Sunday, February 21, 2010

DAP,The Hidden Hand ?

Hantu Laut

This case of odd alliances has no room for dissentiants.Disagreeing or criticising its leaders is perilous.Criticising DAP leaders would be more lethal.The de facto leader had become defective leader. It is Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang that call the shots now. Anwar obeyed.

Zahrain Hashim's “chauvinistic, dictator, and communist-minded” must have hit a raw nerve.

The DAP is now front runner of becoming head honcho of Pakatan Rakyat and a power to be reckoned with.It is the most stable among the three coalition partners and most likely to perform better than its two other partners in the next general elections.It is assured of the bulk of Chinese votes.

PKR may become victim of Anwar's folly and suffer a blowout in the next GE (General Elections).

The Perak debacle, dubbed the 'power grab' and its execrable negation is DAP power politics, using its other coalition partners as front line to fight a war of attrition against the BN government for loss of the DAP government in Perak.

Former Menteri Besar Nizar was an accidental menteri besar, compelled by requirement of the Perak state constitution which prohibits non-Malay to hold the post.Otherwise, Perak, similar to Penang, would have a Chinese menteri besar, which was what Lim Kit Siang had thought would be the case in the beginning, out of his ignorance of the requirement under the constitution. He insisted all DAP lawmakers to boycott the swearing in of Nizar as MB but relented after discovering his mistake.

Onslaughts on the BN government and the Sultan of Perak militated the people's acceptance of the legality of the takeover.DAP's iteration of unconstitutional power grab by the BN would go on and intensify as the 13th General Elections draws near.It must constantly keep fresh in the court of public opinion that the Perak power grab was engineered by Najib.It's unlawful and unconstitutional.

It was fine and not unlawful when Anwar Ibrahim tried to lure BN lawmakers into his net.Only Karpal Singh was against the idea, the rest including the holies in PAS waited for the promise that never came.Sept 16 stood as Anwar's day of damnedest lie.

DAP had become the most powerful force in the Pakatan coalition and have successfully used its partners to strengthen its position.

Recent events have shown the power and influence that DAP wields in Pakatan.Three PKR's lawmakers at loggerhead with Lim Guan Eng have been shown the sacrificial altar.

Lim's sworn opponent, PKR's Zahrain Hashim left the party before he could be sacked.Two more PKR's MPs,Tan Tee Beng and Zulkifli Nordin are in trouble for the same reason, criticising Lim Guan Eng's style of management.Both, voiced their support for Zahrain who had declared himself as independent.

Both, Tan and Zulkifli are expected to face the disciplinary board soon.Rumours abound that the 2 MPs may leave PKR and stay as independents.

Are the Lims truly the hidden hands and power behind the throne?

Is Anwar Ibrahim a lame duck?

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Wenger J. said...

Of course the DAP is ruled with an iron fist. I don't see why this is a bad thing - if PAS or PKR was ruled with a similar iron fist they wont be suffering all the nonsense they have.

The more important question, and the one that will send shudders down the UMNO peeps is can DAP suddenly emerge as the main party in Government?

Well why not? Nothing is impossible in politics. Who would have said they will live to see a Black President in the White House? But of course the above is quite remote.

The key trigger point will be whether the economy goes under. It is an almost certainty that the New Economic Model will have nothing of interest to the international market and w/o the international market Malaysia cannot grow. Period.

Furthermore, the Govt is on track to commit major political harakiri with its change to the fuel subsidy. Coupled with sluggish growth, a lack of competitiveness, rising cost of living, he he he, you never know. You never just know.

But Malaysia will of course be chaotic if DAP is in charge.

Anonymous said...

Baca untuk mengenali api dalam sekam.

dev said...

Praise to the father and son team and others DAP leaders who got no stain on a piece of white paper.

CONDEMN those who pilfered the Nation coffer.

zahrain = too greedy with a 2 ringgit company and dream of running a 100 million club.

tan tee beng = no contract , cannot cari makan.

zul = primitif mindset with warping ideas. afganistan is a suitable place for him.

who else?

Y1 said...

Interesting take on DAP HL.

