Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just What Is A Traitor ?

Hantu Laut,

Been away for two days up in the mountains doing some photography and a bit of soul searching.The cool mountain air was invigorating but as soon as it dropped below 10 C it was a miserable spine chilling experience.It reminds you of the awesome power of mother nature.

From the subliminal to the ludicrous, if one can decipher what message the writer is trying to convey.

Spinning the ball but his inexperience hand shows his lack of expertise in the game of chance.The banker's choice of mediocre spinner.

Just who is a traitor? A game of roulette that Malaysian Insider spins it all here.

'Is Anwar a traitor?' and put forth an argument why Anwar is not a traitor to the Malays and why he should not be called a traitor seems more appropriate.

Just what is a traitor?

The online Cambridge dictionary says 'a person who is not loyal or stops being loyal to their own country, social class, beliefs, etc: the online Oxford dictionary says in short and simpler form ' a person who betrays their country, a cause, etc.'

Is Anwar a traitor to his race? Was Muhyiddin wrong?

If going by the English inventory of words, a dictionary or a lexicon, if you like, than Muhyiddin may not be far off the mark. You can be a traitor to your country, your race, your religion, your family, your friend or to the cause of a group of people.The list doesn't stop there.

I don't think Anwar is a traitor to his country but that is not what he is accused of. There are Malays who feel betrayed by him and making their feeling known is not against the law.Lim Kit Siang of DAP have, in the past, accused the MCA of betraying the Chinese.

In times of war if you give away your country secrets to the enemy than you would have become a traitor and have committed the gravest of all crimes, treason, which is punishable by death.

Why is Anwar riding on the tides of non-Malay support and not using the Malay's constellation in furtherance of his political career? Is he a traitor to the Malays or to UMNO's political cause?

Do majority of Malays feel betrayed and not giving him their support?

We may have to wait until the next general elections to find the answer.


donplaypuks® said...

Anwar is no more a traitor to the Malay race or the nation any more than Najib or Mahathir or Nik Aziz.

The Malays are thinking voters and this was proven in GE 2008 when they would not accept the rampant corruption extant in the BN Govt and the abuse of the NEP in favour of a select view.

This labelling of Anwar (as is the labelling od DAP as any-Malay and anti-Islam)is really the scurillous demonisation by UMNO and their MSM cronies who can only think of such puerile and shallow tactics to try and claw back dwindling electoral support everywhere.

It reflects poorly on UMNO's think tank, and mark my words, it will definitely backfire on them, come GE 2013.

All Malaysians have become more mature and savvy where politics is concerned.

We will vote for whichever Party is honesty, exhibits integrity, is non-racist, incorruptable and economy savvy as demonstrated by ACTUAL PERFORMANCE and not mere rhetoric, spin doctoring and massaging the statistics!

We are all of 1 race, the Human race

eddy said...

Bro, to me a traitor is a citizen who betrays his own country. Someone who say sells military or economic secrets for monetary gain and other benefits or go round the world telling false stories about the state of his country. Other than that its just politics.

I do not want to say whether Anwar is a traitor to the Malays or not, but I think he is one hell of a political opportunist with very,very little conscience, who will support and make promises to any one, any cause or any political party as long as he will be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. A case in point is the different and opposing speeches he gave about the ISA when he was Cabinet Minister and TPM of the BN Government and later when he is the leader of the Opposition Pakatan. Anwar Ibrahim just cannot be trusted to deliver his promises, remember the failed non existent takeover of the Government by Pakatan on 16 September 2008? Even Karpal Singh said that Anwar has caused enough trouble for the country and must bertaubat. The list goes on bro, and it does not bode well for the country if he ever becomes PM God forbid.

Anyway just for food for discussion if you will, Muhyiddin actually said that "Anwar ialah pengkhianat terbesar PERJUANGAN Melayu", this is the excerpt of what he said:

"Oleh Magendran Rajagopal dan Mohd Roji Abdullah

BATU PAHAT: Timbalan Presiden Umno, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin melabelkan Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai ‘pengkhianat terbesar perjuangan orang Melayu’.

