Monday, August 10, 2009

Biadap, Kurang Ajar Dan Naik Kepala

Hantu Laut

This is an apology to YB Loke Siew Fook who has categorically denied he was the one who posted the offending article against the Sultan of Perak.

Below is an extract from Rocky's Bru:

Loke Siew Fook, did you write that about our Sultan?

update: "No, I did not," says Loke.
The YB has left a strong denial in my comment box, which I am reproducing here:-

Dear Mr Rocky,

I strongly deny the allegation that I have written the article to insult the Sultan of Perak and Raja Nazrin. I have no prior knowledge whatsoever on that particular blog

My ONE and ONLY blog is

I have NEVER written anything that insult the Royalty, Malays or Islam in my life. There is an effort to slander DAP Youth and myself and spread lies that we are anti-Islam and anti-Royalty.

I do not know who is behind that blog and I have nothing to do with it.

As a responsible blogger, I hope you can first verify the facts before making any assumptions. I will be lodging a police report today to deny the article and I hope you can publish my explanation to clear the air later. Thank you.

12:08 PM

In Sabah and Sarawak we don't have Sultans, we only have Yang Dipertua Negeri, the equivalent of a governor, which is not of royal blood.In certain ways they have the same standing as sultans as far as state constitutions are concerned.They have the same prerogative to appoint chief minister of the state whom they think carry majority support of members of the state legislative assembly. They are accorded the same respect.So far no Sabahan and Sarawakians have openly insulted their heads of state.

Sultans are held in higher esteem and are apolitical.Whatever they do in their official functions must be in accordance with their state's constitution and the Sultan of Perak has in all respect abides by the constitution.Pakatan Rakyat in general and DAP in particular have painted a wicked picture of the Sultan to poison the people's mind to fulfil their political agenda.Now they have started insulting the Sultan.

As the Malay saying "dikasi betis nak kepala".In a moment of anger and refusal to accept their lost of power in Perak this bloke from DAP broke the cardinal rule and overstepped the invisible line of civility by insulting the Sultan of Perak and the Regeant.

DAP leaders deliberate obtuseness on the issue and poisoning the people's mind about the Sultan is now going to bite them back. They still could not accept that they have lost the Perak state government. It would be interesting to hear what the leaders in PAS would have to say about their partner's 'kurang ajar' against the Sultan who was only doing his job according to the state constitution which empowered him to make such decision.

Of course Pakatan leaders would say it is not the party's stand but when it comes to members of UMNO making remarks that they don't like they would condemned the whole party and the government.

Below is the 'kurang ajar' article;

The Might Of The Pen
August 6, 2009
Filed under: ARTICLE (LATEST) 06/08/2009, conspiracy, politics — sjsandteam @ 08:47
Kuala Lumpur, Aug 5, 2009: "Democracy does not mean
anything goes. It certainly does not mean mob rule," Nazrin
of Perak said Wednesday night. He said in any functioning
democracy, there were rules as to how society was to be
governed, and in Malaysia, the rules were enshrined in the
country’s constitution. "Our constitution spells out not only
what our rights are but also what the limits to those rights
are. These limits ensure that decisions are not made by those
who wield the most power, shout the loudest or behave in
the crudest manner," he said.
Nazrin who sold the state of Perak to the BN thieves, was
delivering a speech titled "Imbued with Integrity, Endowed
with Ethics: Foundation for Managing Malaysia through
Enlightened Value-Driven Leadership" at the 25th Tunku
Abdul Rahman Lecture organised by the Malaysian Institute
of Management here.

Nazrin of the stolen state of Perak said: "If we seek to settle disputes through mob rule and
lawlessness, our disputes will never be settled." "Precisely because we have so much riding on the
judiciary, it is vitally important that there is judicial independence and impartiality. Without them,
the rule of law cannot prevail. And when the rule of law has become unhinged, it must be fully
restored," said the know-all Nazrin of Perak. He said since the country’s last general election in
March last year, political contestation has become more common and more intense, and this is
likely to continue for some time to come. "But whatever our differences, our overriding concern
must be to create the type of nation we can all be proud of. We must never turn our grand positive
sum nation-building endeavour into a fractious and destructive zero sum one. "We have a good
system of governance in place that has served us well and Malaysians should seek to improve on
1 of 9

