Friday, November 6, 2009

Jeffrey's ultimatum to PKR

Published on: Friday, November 06, 2009

Kota Kinabalu: Former PKR Vice President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said he will rather be an elected Sabah Parti Keadilan Rakyat head than an appointed one, if at all.

He also set four conditions for the party if it wanted him to remain.

They are: 1] For the party headquarters to reform the party and ensure all appointments are elected;

2] It must respect the people's wishes;

3] Political autonomy for PKR operations in Sabah; and

4] For the party to set up a committee to look into the terms of the Inter-government Committee on the formation of Malaysia and its shortcomings.

He is understood to have put on hold plans to form a new political party following persuasion by party Advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Some 200 people had gathered in Tambunan, Thursday, where he was expected to make the announcement but this was shelved.

Meanwhile, PBS President Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan said his younger brother is welcome to rejoin Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS).

However, the application would be subject to discussion and consideration before the party accepts him back.

Jeffrey was once a PBS former Supreme Council member and Assemblyman. Pairin said the party has always maintained its position to open its doors to anyone.

"But as usual there would be procedures and discussions about the application before any decision can be made," he said on reports that his younger brother might rejoin the Barisan Nasional (BN) after quitting his post in PKR recently.

But from Jeffrey's statement, he said it is unlikely that he would be coming back to the BN fold because Jeffrey appears to be more keen to form a new party. Moreover, he said the turmoil in the Sabah PKR leadership is still going on and there could be new developments since Jeffrey has not quit the PKR.

The leadership crisis saw Jeffrey and Deputy State Liaison Chief Christina Liew resigning from their respective positions in PKR but still maintaining their ordinary membership with Christina also keeping her post as KK division chief.

Pairin said the opposition party is facing an internal crisis because Jeffrey was not considered for the post of Sabah PKR Liaison Chief after Azmin Ali was replaced. To this end, he said the people are already matured and understood well the political tactics of their leaders.

"The people would know which leaders are sincere and which ones are driven by personal agendas," said Pairin.

On the Auditor-General's Report regarding water treatment plants in several districts not being up to standard, Pairin who is also Infrastructure Development Minister, said he would look into the matter.

He said the Ministry would have these matter rectified as soon as possible.

According to the report, the quality of water in several districts such as in Tenom and Beaufort, were low because of the sub-standard water treatment facility. Permanent Secretary to the Infrastructure Development Ministry, Datuk Pg Hassanel Pg Mohd Tahir admitted there were some weaknesses in water treatment plants particularly in the rural areas.

"But although there are some truths to it (Report) we did not receive enough allocation (from the Federal Government to provide a better system). Hopefully we can rectify this under the Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP)," he said.

He, however, said the water was still safe for drinking and for other daily use although quality is below the required standard.

To SAPP's suggestion that Sabahans be given a special identity card, Pairin said careful study on related laws and the constitution must first be carried out.

"Whether it is sensible or not or allowed by the law, we must look at it first," he said and reminded the people that opposition political parties have been known to make all sorts of suggestion and promises.

"But what we want is balanced development, infrastructure, economic growth and stability that only the government can provide to us," he said.

Source:Daily Express


FMZam said...


Be honest to yourself la, it is not Jeffrey's word, it is your word - Jeffrey's ultimatum? What ultimatum when he is in no position to make demand. He is still wooing PKR you know. That Jeffrey is a never give up one with 'muka tak tau malu' to still longing for a lost love after being dumped by PKR.

Sapa suruh dia cerai PKR sekarang Jeffrey sudah Gila Talak bah!

Anonymous said...

Why waste time and space on JK, an unprincipled man who betrayed his own brother leading to the downfall of the PBS government. This was to save his own skin when he was ISAed

It is better to start afresh than to be let down at the crucial momebt ie JK Trademark

PR Watcher

FMZam said...

Hello Hantu Laut,

Ni aku bila marah aku speaking mat salih tak kiralah berterabur broken apa pun, tapi bila mood aku baik aku cakap Melayu k? Ni yang awak ni tak bayar bil letrik dah berapa lama ni sampai bergelap blog awak ni, apa punya papa kedana dah....Apa, UMNO tak bayar awak punya duit blog bulan lepas ke?

Hantu Laut said...

I appreciate you coming to my blog regularly .I suggest you be a bit more serious with your comment.

THe fond used is not mine, it's the Daily Express,so is the story, which if you take care to read properly, I mentioned as my source of the story.