Beliau turut menyifatkan Anwar sebagai pemimpin ‘lidah bercabang’ yang tidak ragu-ragu untuk menukarkan dasarnya semata-mata untuk manfaat dan cita-cita politik peribadi.

“Anwar pernah menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Presiden Umno, sama seperti saya sekarang, namun beliau kini menggunakan pendekatan penuh penipuan bagi memusnahkan perjuangan kita.

“Beliau sekarang memberitahu semua orang bahawa kita (Umno) berkelakuan kejam. Tolong katakan kepada saya, dalam apa cara kita bertindak kejam?

“Mengapa dia tidak lemparkan tuduhan seumpama ini apabila menjadi salah seorang pemimpin kita?” katanya pada ucapan perasmian mesyuarat Umno bahagian Seri Gading, di Parit Raya, di sini, kelmarin.

Muhyiddin berkata, pembangkang menerusi kepemimpinan Anwar sedang ‘memutarbelitkan’ fakta untuk mewujudkan persepsi negatif terhadap usaha Umno mempertahankan hak dan institusi Melayu. “Taktik mereka ialah mengulangi satu pembohongan berkali-kali sehingga orang ramai percaya dengan pembohongan itu.

“Kini sudah sampai satu tahap yang mana orang ramai mempunyai persepsi bahawa segala dilakukan Umno adalah salah dan tiada sekelumit pun kebaikan di kalangan kita.

“Semua perbuatan baik kita untuk memperbaiki kedudukan orang Melayu dan membangunkan negara untuk manfaat setiap rakyat Malaysia sejak 50 tahun lalu tidak lagi diiktiraf,” katanya.

Namun, Muhyiddin mengakui bahawa Umno bukannya parti yang ‘tiada dosa’ tetapi dalam pada itu, sedang melakukan yang terbaik untuk menghapuskan elemen seperti rasuah, kesombongan dan tiada kecekapan.

“Tiada masalah jika orang ramai menegur kita memandangkan kita tidak sempurna tetapi saya tidak akan berdiam diri membiarkan mereka (pembangkang) menghina orang Melayu dan tidak menghormati mereka,” katanya....."

So if Anwar wants to sue the TPM his lawyers must be sure what Muhyiddin allegedly said in Batu Pahat i.e Pengkhianat Perjuangan Melayu or Pengkhianat Melayu.

eddy said...

Lively take by dpp, but would mere rhetorics on corruption, the state of the economy and the incessant lambasting of our National institutions like the Judiciary, the Attorney General,PDRM and SPRM and national policies during election campaigns on the part of the opposition is proof enough that Pakatan can rule this nation better than the existing Government? Can they give a more credible and better alternative.I think not.

What I can see from the States now being administered by Pakatan are just internal fighting on mundane policies among themselves and once in a while having photo ops to show that everything is "well".

Cases/Symptoms in point:
-Promises to Kg Buah Pala folks in Penang made during the election that DAP knows they cannot deliver. Politicians who deliberately lies during election campaigns cannot be trusted to rule.
-The illegal pig abbattoir issue in Kedah, a simple abbattoir issue caused DAP to opt out temporarily out of the Kedah pakatan Government.Silly and immature antics do not make for stable Government.
-PKR wanting to make inroads in Sabah, cannot even appoint a Sabahan to head the party there. No trust for the locals who does its bidding and hard work?
- the Hassan Ali - Ronnie Liu ruckus about sale of beer in Muslim majority area. Just a pathetic wayang by PAS and DAP to satisfy growing resentments of the Selangor folks.
- The DAP/PKR being chief "anti corruption" proponent, but when the MACC tries to detain and question witness from DAP and PKR, their leaders makes a lot of noise and dramatics. The Selangor MB even make up his OWN law which could be ultra vires to existing Police and MACC powers. If they can change the rules as they like to suit their interest, will it not soon result in dictatorship not democracy.
-What's this talk about connections of Pakatan YBs to Gangsters and triads raised by PKR's YB Wee.Tip of a huge iceberg, no wonder why they are lambasting the PDRM and MACC incessantly?

