Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Malicious Intent

Hantu Laut

It's a small price to pay to boost the Prime Minister's and nation's image overseas.The RM20 million is a pittance for those who knows about business and branding but for those who doesn't you could end up like this writer here.Ignorant,presumptive and bias.

Big companies and rich nations do it all the times.Malaysia should not be an exception.

Obviously, either the amount is to big for Mr Bozo to comprehend or a mind too clouded by hatred, suspicion and bias to be objective.

Those political buffoons ,bozos and clowns would not have risen to that level if they were indeed what the writer says they were.

The company that allegedly offered similar services to dictators and corrupt leaders worldwide is here.It's certainly not the inglorious company that provides conduit for corrupt world leaders to redeem themselves as imagined by the writer.

Its senior team came from respectable background that includes ambassadors, business leaders, journalists and government leaders.Its list of renown clientele span the globe from governments to huge conglomerates.Bill Gates would certainly not use it if it has shady dealings.

In classical music it would be called "divertimento", a piece of music that is meant to be entertaining rather than serious.... a chamber orchestra rather than a philharmonic.

Reeks of political patronage of the worst kind.An overkill.

A reader of Malaysian Insider who writes as well.I must admit it is a good read.

Amusing and bemusing.


dev said...

oh my God,
i tot we want to ban American stuff.
why do we need to lobby?

Good, its not to late to reverse the damaged reputation.

Good luck to NAG teams and dun drink too much with the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Amusing indeed.
One question we'll need to ask ourselves is why the Government goes through all these troubles and commits a significant amount of money (HL is rich so MYR20 mil is just spare change to him) just to present a sodomy case to the US government while at the same time it appears to be indiferent to the accusations of the Aussie government?
Are we to believe that the Aussies are murderous criminals w/o conscience and that the world has been manipulated to assume Anwar is innocent as had been suggested by HL?
Personally I believe that these people are nosy but they are certainly not stupid. The Malaysian government seems to think so too.

eddy said...

Look at it this way lah. Which country is the only super power left on this planet who have their Naval Fleet ready for war/defence operations on all the major oceans at 24hrs notice...The answer is surprise, surprise the United States of America. Australia? is that the nosy country stuck between Western and the Eastern values who wants to stick their dirty little fingers up Malaysia's nose.

Sorry Pakatan lads the Malaysian Government is more clever and pragmatic and if any Government in this world that we want to have a good relationship with, it is definitely the good old United States of America. That RM20million like Bro HL said is pitttance when compared to the overall benefit and goodwill that Malaysia will get in return.

Anyway does anybody seriously think that the international campaign mounted by anti Najib/anti BN agents to campaign for Anwar as Malaysia's saviour and victim of conspiracy, disparaging the country, the BN Government, the judiciary and other Government Institutions are for free out of goodwill of the westerners involved? Got a few words for that and its "a load of rubbish".

Purple Haze said...

The MACC must have got a file on Ernie Bowers as he seems to have recanted from an "on the record" dialogue to an "off the record" one with no prior notice. And on top of that, only Nazri showed up.

APCO must have got a big bonus from the Malaysian tax payers since this is shortchanging the paying guests who expected more from this dialogue. Not good for APCO's reputation but I can only assume that they were amply compensated for not delivering the promised product.