Saturday, August 22, 2009

UMNO Scrapped Bottom Of The Barrel and Bearding The Lion In Its Own Den

Hantu Laut

Dirty politics are becoming the rules rather than the exception. There are no rules of engagement for both sides.It's open season.Both sides made no apology for the litany of lies and half-truths.

Malaysian politics have gone wild and woolly and getting duplicitous, slanderous and way down dirty.

UMNO must have scrapped the bottom of the barrel and have tied an albatross around its necks for choosing someone tainted to a fault.Not only was he disbarred as a lawyer (officially confirmed by the Bar Council) his appeal to the High Court was also thrown out.Next, he says it was his partner who absconded with the money which his partner has came out and publicly denied that he was the culprit.Rohaizat had not responded to his ex-partner's strong denial.

Did his partner threaten to sue him for defamation? No mate ! Instead, he says he would vote for his former mate. That's the kind of comradeship that exists in UMNO that you don't find in Pakatan Rakyat.A true flocking of the birds.

I am a BN supporter yet I find it difficult to swallow such avoidable mistake and pathetic reasoning given by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin in defending his choice of candidate.Can you blame the oppositions for having a field day trying to tear Rohaizat Othman's character to pieces? Not a shred of evidence has been put forth by UMNO to counter the allegation of misconduct.

I do believe a man must not be condemned for life and should be given a second chance and Rohaizat should be accorded the same.Unfortunately, in politics things don't work that way.Digging into opponent's past, dishing the dirt against opponent and outright falsehood, can in the political survival game, be the rules rather than the exception. That's why a clean slate is essential prerequisite for candidates who run for public office.

Rohizat's misdemeanour is on record and is indefensible in trying to paint a picture of innocence.Saying, he is victim of circumstances is beating the proverbial dead horse.Saying, he should be given a second chance is a better alternative and may even call the dogs off.

Sometimes, those who have made serious mistakes in life, traumatised and are filled with remorse, came out a better person than those who haven't gone through the trails and tribulations of life.

For UMNO to maintain that PAS or Pakatan Rakyat were all out to assassinate their victimised candidate leaves a bad taste in the mouth.It is the lack of perspicacity on the part of the Deputy Prime Minister and those responsible for selecting the candidate that gave the oppositions the ammunition to shoot down the undesirable character of the candidate.

Now Muhyiddin is caught between the rock and a hard place and bearding the lion in its own den.

The lion's den is in Anwar Ibrahim's stronghold.

In politics anything can happen.


Purple Haze said...

BN should have withdrawn the candidate and humbly concede because that would have been the path of least damage to its image.

But it is either sheer ignorance or ignorant arrogance that prevents the BN leaders to withdraw to fight another day.

Admitting that a mistake had been made is surely the honourable way to go as it shows that rather than pushing a not-so-worthy nominee, the BN has the rakyat's interest in mind.

For now, it appears that the party's interest supercede the rakyat's since the nominee is not an erstwhile trustworthy fellow. But as you have noted, even his ex-partner will vote for him ... blind loyalty is also quite difficult to explain.

donplaypuks® said...

Kudos to your humility and sense of honour in making this post.

It's a MEGA mistake for DPM and Zahid to defend the indefensible.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

SM said...


Like you said..."birds if a feather flock together"!
This candidate was chose not because he was the most suitable but because he was a crony of someone who's holding the reins.
I really feel the UMNO leadership doesn't understand what all the big fuss is all about...after all they ALL have some sort of "skeleton in their closet"! Just throw around enough money & maybe they will win (as in the past!).

Y1 said...

HL, for what you have written, I respect you.


vinnan said...

'Did his partner threaten to sue him for defamation? No mate ! Instead, he says he would vote for his former mate. That's the kind of comradeship that exists in UMNO that you don't find in Pakatan Rakyat.A true flocking of the birds'

I think Yusri did not say Rohaizat was responsible for framing him. The finger was pointed at UMNO's information chief Ahmad Maslan. There was comradeship alright but not UMNO comradeship as claimed by you. It was the comradeship among friends such as one can find in PR and not the Capo di tutti capi of the BN where UMNO is the Capo. Yusri felt he was victimised by UMNO. That is why he is going aroud trying to clear his name and indirectly campaigning for PAS.

By the way your spins are not very well done.

Hantu Laut said...


Anything can happen.Too much attack on him might change the voters' mind and give him sympathy votes.

eddy said...

Well bro, I think the attack on Rohaizat by PAS is overkill. You are right, the opposite effect might happen and he might get the sympathy votes and at the moment the votes are hard to tell the situation is very fluid right now. Let's see what tomorrow will bring.