There are many more to the list and combined with the fact that they could not even ink a official coalition recognised by the ROS shows disunity and differing political agenda. Plus the fact that they cannot even agree to have shadow cabinet minister post and a PM in waiting showed that the DAP,PAS and PKR are just political opportunist preying on the perceived weakness of the ruling BN. Pakatan existing set of political leaders just do not have a clue on how to rule this nation.

Being good political opportunist in opposition politics does not make one qualified to rule and run a Government and take Malaysia to a better future. I think the vast majority of Malaysians voters knows the difference, that was why they gave the BN under Abdullah Badawi a blue eye in the March 2008 elections, enough to make it painful for BN without delivering the knockout blow. The pain lingers but the pain is good for BN which is making much effort to redeem and reform themselves under the leadership of PM Najib assisted ably by TPM Muhyiddin, they will succeed in time for the next GE. TQ.

SM said...


As you pointed out, depends on how you look at it.YES, DSAI is a traitor! Period. Why? Because he is willing to work with the "pendatang" (i.e. Non-Malays) to achieve his ends! How dare he!!!!!
UMNO leaders are MOT traitors. Why? Although they achieve their ends any way they want to also, however (& this is a very important point) they ALWAYS maintain that they are the "Tuans" (i.e. Ketuanan Melayu to the fore!) in all dealings with the MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP & smaller Sarawak & Sabah Parties. Many a time a "small chiku" UMNO MP can stand up & "blast" a MCA or MIC Leader without any "cesure" from the UMNO Leadership.
Over the weekend I watched Oprah's tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This man also "marched" & took his protests to the streets. I watched the "white" Police force beat & "blast" the marchers with water cannons (does this remind you of recent goings-on in KL?!). I'm sure the White Leadership in the 60's branded him as a traitor then. Today he is the only American "civilian" who has a National Public holiday on the Anniversary of his birth!
Look at Ghandi. The British did the same thing to him & his followers when they went to the streets too.
Yup! all depends on how you look at it!

Hantu Laut said...

I wouldn't touch Anwar with a ten-foot pole.

The result of the March 2008 elections was due to the massive shift of Chinese and Indian votes to the oppositions, not Malays.

I prefer an opposition without Anwar Ibrahim.He is just a very frustrated man wanting to grind his axe, by whatever means possible.

Hantu Laut said...

I agree,I sympathise with him but I don't trust him.

Pakatan will not get my and my family votes.Take a look at the states(with exception of Kelantan)under their control, do you see any major changes.It gotten worse.When they can't handle a crisis, they blame the BN.No balls to admit their own shortcoming.

Do you expect this bunch of jokers to run the Federal government and do a batter job?

eddy said...

1. SM, don't you get tired of calling yourself and other bukan Melayu as "pendatang", move on lah, times have changed. For the record Ahmad Ismail who used the word "pendatang" irresponsibly was suspended for 3 years from UMNO in September 2008. The new President of UMNO DS Najib, do not talk about "pendatangs" anymorelah, its 1Malaysia, Rakyat first and Performance now. The rest of the country is moving on you see.

And certainly a political opportunist extraordinaire like Anwar Ibrahim who changes sides and opinions as fast as the weather cannot be compared to History's greats like Dr Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

dap punks said...

Hantu Laut said...


I wouldn't touch Anwar with a ten-foot pole.

donplaypukis likes to touch Anwar with his four inch , maybe three inch pole .

SM said...


