Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hari Raya Special: Malaysia Boleh or Malaysia Bodoh?

Hantu Laut

Watch out the Kancil tailgating behind you.With only 850 cc under his hood this moron thinks his car can out run a Porsche or Ferrari.

Yes, you see it every day on the roads, the ugly side of Malaysians, the maniac turning his machine into a weapon of destruction.

I have come to the conclusion that we may be the worst kind when it come to civic consciousness and courtesy.Malaysians could be one of the worst drivers in the world.The death tolls on our roads speak for itself.For a country with a small population the death to population ratio is too high. Malaysians are more likely to die on the roads than in any other places.It's a shameful tale of stupidity.

In spite of the government effort to bring awareness to Malaysians to drive safely and avoid the risk of getting killed or killing other road users, the situation hasn't changed, the tragedy remains.The widespread apathy among Malaysian drivers are shameful.There seems to be feeling of invincibility among Malaysians when they are behind the wheels of their cars and a feeling that the steel-plated vehicles they are in are indestructible.

The next time you are on the road watch closely how good Malaysian drivers encourage and help bad Malaysian drivers to break the law.Every time there is a long queue many of these bad drivers will jump the queue by overtaking illegally using the road shoulder and more often than not those in the queue would give these morons space to move in.

Not only stupidity rides with the moron in the Kancil, it also rides with the guy in the sleek Mercedes Benz, to him that's road courtesy when he actually helped the moron to break the law.

You see it every day, drivers jumping the queue, making illegal U turn, jumping the red light, speeding, tailgating and other traffic offences and we actually participated in helping them to break the law.

Many years ago while driving to the south of England I encountered a queue on the motorway half way through the journey due to road repair being carried out where one lane had to be closed for repair work, ample signs have been placed at strategic points to warn motorists to switch to the left lane and almost every one complied except for one idiot who decided to take his chance and overtook the long queue using the right lane.The guy must have regretted it for the rest of his life, ten minutes later when I arrived the bottleneck, he was still there, no one has allowed him through.

Here, letting queue jumpers through is seen as road courtesy. Even my wife get profusely mad with me when I consistently refused to let these morons go through.

Certainly, road courtesy is giving your right of way to help others but, certainly, not to help lawbreakers.

Malaysians never seem to learn until it is too late, when they are already dead.The dead may feel no pain but the loved ones left behind are the one that suffered the most.Just imagine how many grieving families are there left behind this Hari Raya.

It is sad that in spite of the government effort to reduce the fatalities, the death toll on our roads continue to climb.

Latest report put the death toll at 79 since Sunday 13thh September.

This is not Malaysia Boleh but Malaysia Bodoh showing its best.


Tpg2Sg said...

Yes!, U have my vote about ignore q-jumper!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you...majority driver in Malaysia lost their mind behind the steering but majority of British clear their mind during this.

They know penalty will be severe and traffic no kow tiam.

SM said...


First off...Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin to you & your loved ones!
You bring up a topic that's very 1-Malaysia! Yes, unfortunately we are ALL the same when it comes to disgusting habits.
Yes, the Government is trying to help us change but there are two issues:-

1/ Do we want to change? No. I have been driving in Miri & Brunei for the last 2 1/2 years. Compared to KL, driving in Miri is a breeze. Driving in Brunei is even much more relaxing. Drivers in Brunei over all are much more courteous & civilized (except for a few exceptions especially in Bandar Seri Begawan). It's the attitude they practice.

2/ Our Police force is still very well known for bribery. Despite wearing badges saying otherwise, you still can bribe them! Well, I may have been lucky but no matter what I refuse to bribe but a lot of my friends still do it. Look at's not that the Singaporeans are better drivers or more courteous (look at the way they behave in Johor!) but they know they can't bribe their Police Force & they know that if they break the law they will get it. It's a good deterrant.

Until & when we change our attitude, it will NOT get better! Yes, unfortunately it's Malaysians Bodoh!

vinnan said...

Malaysia Bodoh indeed. Accidents kill thousands of Malaysia every year. So why is Rais Yatim so concerned about his 'Selsema Babi' rather than the H1NI virus?

chapchai said...

I have been going back to my hometown in Malaysia every year for the last umpteen years. At first I would take the family car and drive to my favourite haunts or to meet up with friends. However, latterly I have not done it because I daren't drive in Malaysia anymore. It is because of these tiny little motorbikes and the kancils. The operators of these vehicles do not appear to have any regard for their safety or that of others, or they think they are invincible. The classic case is of a motorbike overtaking by squeezing through a gap on the left side of a car. Then there's the switching of lanes without any indication. One other thing I was told : if you see a black car with tinted windscreens that wants to overtake, do give way because it belongs to a gangster!