Saturday, June 6, 2009

Valentine Willie Fine Art Gallery

Hantu Laut

What the heck ! It's only an art piece
. I see nothing, I hear nothing, I say nothing.

Valentine Willie's art gallery has seriously breached the norms!

A piece of real art work exhibited by a respectable art gallery?

When a friend showed me a picture of a huge piece of "art" work by Fahmi Reza depicting "Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak at a scene of a crime", complete with a yellow police lines, I said to myself I better go and check it out. I thought it was crude for the owner to allow it!
True enough when I went over to Valentine Willie art gallery in Bangsar and I was agape and stunned. There in front of me in a room against the wall was a picture of Najib with his body drawn or fixed to the floor where you stepped on and was told the piece had nothing to do with the PM but rather the piece is about vandalism, so the sketchy explanation went on by one of the gallery's staff. Read more.....


chaptokam said...

ArseHole gallery!

eddy said...


Nothing to do with the PM? its so obvious that the artist Fahmi Reza who was inspired to make this trash is kurang ajar and slanderous.

The Gallery owner who allowed such trash to be exhibited ought to be investigated by the Police and charged for sedition together with the artist.

Freedom of expression should not be misused as a licence for slandering anybody in this country.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Both eyes "blackout" you also know it is him ah?
Looks more like the former minister from yemen.

Anonymous said...

Me, never had time for these arty-farty types. Never can tell what they are up to or trying to impart.
I'm just that simple peasant to whom a painting of a horse must look like a horse.
As for those who want to make a police report (aren't there just too many now?), forget it lah. Maybe these artist-types just dying for you to: Nothing like a book ban or art ban to move sales plus gaining 7mins of fame.

So forget it. Ignore only lah.

Anonymous said...

Shocking that people like Fahmi have stooped that low. How low can one go now? Maybe these people are being "paid" to do the job or are just getting organism thrill out of it!!!

Anonymous said...

Re my post at 4:19pm. Correction: It's "ORGASMIC thrill" not organism. Typo...

Anonymous said...

they got punk'd!