No I won't get tired of "reminding" everyone of the "Pendatang" issue. Although Ahmad was "suspended" for 3 years, he was brought back as an "advisor" & made to look like a hero (the best part about it all is that his parents are from India!).
You can shout slogans all day long but that's what they are "slogans"! Until Najib comes out & tells Utusan & Berita Harian to STOP printing seditious editorials pitting the Malays against the Non-Malays, I will NEVER believe in his 1-Malaysia concept. Until Najib comes out & apologizes for the statements he made all those years ago about "bathing the Keris in Chinese blood", I will never believe in his Slogans!
I'm was born a Malaysian (& proud to be one) & I will die a Malaysian & no one is going to tell me that I am a second-class Citizen of Malaysia.
I did not equate MLK Jr & Ghandi to DSAI. However, I did equate the Street Protests that these greats "conducted" to the Street Protests that have been recently going on in KL. When it was MLK Jr or Ghandi that used Street Protests it's ok, but if it's done by the "PR" it's not? That's hyprocritical sin't it?!

SM said...


By the way, I must give it to Najib's PR people...soon there will be whole gangs of Malaysian zombies chanting "Rakyat first and Performance now,Rakyat first and Performance now, Rakyat first and Performance now....."!

Y1 said...

HL, you asked what has the PR state government achieved during its VERY SHORT tenure, compared with BN's 52 years of bleeding the country?

What MSM will never report, I have heard from the ground is that the Orang Asli in Perak were given dignity in this short period/window to be their own people in their own land. They were given the freedom to enter and leave their 'reserve land' without restrictions while they have been mistreated by JOAS during the years of BN rule. These people have settled there way before the bumiputras Malays even entered Malaya. Now they are treated like prisoners in their own land without any choice. There is a recent article (Malaysia Insider I think) where they cannot worship in the building they built in their own land.

This is only one abuse the PR govt has tried to rectify.

I will not touch on giving land to Chinese farmers, which of course is not the right thing to say, as it is racial. But it was given by a Malay MB.

If you want more, I can dig for more.

eddy said...

Oklah SM, suit yourself, you want to be called a pendatang so be it.

You seem to have a lot of anger in you, anger causes stress, stress lowers the body immune system. Ok SM, Eddy say SM is a pendatang. There, are you happy now?

Also, if you want PM Najib to apologise for something that somebody told you he said at the TPCA Stadium many years back then good luck dude.

eddy said...

Y1, PR done so little for the rakyat that you have to dig, for more? More of what? Hearsay or what you heard on the orang asli in perak does not count OK.

The Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli JHEOA was established way back in 1951 to improve the quality of life of Orang Asli in then Malaya now Malaysia. In 2008 the Government allocated RM107million for resettlement to kampung tersusun and other social and economic development for the Orang Asli, the work is ongoing. JHEOA staff are a dedicated bunch of hard working Malaysians, please do not disparage JHEOA or the BN Government with innuendoes and things you are not certain of. TQ.

Y1 said...

One year compared with 52 years. How little is little? How much is much?

52 years and the OAs are still the poorest in Malaysia, not unlike the native of the interiors of Sabah & Sarawak. What is worse, most kampungs in the Peninsular are already with basic amenities like water, electricity and roads while some orang asli settlements are denied this basic necessity:

JHEOA hardworking and really helping the OAs?

The PR State Govt helping the OAs as recorded by them.

When one is bias with a blind spot, it is good to read what is being said by the people concerned.

To my mind, the PR's one year of trying (though hampered by the incumbent pro BN civil service machinery) has shown sufficient light to 52 years of inactions and obstacles of the BN.

SM said...


Jangan lah marah...!
hahahahah...hey at the end of the day we all want the same thing..i.e. a better government, a bettr life for our children & maybe one day a "Real" 1-Malaysia...until then you need people like me who can stir up some "crap"!
Anger? Yes...there is a lot of anger...but I don't usually let it stress me out!
However, after 4 decades of being called all sorts of names by these goons... I guess some of us just won't take it anymore!