Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chinks In Pakatan's Armour

Hantu Laut

Just a week after I wrote:

"Unity Talk, Not Over Yet:Cracks in Malaysia's Opposition Coalition"

....that the unity talk is put on hold temporarily and would come back to haunt Pakatan Rakyat sooner or later. Two days ago, PAS Youth division proposed intellectual discourse with UMNO Youth.This is just the beginning of something bigger to come.

The crack is widening.The coalition may not last until the next election.DAP has pulled out of the PAS Kedah government on disputes over demolition of a pig abattoir, apparently, the only one in the whole of Kedah.

DAP has only one seat in the Kedah Assembly so it's not a great loss to PAS.They still can hold the government comfortably with PKR.

There are also internal strifes and constant squabblings among the partners in Penang and Selangor.The sacking of PKR man from a municipal council,the disagreement between DAP and PKR on the location of the second Penang bridge and of course the unity talk between PAS and UMNO that annoyed the other members of the coalition.Now, a new threat looms on the horizon, PAS Youth flirting with intellectual intercourse with UMNO Youth.

There seems to be little coordination between members of the coalition.The only thing they know to do is to call a crisis meeting everytime there is discord.

DAP may think it's a small loss as Kedah being predominantly Malay and Muslims, why waste time on the minority Chinese in the state.Why bother about Kedah when you have better and more prosperous state like Penang and Perak which they used to control before the BN takeover of Perak.They also have substantial representation in Selangor, the Jewel in the Pakatan's crown.

As I have said many times before this is a grouping of strange bedfellows, a marriage of convenience of people of different ideology brought together by the demagogic Anwar Ibrahim with only one objective, to grab power from BN and make Anwar prime minister.

Surely, there is nothing wrong with Anwar being prime minister but would he be able to deliver a strong leadership and ensure political stability.With so much bickering even in its formative years, can he keep the coalition together?

What has PAS and DAP in common? Absolutely none. They are like two magnetic poles that repel each other.PAS is talking about allowing non-Muslims to join the party when they can't even tolerate the culture of non-Muslims.How many non-Muslims would you think like to join PAS? What that tell you of PAS ? Do you think a leopard can change its spots? In the past, PAS accused UMNO of co-habiting with the kafirs and even called UMNO members kafir.

The DAP has the same image problem, it is viewed by many Malays as a Chinese chauvinist party.With the exception of a few lost in the wilderness Malays the like of Tungku Aziz, there are very few Malays in DAP. So, DAP is not really a true multiracial party, it is controlled by the Lim clan and Karpal as Chairman is merely window dressing.It is a Chinese-controlled party with icing of Indians and Malays.The core is still Chinese.

At least in BN they have no qualms about admitting they are race-based political parties.UMNO sticks to its Malay brand and have never tried to divert from the path with the exception of the natives of Sabah where non-Muslim members were accepted into the party.

UMNO never brands itself as a party for Muslims only, it is for Malays and the natives of Sabah could be said to be of Malay stock.MCA and Gerakan made it clear they are Chinese party and MIC Indian. This race-based politics has weathered well for over 50 years.

Is Malaysia ready for a change from race-based politics to homogeneity, where race and religion are no barriers, all as one.

Can Pakatan bring about these changes that they talked so much about?

Discords and bickerings will continue in the Pakatan camp.

Let's hear from others and from those diehard Pakatan supporters.


eddy said...

Bro, on top of that after 16 months, Pakatan cannot even name a single Prime Minister in Waiting not to mention appointing individual shadow cabinet members and preferring the easy way out and appoint shadow "cabinet" committees to avoid another round of bickering and infighting between them.

I think many Malaysians will be greatly dissapointed at this show of amateur politics by Pakatan politicians trying to hoodwink the people yet again.

If Pakatan leaders cannot even sit down and discuss amicably among them for shadow cabinet positions, then, Malaysia under a Pakatan Government will be screwed big time by these amateur politicians who will find it harder to agree on common policies necessary to rule this country of ours.

Pakatan Rakyat should just change its name to Pakatan Pilihanraya sahja.

SM said...


After 50yeras of independence, BN still have internal bickering (however, the the useless MCA, MIC, Gerakan & PPP understand that they better not anger big bro UMNO so they tow the line. PR is made up of 3 equally strong memang ada perselisihan faham bah!), so don't you think that the PR will have some growing pains?
No big issue bros. You are going to get this off & on...& I think it's good (as you can weed out the dead wood...e.g. that woman "Hee Haw" in Perak who is "supposedly" independent...ya rite!).
Yup...memang for the last GE they were Pakatan Pilihanraya (good one Eddy!), the next GE...let's see if UMNO dare tell it's partners that they don't need anyone as they can win the GE by themselves!