Nizar despite being the accidental MB was good. I know of some Perak Chinese who says Nizar can be the next PM! Too far fetch perhaps. An indication of good calibre politicians from the PRM/Pas. All these jumping about came only from PKR and one DAP. PAS has shown strong characters. Casein point when Kelantan had a very slim majority of one or two in the 11th GE.

PKR's leadership as you rightly pointed out is diabolical. UMNO's rejects formed the bulk of those. I am against Anwar's assertion that BN politicians will jump to PRM for it to form the Federal Govt. Thank God that did not happen. Kudos to Karpal. Goes to show that DAP is not as tightly ruled as you suggested. However I am not sure where the Lims stood on that issue as they were obtuse on it. Perhaps they used Karpal as their voice?

Maybe PRM may be based on the coalition of PAS & DAP come the next GE. I have no confidence in the PKR. Unthinkable before the last GE but who knows what can happen in politics? DAP do have Indians and Malays in their top leadership structure, apart from the Lims. Tokenism you might say. But together with PAS, if they can overcome their differences, for the sake of Malaysia might just be what Malaysia need. A strong two parties/coalitions system. This will make the government, whoever it might be, of the day accountable for everything they do.

SM said...


The DAP & PAS are matured parties & have been around for decades. That's why they are stable. The PKR is a "baby" when compared to the likes of the DAP, PAS, UMNO, MIC, MCA & even Gerakan.
UMNO & UMNO supporters hope that the PKR will go away just because they intend to get rid of DSAI? Hahahaha...I very much doubt it. They would also have to get rid of Wan Azizah & Nurul Izzah too because these women will continue to remind Msians what UMNO did & is trying to do to DSAI.
At the end of the day...the one thing I'm sure of is that Allah is great! How long do you think He will "allow" a corrupted & Racist regime to rule Msia, while Msians pray to him?
Not long bro...not long!

eddy said...

DAP, main party in Government? hidden hand? Hmm, too much ado to a self superhyped party which relies almost solely on Chinese votes to survive. This great strength is good when it is in the Opposition role but become its weakness as in the long run if the DAP have any pretension to Federal Power must first be seen to be truly multiracial in outlook and perception as the DAP will have to be attractive to the Malay/Bumiputras who will make up at least 70% of the population in less than 10 years time.

However, looking at its National Leadership, Dapsy and Women Wing, the DAP has a lot of catching up to do from UMNO/BN about dealing with a multiculture and multireligious Malaysia and its political and social intricacies. Token Malay and Indian representation macam lepaskan batuk di tangga sahja, one can do that in places like Singapore but not in Malaysialah.

A party tightly controlled by the father and son pair of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng is OK just within the party itself but would soon unravel when they have to interact with PAS and PKR as can be seen now with Zahrain, Zul Nordin and Tan Tee Beng acidic comments on DAP leadership, two years after they have had first hand and intimate detail how the DAP actually works and latest being PAS President pouring cold water on Kit Siang's support of the interference of Malaysia's sovereignty by the 50 Aussie MPs.

Just how good the DAP is in accepting criticism, a pre-requisite in a good democracy and governance environment is to see how they deal with the criticisms levelled on them, in this case instead of studying the criticisms DAP leaders and supporters went went ballistics and label the critiques with all sorts of disparaging names. DAP talk about democracy and transparency as if they hold monopoly on these words in Malaysia but they are intolerant of views not in sync with theirs. That is very hypocritical.

I agree that Malaysia will be chaotic if DAP is in charge, not just chaotic but very unstable politically and Malaysia's economy will suffer as well. As Zul Nordin had said earlier PAS and PKR would do well to jettison the DAP, I think it stands a better chance to go against the BN election machinery and win more votes without the DAP beings its achilles heel.

Hantu Laut said...

The DAP works on he same principles as the PAP of Singapore.Although, I admire Lee Kuan Yew for what he has done for Singapore, he has low tolerance for oppositions and used the court to snuff them.

DAP may do better,in term of number of seats, in the next GE but they can't form the government on their own.The leader would be PAS if they pulled through and capture Putrajaya, which I doubted.Even if they do it would be razor thin,making it most unstable government.