Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remembering D-Day

Hantu Laut

ON 6TH JUNE 1944 the Allied Forces landed on the Normandy coast and that day was known as D-Day.Over 5000 ships and 160,000 troops took part in the invasion which turn the tide of the Second World War and the eventual defeat of Hitler's Nazi Germany.

German footage:

Allied footage:

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me said...

D-Day was framed as a crusade of liberal democracies by Eisenhower in his letter to the soldiers. And for that, I am glad. (Nevermind the tacit alliance with the authoritarian Soviets, but D-Day of course, didn't involve them).

I'll throw my lot into a liberal democracy with all its flaws any day thanhave only one view of what is correct (which itself can vary on the whims of several individuals, if history is a reference) imposed from the top by an authoritarian state.