Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shape Up Or Ship Out: The Lame Ducks Of Barisan

Hantu Laut

Shape up or ship out.That should have been the clear message to both MCA and MIC if UMNO do not want to be left high and dry in the 13
th General Elections.Both parties have become liabilities to the BN.

The leadership crisis in MCA, resolved or not, is not going to make any different, they have lost the entire Chinese support.No amount of political gimmickry could help bring back the Chinese votes to BN.

Unless some form of miracle happened that changed the political scenario both MCA and MIC are just debris floating in the vast ocean of uncertainty.

Instead of making amends to the harm they have caused in the last elections they are more concerned about status and self-glorification, a leadership tussle that should have been avoided at this critical stage of the party political existence. It shows the selfishness of the leaders, motivated only by personal gains, rather than looking after the interests of their community.Just as well they are rejected by their own people.In the world of dog eat dog the weak must die.

Those in UMNO are kidding themselves if they think these two lame ducks can be of any help to bring back the Chinese and Indian votes, which is critical in all racially-mixed constituencies.Even in Malay majority areas UMNO may have problems winning because of the runaway Chinese and Indian votes, gone in favour of Pakatan.DAP has become the strongest voice in Pakatan Rakyat.

The Chinese and Indians have now realised what's the end product of the power of unity. They can now play king maker and power broker, a role they never had before, not even in their wildest dream. Penang, Perak and Selangor are examples of the united stand taken by the Chinese and Indians to reject the BN and vote the oppositions en bloc. Without their votes PAS and PKR wouldn't have a chance to rule these states.Record shows that in all three states UMNO still have strong showing, they are brought down by the poor showing of MCA and MIC. If the Chinese and Indians votes have stayed with the BN the split in the Malay votes would become insignificant.

Unless the present leaders in both parties disappear from the scene there is very little likelihood that they can recover.Even with infusion of new blood there is no guarantee that the situation would change.

UMNO should now face the reality that they would have to do without MCA and MIC.Their best bet is UMNO in Peninsula Malaysia, so they can concentrate on the Malay votes only and BN in Sabah and Sarawak.

Bagan Pinang will be most crucial for UMNO, the loss of which would be the bearer of more bad news for the BN.

For UMNO,in Bagan Pinang, it's do or die.


swifz said...

It's interesting that you think that MCA and MIC is a liability to BN.

I believe that you only got it 1/2 right. In my opinion, UMNO is also a liability to BN. Only through UMNO's racist campaign (i.e. Malay supremacy) that it is able to attract certain segments of the Malay society.

Do you think UMNO will survive if it takes the moderate path without reforming itself (i.e. no more abuse of power and corruption)?

Y1 said...

"Instead of making amends to the harm they have caused in the last elections they are more concerned about status and self-glorification, a leadership tussle that should have been avoided at this critical stage of the party political existence. It shows the selfishness of the leaders, motivated only by personal gains, rather than looking after the interests of their community.Just as well they are rejected by their own people.In the world of dog eat dog the weak must die."

I don't think this applies to MCA & MIC only. Many parties in the BN are also in similar state of grabbing power for the sake enriching oneself.

Hantu Laut said...


The results of the 12th GE shows MCA,MIC and Gerakan took the biggest trashings. UMNO was slightly weaken and in states taken by Pakatan, they lost marginally.

Hantu Laut said...

Agree, but those other parties are not in crisis. MCA leaders are also embroiled in the PKFZ scandals, the biggest and mind boggling cost over run in the history of this nation.

I am writing about MCA and MIC, not UMNO.I have written about corruptions in UMNO in the past.

SM said...


I agree with "swifz". Yes, MCA, MIC, Gerakan & PPP took a serious was because of the Chinese & Indians (& the Malays too don't forget) abandoned them. Big Question: Why? Big Answer: Because everyone could see that these parties were just the "lap dogs" of UMNO. They took the scraps that UMNO dished out (& then thanked UMNO while growerling at UMNO's feet!). As I mentioned before...remember how Rustam "shot" the Indians at the PPP AGM? He very clearly said that UMNO did not need the Non-Malays to win the next GE (& by the way, remember, no UMNO Leader came out to contradict him!).
Najib recently "congratulated" Utusan for doing a good job, instead of telling the Utusan to tow the line & be more responsible in its reporting & less "Racist"! Tell me how many Non-Malays (after following what the Utusan has been saying over the last few months) is going to agree with Najib? Then he says that he does not want to interfere into the MCA & MIC (although he's going to talk to Samy!). He should tell the MCA & MIC to cut the crap & do something (after all he's the BN President).
Like I me Najib's right hand is doing one thing & then he turns around & his left hand does something else!
I'm sure UMNO will win this By-Election (hey, if I'm not mistaken, they have 5,000 Postal Votes alreday in the bag!) so just watch them come out saying (after the results are announced) that the "tide" has turned & the people now support them 100%! Good...they should continue to act arrogant & complacent (it will help the PR in the next GE)!

SM said...


