Monday, February 22, 2010

Australian Shitty Protest... Cheapo Toilet Rolls

Hantu Laut

If this has been in less developed economy they would be quick to condemn the country concerned as protectionist, closed door mentality and not subscribing to free-market economy.In other word, afraid of competition.

When Malaysia did the dawn raid to bring Guthrie home, paying market price for the shares on the London Stock Exchange in September 1981, the angry British called it nationalisation of foreign assets.

Look! What the Aussies are crying rolls of toilet paper from Indonesia and China.

Howdy mate! It's fair dinkum, Aussie's toilet paper.

Australian Workers Union Angry Over Cheap Indonesian Toilet Paper

A large Australian workers union has written to the federal government threatening to launch a full-scale campaign over cheap toilet roll imports from Indonesia and China.

The union, known as the CFMEU, says that a large shipment of cheap toilet rolls poses a serious threat to jobs and the local manufacturing industry, Australian Associated Press reported on Monday.

The rolls are due to be sold at almost half the usual retail price, leading one major manufacturer in South Australia to predict 1500 jobs will be lost.

The union has requested an urgent meeting with the attorney-general, asking him to overturn the decision allowing the import.

“Exporters from China and Indonesia are hurting the tissue-making industry by selling product at a lower price,” CFMEU secretary Michael O’Connor said in a statement.(UNSPUN)


eddy said...

Worse news coming out of Australia Bro, concerning the road rage murder of a Malaysian Consulate driver there. Just hope the murder is not racially motivated coming so soon after the unsolved stabbing murder of Indian Nationals there. AlFatihah to the murdered victim of the road rage and heart felt condolences to his family.

The Australian Government better get cracking to solve these murders before it explode into a full blown racial issue.

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

Its highly hypocritical to sit on your high horse and criticise other country's racial issues and not be able to see the same or worse being perpetrated in your own. Please tell me what is worse, institutionalised racism as practised here or the occasional racial outburst from some ignorant citizen.