Thursday, January 28, 2010

Azmin Ali Master Sleuth

Hantu Laut

Totally irresponsible of a politician taking advantage in an already volatile situation to stir the hornet's nest.

PKR's Azmin Ali in his usual, quick to jump the gun, claimed to have evidence that UMNO members were involved in the arson attack on the Metro Tabernacle church.Indeed, a very reckless allegation.He says he is collecting evidence to back up his claim.

If you don't have the evidence yet how would you know they were UMNO members.Even if they were UMNO members does that mean UMNO leaders have been complicit? They could be independent minds of over-zealous religious bigots that acted independently.

Azmin should know it is next to impossible to keep in check the activities of members of a political party.Implicating UMNO and diverting attention from the real problems that besets PKR is the best antidote for PKR's internal conflicts and dwindling supports.

The estranged Zulkifli Nordin from his party is testimony of an independent mind.He gave Anwar Ibrahim the shivers of the brass monkey. Anwar has, for no apparent reason, delayed writing his final judgement on the sacking of Nordin, instead, giving him another month to turn over a new leaf.

It shows that Anwar needs him more than he needs Anwar.

Zaid Ibrahim tasted the first dish of Anwar's political imbroglio.While Anwar lingered, the more assertive Zaid wanted Nordin to be sacked immediately.It could be the start of a possible political feud between the two men.Anwar's authoritarian style is well-known to have driven his close friends away.

I am not a member of UMNO or any other political party for that matter, but I feel such unsubstantiated statement is malicious, with intent to create disharmony, public disorder and distrust among the races.

This imprudent politician cum amateur policeman, a lousy one though, spewing his guts out before getting solid proof of his politically motivated allegation.

Since Azmin knew more than the police, he should be called upon to provide the necessary evidences to the police.Whether they are from UMNO or otherwise, the police should apply full brunt of the law.


eddy said...

Azmin Ali should be immediately arrested under the ISA before he cause further damage to the volatile situation on the "ALLAH" issue.

Agree Bro, it does not matter what political party the criminal perpetrators are members of, only a devisive political anarchist would try to connect these crimes to UMNO or any other political party based on party membership.

Y1 said...

I agree.

Stop politicizing the issue and stop fanning communal/political strive by using religion and race!

Anonymous said...

why are the police taking so long to get to the bottom of this?

does anyone know?