Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Malay Man In Australia, Walkabout The Bush

Hantu Laut

Read this:

This morning I was angry. Angry enough to shut down my PC and leave my work on ‘steadyaku47’ until my mind was more settled. Sat down with my Lucy and talked. I talked and she listened. I told her that I did not want to give too much details about the lady that Isa was involved with because there are common bonds of decency that I want to observe. I told her that even if UMNO will use gutter politics to win at any costs – there must be limits to what I do. Lucy listened…and then asked me what did I write a few days back? About giving notice to UMNO that I now have my gloves off? That it is now a free for all?

and read what he wrote here,

and if the above, smells of the gutter and riles you up, the one below will make you laugh.

Now I know that I am being watched. That steadyaku47 has become a thorn in their side! I do not know whether I should feel proud that I have been able to do so or that I should worry about what they will do to me next. Who is the ‘they’ – I do not know and I do not care. Two words for them. First letter of the first word is F.

I will continue to write what I want. How I want and when I want. If I go off cyberspace – you guys know what has happened. If I do go off cyberspace I will be back. Damm Najib. Damm UMNO. Damm the whole lot of them!

Friends I have asked people I know here what I could do to ensure that I keep steadyaku47 free from any interference from anybody. There are ways. But it will cost money. Money that I do not have. Will you help. Please donate whatever you can to help me keep steadyaku47 going. Send what ever you can afford to this account in KL and it will be forwarded to me. The details are as follow:

Sounds familiar, if I am not wrong I have read it somewhere before, in another blog.

If any of you feel charitable and want to donate to a good cause read more here.

Ghee! why in hell would you need money to run a personal blog.Google doesn't charge, same with Wordpress and all others.What's the money for?

The biggest surprise is here and my compliment to Lim Kit Siang for his discerning taste in literature.

Quizzes from 'Down Under'.

Who is the Prime Minister of Australia?
Can't be Kevin Michael RUDD because not all Australians voted for him.

Who is the President of United States of America?
Can't be Barack Obama because not all Americans voted for him.

The other day I asked my 5-year old grand daughter who is the Prime Minister of Malaysia and she confidently said "I know, not you grandpa"

On a final note, this is the Malay intelligentsia that you should be reading.


eddy said...


1.I guess something original from the steadyaku47 asking for money for writing a poison pen letter, menyelam sambil minum air but sadly some people are addictive and blindly believe unfounded allegations such as these.

2.Lim Kit Siang has actually run out of ideas to actually come up with the moronic posting from the purportedly Malay Man in Australia. By that idiot's logic Lim Kit Siang should not even be DAP's Leader and Advisor as well because not all in DAP agree with him hanging on to the post for decades.

3. Agree with you that Dato' Sak had wrote a very smart and sensible article on the now very sensitive subject of racism in the Malaysian context. My son agrees with me when he read the article too. Great food for thoughts.

So do not get upset or angry too much bro, be happy as everything will always be alright at the end..

Anonymous said...


HH migrated to Australia for religious reasons. He is a Christian convert. He can not practise his new religion in Malaysia because he was born a Malay Muslim. He has given up his Malaysia Passport and has a Australia passport with his Christian name. Reason his sibilings did not share their father's wealth is because when he converted , his father disinherited him. Muslim family property unpoun once death can not go to a non-muslim.

What you say Hantu

Hantu Laut said...


I am sorry,I cannot comment on something I have no first hand knowledge of,things I don't know.

That question is best answered by the man himself.

Hantu Laut said...

I am not against exposing wrongdoings of politicians,but not the way this guy is doing.

I don't have to defend Isa, politicians are opened book and subject to scrutiny but it is morally wrong to spread something you have no first hand knowledge about.He has done grevious injustice to the woman and her family.If it's untrue she should take libel action against him.

He lives in Australia so how could he has plausible explanation or prove the truth of what he wrote.

SM said...


Sorry to "digress" from the Topic but I just read that Isa Samad said that Money Politics is not corruption! I guess this follows what his boss (Najib) said i.e. that money politics was a "Technical Matter". Maybe you would like to comment? Maybe that's why UMNO Leaders never really bothered to stamp out money politics...after all it's not corruption & ony a technical matter!

eddy said...

Agree with you bro, but can't help thinking that this purported scandal comes fro the dirty tricks department of PAS or PKR though. Simple modus operandi, accuse anonymously and then make the accused defend themselves, if the accusde ignore the accusation then its "proof" that a wrong has been done.TQ