and strengthen this system."
Nazrin of Perak said: "Wherever there are weaknesses, we should acknowledge them and strive to
overcome them." He said the Malay rulers are above partisan politics, and this is what a
constitutional monarchy means and what the rulers assiduously believe. "For until and unless
rulers are placed above everyday politics – and the controversies that will inevitably follow – they
will be unable to carry out their constitutional functions properly. These functions are necessary
for the operation of democracy in this country," he said.
Nazrin in trying to protect his ass said the present situation
in Perak stemmed from a political problem, that of political
crossovers, "but was very quickly compounded by other
decisions and actions of questionable legality.""By the time
the ruler became involved, it has escalated to such a point
that it was not so simple as to press the reset button as some
would have liked. "When rights may have been violated and
laws infringed, one cannot just conveniently wipe the slate
clean and pretend as if nothing had happened. "The ruler
cannot take sides in political contests, whether with acts of
commission or omission. He has to make decisions based on
justice and the rule of law," he said. In making the right
decision in any situation and act in a manner that is fair and
impartial, the ruler must be guided by the constitution, it encapsulates all the values that form the
very foundation of Malaysian society. In the Perak case, the ruler adhered closely to the letter and
spirit of the state constitution, he said.
After all, the ruler of Perak "Azlan has considerable knowledge of the law, having spoken and
written about it extensively throughout his career (as a judge and Lord President)," he said.

The Mighty Pen says: Nazrin the son of the senile ruler of Perak, take note that democracy is a
principle whereby the control of authority comes from the public, and ruler and non-ruler are the
same. Even though there is no specific, universally accepted definition of democracy, there are two
principles that any definition of democracy includes. The first principle is that all citizens, not
invested with the power to govern, have equal access to power and the second that all citizens
enjoy legitimized freedoms and liberties. When these basic freedoms and liberties are robbed of the
people, then the only civilized course of action by any
responsible citizen who cares about his nation, is to ensure
that his voice is heard loud and clear! Get this straight into
your ever conniving brain! When injustice becomes law,
rebellion becomes duty! If rebellions become the order of the
day, the nation is simply ruled by the criminals and the
corrupt. Ask yourself whether you and your family members
including your ‘guardian angel’, the Agong Najib, have
plundered the nation’s wealth and robbed the poor of a bare
minimum standard of living! It is a pity that only in Malaysia,
even the right to a peaceful demonstration is robbed of the
people! What’s worst, the peaceful demonstrations are
converted into lawless mobs by ‘peacekeepers’ who are
supposed to protect the peace of this nation.
Nazrin the illegal seller of Perak: Saintly words should never be uttered by a person who has lost
all sanity! If you still insist in building an impossible bridge between two mountains, just for that
clap of your ‘creativity’, then let us warn you that our actions too will have far reaching
consequences; we will destroy those mountains to mere ashes, and stuff your filthy mouth with the
last peck of that dust and prepare you for your last journey to the gates of the condemned hell!

“Democracy does not mean anything goes….”
Daulat-ing means fulat-ing. Now we know – for sure.
Comment by wits0 — August 6, 2009 @ 08:50
you tell him mighty pen. your pen strike very deep in his arsehole. i dunno whether it can penetrate
Comment by jimcurry — August 6, 2009 @ 09:10
i am sure he would have enjoyed it.
Comment by jimcurry — August 6, 2009 @ 09:15
Its incredible how a supposedly wise person who was so well admired and overwhelmingly respected just
about a year ago could crumble so low in the popular rating now. So true of the saying “Never judge a
person by his looks and sweet talking” In the end, Truth always prevails. Now we all know, he is just
another one of them. For him to win back the same respect will take him another 2 lifetime.
Comment by toyolbuster — August 6, 2009 @ 09:19

It seems the might of the pen has fallen into a filthy hand.A hand that has become a weapon of its own destruction.

This is what have become of Malaysians since Pakatan Rakyat took over the 5 states.They have taught the people to be rude, defiant and show no respect for the law and now no respect for the Sultan.Winning only 5 states have made them arrogance and intolerably rude.What more if they were the Federal government.By now the Malays should realise where Anwar Ibrahim and PAS are taking them to.

They made a big hullabaloo of the article in Utusan Malaysia, let's wait and see what kind of noise they make on this one.

Will Pakatan leaders come out and condemn this man who wrote such reviling article against the Sultan ? What about Nizar who was the cause of all the bad things happening in Perak, will he apologise to the Sultan?

