitive and has done much as PM to do just that, BUT, he is never a racist, that is why under his PMship race has never much been an issue as he tries very hard to accommodate everybody while pushing a screaming and kicking Malaysia from a agriculture based to an industry based economy. I think it was Dr.Mahathir when he was PM, who said that Malaysians can talk about many things under the sun but if you talk extreme about race or religion you go in(ISA/jail).

3.Khairy? Anybody who grew up and studied in the United World College and then in Cambridge UK can never be a racist. Khairy is a budding politician but a pragmatic one, OK, since well he no longer enjoy the comfort of protection from exPM Tun Abdullah. He takes the current UMNO political position to show that he is defending Malay/Bumi rights and leadership in Malaysia while making sure that other Malaysians are not left behind, one cannot hardly call that racism.

4.I think its difficult to define racism as it means different things to an individual or to a group actually. To me racism is just a label generously used by Pakatan supporters who are running out of ideas to call BN and its leaders. Like me IF some people wants to call me a racist just because I support a BN Government and its policies with the greater good and some bad that it brings to this country of ours, so be it. Nothing is perfect.

5.Yes UMNO and BN has more than three years to rattle and explore Pakatan's latent weakness and PAS is definitely prime target, next PKR. In Penang Guan Eng is having his first test of Indian support at High Chaparral added to that he has also sacked the insubordinate PKR councillor...more cracks in DAP/Pakatan Penang fortress to come I guess. Pakatan coalition united by hate of UMNO and BN will never last.

Anonymous said...

For me a racist can be tested in practical terms.

Can you accept a chinese and indian as Prime Minister in Malaysia, period.

Or does the leader ALWAYS have to be Malay no matter what.

That is the real test whether you are racist or not.