Sunday, September 6, 2009

Investigate The Deaths Of Lawmakers

Hantu Laut

How many lawmakers have dropped dead for no apparent reason in less than a year? This is unprecedented in the political history of this nation, lawmakers dropping dead like flies.

Most of the mortality were in the Pakatan's camp and they have won all by-elections in these areas with the exception of Batang Ai in Sarawak, which was caused by the death of a BN assemblyman.BN won back the seat.

Did they died of natural causes or something more sinister were behind their deaths. Fellow blogger Pasquale of Barking Magpie has also raised the same issue here.

No post-mortem, none that I have heard of, been carried out to determine the actual cause of death of this young and seemingly unhealthy lawmakers.Malaysia would soon go down in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the greatest number of lawmakers dropping dead for no apparent reason in the shortest period.

I have actually lost count how many have died, my rough estimate would be around 6 0r 7 over less than a year.

I do not want to sound like an alarmist but the government should investigate these deaths and should from now on ensure that a proper autopsy is carried out in each and every death of lawmakers to determine the actual cause of deaths.

When BN was in almost absolute power very few lawmakers have died in office.I do not have the numbers but looking back the past two decades there would have been less deaths for that whole period than in the first year after the 12th General Elections where the oppositions have gained greater foothold in the politics of this nation.

Was it a mere coincidence that Pakatan Rakyat were not only bad administrators but also have a pool of very unhealthy lawmakers designed to drop dead to keep the oppositions always in the limelight.

The latest death is BN assemblyman for Bagan Pinang Azman Mohammad Noor apparently of blood poisoning.

It will be the biggest test for BN. If they lose this seat to the oppositions than their fates are sealed.

Najib must at all costs win this by-election or it would the beginning of the end of the BN.

DAP has become the most powerful element in the Pakatan coalition using both PAS and PKR to push their political agenda.Perak is a show case of how powerful is DAP influence over the other two coalition partners.The continuing saga in Perak is the instrumentation of DAP power brokering.


bro brotherhood, said...

Bro HL,.. D NWO is now moving silently thru deir agent,.. its not difficult to kill ppl silently to make it look like natural death, a tot to ponder coz we share d same tots,..wat more wth bro AnWar aroun on d loose,.. look at d sentiment thrown against d Malaysian by take is dat bro AnWar is behind it as he had a gud discussion wth d Indonesian Youth movement..jst another conspiracy theory?? well u gess,..heheh,..wat else can I say,..(,")

eddy said...

Interesting Bro, I think the deaths are God's will though, even seemingly healthy and young adults could die when their time is up.

Including the Bagan Pinang soon to be by-election, so far out of the 9 by-elections, 6 were held due to death of the YBs (3 from BN, 3 from PAS and another 3 due to the political maneuvers of PKR Advisor Anwar in Permatang Pauh, Bukit Selambau and Penanti. Of course it does not hurt next time before any political candidates are announced, they have to go through a physical checkup and stress test similar to what Private sector Senior Managers had to go through before they get their appointment.

Anyway, looking at the Bagan pinang Election statistics:

2008, BN 6430 votes/PAS 4097 votes
margin of win 2333 votes.

2004, BN 5967 votes/PAS 1556 votes margin of win 4411 votes.

So while 2004 showed that only Hard core PAS Malays voted for PAS, in 2008 it seemed that maybe 80% of non malays also voted for PAS. However, with all the troubles in the Pakatan led states like the unfulfilled Pakatan promises at Kg Buah Pala etc, I hope many more will come back to vote for BN under PM Najib and is slowly but surely reforming to cater to the needs of ALL Malaysians.

Bagan Pinang is UMNO country, so presuming that UMNO learned their lesson from the whacking they got in Permatang pasir, they will be vetting their candidates to ensure no more disbarred lawyers, bankrupts, ex-convicts or other undesirables.

The right UMNO/BN candidate will not give PAS who are bankrupt of political ideas and small fry in Pakatan, any room for character assasination which is their main weapon and watch out for the usual devious ceramahs about voting for PAS means a ticket to heaven.

With a good local candidate and a good campaign strategy to focus on what good BN have done and will do for the constituent, I think BN should win this by-election comfortably.

donplaypuks® said...

Yeah, having worked hard to get to be Assemblymen, they are dropping like flies so that by-elections ad nauseum can continue.!

But why are BN candidates also getting into the action? Is there a richer crony contract in the hereafter? Lol!

But they should first investigate these hundreds of deaths in the custody of the various authorities as is mandatory under the law b4 worryng about normal deaths no one else has complained about.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

SM said...


Even though I would very much like to say there's some sinister BN all honesty I feel it's God's will bro!
This next one is going to be really interesting!
All I can say is that the Bagan Pinag people are really in for a "treat"! Lots of money is going to be pumped there plus lots of bonuses! I wish I was a registered voter bank account would look so much better!

Anonymous said...

Its all in the 'actuarials'. Look at the mortality rate for Malay men.
If lets say 20% of all Malay Men above the age of 60 pass away on annual basis, then you can expect on average 6-7 by elections per year.

Its just common sense, something Barisan Nasional lacks , even though they certainly got the $$$$$

chapchai said...

There is a new virus called Politikitis-BN which was developed by the Opposition. This virus has been very cleverly designed to detect Barisan Nasional members. It was recently trialled in certain areas controlled by the Opposition. I think you should lodge a report with the Police and ask them to investigate. Heh, heh!

Bujang SENANG said...

Hi Hantulaut dan rakan-rakannya dari BN...kalau dah sampai ajal matilah..mana ada mati sebab lain..bodoh lah you orang...hahaha..wasalam dari Bujang Senang Sarawak..