Believe me, the answer will come at Permatang Pasir.


bongkersz said...

Hantu, can you do a proper paragraphing next time before you post? I don't want to squint my eyes reading your brilliantly written articles. ;)

Sulaiman said...

What is clear here is that you depended on a dubious blog to make false allegations against a person who never said what you claimed he said.

Hantu Laut said...


Nothing brilliant about the article I am just expressing my opinion just like you and any other bloggers.

Paragraphing, I am not sure which you refer to, mine or the 'kurang ajar' article? If mine, please teach me how to do it.Thanks.

Hantu Laut said...


I have corrected the error.It's the content of the article that the main issue here , doesn't matter who wrote it.

It certainly come either direct from the opposition or supporter of the opposition.

The 'Might Of The Pen' have existed for a long time and is sympathetic to Pakatan Rakyat's cause.

Anonymous said...

I have corrected the error.It's the content of the article that the main issue here , doesn't matter who wrote it.
Where my friend is the offending article by MR. LOke?

Fulating said...

Can we take action against this nincompoop WitsO and send him to the dungeons of hell ?

eddy said...

1. Excellent article Bro.

2. So Siew Fook has denied that he had reviled the Sultan and the Regent of Perak in the blog, I do not believe him though as he did not deny the disparaging article he purportedly wrote about Dr Ridhuan Tee at the same blog.

Siew Fook denial in Rockybru's is too little too late.

3. Namun, mana ada pencuri akan mengaku dia mencuri kalau tidak disiasat dahulu. In any case the Police is investigating and with the help of digital forensic experts they should be able to trace the blogger responsible and haul him/her to court and charge him/her for sedition at the very least.

If Siew Fook really wrote the traitorous article against the Sultan of Perak and his Regent then he is a clear and present danger to the security and harmony of this nation. The full force of the Law must be brought to bear on him.

Hantu Laut said...

I agree, the case must be investigated and Siew Fook included.Why should he be afraid if he is innocent.

Read what kind of rubbish Lim Kit Siang wrote in his blog.

justmy2SEN said...

By now the Malays should realise where Anwar Ibrahim and PAS are taking them to.

Agree with you on this...hope by now people realise that these people HAVE NO INTENTION TO WORK FOR RAKYAT'S BENEFITS BUT FOR THEIR POWER CRAZY LUST..What they should do is manage the 4 states under them with integrity BUT look at the states, getting worse day by day...prove of how incapable these thwarts are...

ps: Just stop politicking and DO YOUR JOB is all your voters (inc me) are asking for you...

SM said...


When Mahatir & UMNO "castrated" the powers of the Royalty & in many cases "were biadap, kurang ajar & naik kepala", noone dared say a thing!
Talk about being "two-faced" & hypocritical!
Now suddenly UMNO is the defender of the Royalty?!
I guess we can clearly see this in the 1-Malaysia concept...on the one hand say that ALL Malaysians are equal & on the other hand use Utusan & Berita Harian to publish seditious articles pitting the Malays against the Non-Malaysa!
You will note that DSAI is branded a "traitor"...not because of his sodomy trial, not because he was kicked out of UMNO, not because he formed his own Party, BUT because he says that we don't need the NEP anymore (i.e. Need-based rather than Race-based) BUT because he is working with Non-Malays (that's wy they call him Traitor to his "Bangsa"!).
Face it, us Pendatang are just not welcome in Malaysia.
Salam 1-Malaysia! Hahahahaha!

eddy said...

Bro, I read the Kit Siang blog, as usual a little fact mixed with huge doses of innuendoes.

I think Siew Fook and Kit Siang must not only issue a denial about writing the seditious article on the Perak Monarchy, but they and their party the DAP must come up with an outright public condemnation of the article.

Otherwise, people will start to think that the DAP agrees with this seditious article.

donplaypuks® said...

"It seems the might of the pen has fallen into a filthy hand.A hand that has become a weapon of its own destruction. This is what have become of Malaysians since Pakatan Rakyat took over the 5 states".HL


They are reacting to the blatant racism and selective reporting from Utusan,BH, NST,STar etc and pro-UMNO blogs like Parpukari, Unspinner and those anon and Warrrior 231 and those of his ilks' comments in Rocky's Bru.

Don't expect these people to be moderate when the are given the lead institutionalised in Govt and its allies in the MSM and blogosphere.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.