By the way, are you sure UMNO Leaders are not involved in the PKFZ Scandal also (not just the MCA)?

Y1 said...

Knowing that there is entrenched corruption in existing parties of the BN who has ruled for over 50 years, you are right in saying that the only thing that can save it (BN) is to be radical. OK take away MCA and MIC, what do you have left? UMNO and East Malaysian parties.

Knowing that MCA & MIC has lost their grassroot support, this will mean the ruling parties will be without the support of 25% of the country's population. With the Malays split between PKR/PAS & UMNO, that will mean East Malaysian parties will become kings makers if not kings.

Hmmm, living in East Malaysia, that might not be a bad idea or even worse, PR might just sneak in after GE13. Horrors (for some)!

I think Najib is saying the right thing for now. UMNO/Utusan must speak for all communities. If it can, and can be seen to represent all, that might be the only way forward. If so, UMNO will have to change its name to United Malaysian National Organisation.
But will the Malay ultras and warlords allow that?

A very interesting and exciting period in our history is unfolding before our eyes. There are so many possibilities. Pray that peace will hold and that the future will become better for our beloved country.

swifz said...

You need to differentiate the cause and the effect.

MCA/MIC got trashing is the effect. Look deep into your heart and honestly tell yourself what is the cause.

By the way, have you stayed in a foreign country for more that 1 year (i.e. a Western country)? Then only you will know what is the feeling of getting discriminate just because of your looks and your religion.

Anonymous said...

Ah see, finally its being articulated clearly.

See, Barisan is not really a coalition of partners.

Thats bullshit.

By his very own writing, its clear, Barisan is really UMNO as the top dog , all the rest of the components are nothing but prostitutes.

Once they have served their purpose, get the F out of the coalition man if u cant deliver.

But arent I a coalition partner?

UMNO says F u !

So a word of advice to Indians, Chinese, Kadazans, Ibans, whatever.

Read carefully, the above is the true face of the party called UMNO.


SM said...


You bring up a very interesting question. Some of us don't have to live in a foreign country to understand what is discrimination. Just look at the Non-Bumiputras in Malaysia!

Hantu Laut said...

I didn't say there were none, I am sure there were some UMNO elements in the works but the Ministry responsible for the PKFZ is under MCA watch, they have to take the brunt of the blame and of course the PM of that time, Pak Lah.

Hantu Laut said...


Have I stayed in a foreign country?

I have been to both the good parts and bad parts of this world, places that were so poor you would cry your heart out to see the kind of abject poverty that Malaysian like you probably wouldn't have seen before.

Malaysia is paradise compared to some of the places I have been in the course of my doing business.

That's the difference between you and me,I can discern the good, the bad and the ugly, you can't.

There is no discrimination in Malaysia in the true sense, there is only affirmative action, which people like you took as discrimination.

In the West racial discrimination is unspoken but widely practised by the local population against immigrants.

Hantu Laut said...


They say 'Ignorance is bliss' I think ignorance is part of the brain malfunction.The lack of power of reasoning.

Of course, UMNO is the top dog, what do you expect, a coalition of donkeys, a ship without captain?

That's why you have generals,captains,CEOs,presidents,prime ministers and the list goes on.

That's why you have majority shareholder in companies who has the legal power to control the fate of the company.

As an employer you would like your employees to perform, what if they don't, what do you do with them? Unless you are stupid employer, you would sack them, not?

There is only first among equals and in BN, first is UMNO, because they are majority shareholder in the coalition.

Your are just a first class victim of Pakatan's propaganda.

Sorry, I don't buy this kind of reasoning.

SM said...


Yes, you are right that Malaysia is heaven compared to some other countries (I have first hand knowledge of Bangladesh & Sudan). However, there in lies what's wrong with your argument!
Simply put, we are being told by our Government that we want to achieve Developed Nation Status by 2020 (at the rate we are going it's going to be 3020!). If we we want to become a developed country, if we want to achieve 1 Nation status, if we want to be a true democracy (do we?), etc then we should compare ourselves with Developed Nations not Underdeveloped countries, as we are so often told by our Government!
As long as we compare ourselves with countries like Pakistan, Afginastan, Bangladesh, Sudan & other African Countries, then yes, we are great. But when we compare ourselves with for e.g. the Scandinivian Countries (I don't consider the US that great!) we are nowhere!
UMNO keeps telling us how lucky we are (yes we know that alreday!) BUT then they use the same excuses to continue with their Corruption & Racist Policies (hey, after all we are better off then a lot of countries yes?!).

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh HL,

Then say so clearly lah. What for the BeeEnd leaders talk abt coalition and partnership all.

Say so cearly, we UMNO is the bosand anything we say goes!

MCA, MIC and tever is just to reubber stamp our decisions!!!!

Hah, then at least we more clear cut.

Ask your Najis to say that CLEARLY.

The Chinese will know exactly where we stand.

Here you say one thing, on the other hand the UMNO goons talk another, consensus lah, this lah, that lah, tok kok meh.