Saturday, October 10, 2009

Orang PAS Kebal? Sandiwara Bagan Pinang

Hantu Laut

It looks like PAS religiously believe most Malaysians are fools.I wouldn't deny that now, greater than before, more Malaysians are easily swayed by whatever dished out by the oppositions and taken without a pinch of salt.

The Unspinners (who is on my blogroll) has something interesting here.

The pictures below tell a story.



Ada kah manusia ini kebal atau dipukul oleh tangan sendiri?

The video below also tell a story.

Before the Chinese and Indians were branded as kaffir, and UMNO as kaffir too for associating with the Chinese and Indians, now they are part of the ummah and well-versed with verses from the Koran.Now, non-Muslims can deliver the khutbah (sermons) to Muslims.

Give me the idiosyncracies of politics, incantations of the pious and the proponents of Islamic piety in PAS. Am I a political idiot if I am confused.


Nik Amir. said...

Nampak watak bukan macam pejuang Islam..kalau tengok rambut panjang tu macam penyanyi rock yang ganggu isteri orang..wallahualam.

SM said...


I must admit that this seems to be a very "suspicious" incident! However, since PAS said they made Police Reports, let's see what the Police come up with (you can be sure since it's the Opposition that's involved the Polis Di-Raja BN will investigate fully!).
So you see, not all of us who support the Opposition are idiots!
However, Najib & his cronies in UMNO have been saying that UMNO is serious about stamping out corruption & then he turns around & says that Money Politics is a Technical Matter? Then, Isa comes out & says that Money Politics is not corruption! Now tell me whose supporters are stupid...just following along with whatever their "idols" say?!

Hantu Laut said...


I may disappoint you with my answer.There is gesture politics,party politics,power politics,office politics,play politics but I couldn't find money politics.There is 'money in politics' which is legal in many Western countries as long as you declare the amount and names of donors.

Depending on how one looks at it, money politics may not be a form of corruptions.

Certainly you need money in your campaigns to promote yourself.You may have to travel the length and breadth of the nation, give talks and throw dinner parties to promote yourself.All these need money.

To me those are not corruptions.It became wrong if you handed money to individuals to induce them to vote for you.I am not sure what Isa did.

Anonymous said...

Hey SM how could you believe that PAS have made a Police Report ??? even that tantawi and salahudin cannot show it when asked and even they dont even know thats man name !!!

where is the medical report ??? how can you believe this story ? their cannot prove anything till now .. how desperate Pakatan Rasuah nowadyas !

ohhh about money politic , even nik Ajis call it as sedekah when PAS members take it in mukmamar PAS before , and some of the high members call it take it as hadiah !!!! LOL !

ohh DAP ?? MACC cannot investigate them or they will shout why chinese is being investigate and also they want MACC do it like 5 star hotel , and even after office hours .


SM said...


Yes I am disappointed with your answer.
However, I do understand the political realities of what you say. You can bet that the money that goes behind the scenes here in Malaysia is never "declared".
Then again, it shows pretty clearly that what UMNO & Najib have been saying about "eradicating" money politics has been one big lie right?!

eddy said...

Bro, orang kebal PAS aside, I like the BN Poster put up at PD showing Najib and his wife visiting a sick Nik Aziz when he was hospitalised a while ago.

Clever political maneuver by BN election machinery this time, sure knock the wind out of Nik Aziz when he came to visit Bagan Pinang a few days back. Finally UMNO/BN are slowly but surely getting their act together, I see better times for BN in the next by-elections if any.