Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Unforgiven

Hantu Laut

What do Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh have in common?

Karpal and Lim have been incarcerated under the ISA during Mahathir's time.The same goes with Nik Aziz's son, who was also detained under the ISA for his involvement in militant movement to overthrow the government. They only have one thing in common that is to see and ensure UMNO is dead and buried.

They hated UMNO with a vengeance and perceived they have neared the time to finally sink the nail to seal the coffin and bury UMNO once and for all. Can't really blame them.They are not Ghandi or Nelson Mandela.It's personal not politics. All three of them have not forgiven UMNO.

Nik Aziz is still sore with UMNO and are prepared to allow the breakup of PAS, if it had to. Asking Nasharuddin who was recently elected by a landslide victory to get out of PAS and join UMNO is certainly not a reasonable and forgiving attitude expected of an ulamak.

If anything to go by, Nik Aziz is behaving like a tyrant, a dictator, undemocratic and unconcerned with the wishes of the majority of his party. The right thing for Nik Aziz to do is if majority of PAS members insisted on a unity government with UMNO, which is against his principle, is for him to resign from PAS and, maybe, join PKR or DAP. So far he has been the only leader in PAS with the loudest condemnation.

Karpal Singh asking for confirmation of Najib racist outburst and utterance of "soak the keris in Chinese blood" in 1987 was a cheap shot, most unnecessary and serve no purpose other than trying to drive a bigger wedge between Najib and the Chinese community.

"I wanted to know if he said it, and he gave his answer, let's just leave it as it is, the matter should not go on further," said Karpal, the shit stirrer.

Talk about racism, it takes a racist to identify another racist, it more like the pot calling the kettle black.Racism exists in every community and in everyone of us to a certain degree, but as long as it doesn't bother us emotionally it should stay harmless.

I will not waste time talking much of Lim Kit Siang. Most people would already know what kind of racist he is.He is the typical chips on the shoulder chauvinistic 'kui', that most Chinese in term of endearment call all other races. malaikui, kelingkui, and if your are a white man in Hong Kong you would be a
'gwai loh'.

There are actually very little racism among the common people, at least not in Sabah, we are comfortable with each other and name calling or being called a 'kui' among close friends are not taken as an insult.Unfortunately, it is always the politicians that keep reminding us and are the real troublemakers, bringing up racial issues every now and then to suit their political agenda.

When I first started blogging I ponder for quite a while what name should I give my blog.Since I love the sea very much and found that 'kui' if used in the right context is not at all that bad, I decided to call my blog 'Hoi Gwai' or Hantu Laut in Malay but in English I would prefer it as 'Spirit Of The Sea' as in St Elmo's Fire which I have seen twice at sea at night, a phenomenon those not in the know would think as some kind of UFO or a supernatural force, a hantu of some kind.

The real hantus in this country are the politicians not the people.


Pasquale said...

Hantu Laut how I wish I am a Sabahan, you are right, we shall not allow the disease affecting the Semenanjinbg to spread to Sabah! Hope to see you soon for a beer!

eddy said...

I believe the 1Malaysia thingy has already been practised by our Sabahans and Sarawakian brothers and sisters since a long time ago. I guess the politicians there celebrate the diversity of cultures rather than accentuate the differences. Definitely, our politicians living in the Peninsular have a lot to learn about celebrating each other's culture from their brethrens across the sea.

Hantu Laut said...

Haven't seen you for a while.Looking forward to that nice cold beer.

Hantu Laut said...

We don't care about the keris or parang, it's only symbolic.

Some people are sensitive to such thing and although I don't quite agree with using such weapon to send a message across,but if we look at it metaphorically than there wouldn't be any problem.

Anyway, the keris is an emblem of UMNO so those who raise the keris are only showimg the symbol of their struggle.

I think our politicans should grow up and not raise racial and religious issues.These are highly sensitive subjects and should be left on their own.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish are you talking?

TGNA alone?

10 PAS MPs are solidly behind him lah.

In faCT, i would believe PAS are 90% solidly behind TGNA, he just has to say the word only.

You think PAS members so easily forget what UMNO did to people like Uztaz Ibrahim Libya izit!

Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

Can't agree with you more. It's the politicians who are responsible for the racial divide that we are seeing happening around us.

eddy said...

Couldn't agree with you more Bro HL.

Hantu Laut said...

Please read properly, I said 'if majority of PAS members insisted......

The 10 MPs giving support to Nik Aziz was a new development......after my article was written.So ! please don't try to sound so smart.

Anyway,the 10MPs do not form majority of PAS members.

eddy said...

For the record there are altogether 24 PAS MPs.

Anonymous said...

The 10 dont even include Nizar, Mahfuz and Salahudin Ayub, all VERY strong Pakatan players lah.

Face it, majority of MPS are against working with the Utaz killing party called UMNO!!!!

eddy said...

Ustaz killing party? UMNO? Hmm, what kind of goobledegook is that, I wonder.

ajimsan said...

Err... question... How do you know the majority of PAS members want unity talks with UMNO?

And if your answer is 'if' then should I point it out for you that it is totally unfair to accuse Nik Aziz behaving like a dictator or a tyrant.

Anyway... why need to hear from a grumpy old man like Nik Aziz huh ;)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree that politicians are the ones fanning racial divide.

But I don't agree with the bias on UMNO. What good has UMNO done for the country in general these past 5 years? What was done before that has nothing to do with the current stock. Old 'jasa' also not because of current stock of UMNO leaders. The current stock of UMNO leaders are the ones going to make the party lose their shine and glory.

Don't think LKS, Karpal and Nik Aziz has done anything grave to the country as compared with the way BN/UMNO run the country to the ground.