Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Raising The Keris

Hantu Laut

This is just the beginning. UMNO beware, given time Perkasa will grow to be a political force to be reckoned with.

As far back as a year ago I predicted the Malays would contemplate the 'Hidup Melayu" once again.

As much as many of us wanted it the other way it would be a long time before this nation reach political maturity and multi racialism politics takes a footing here. The Malays will not give up political powers without a fight.

Do not kid yourself that there is something seriously wrong with our political system.It is the same every where.The majority leads and held on to political power as long as the electorate allow them to do so.

What Perkasa is doing and with the full backing of former PM Mahathir Mohammad, supports for the cause would swell as time goes by.

"Let sleeping dogs lie" means don't disturb a situation as it would result in trouble or complications and it has.

Zaid Ibrahim,Tengku Razaleigh and the likes wanted to be seen as liberals but they are in the minority.


donplaypuks® said...

So, where exactly are your sentiments?

With the Klu Klux Klan or the "minority liberals?"

Firaun speechified today for a review on that allegations that the Malays have stolen the country’s wealth and denied the rights of non-Malays. Huh? That must be a new angle for even Adolf I.Ali!! Allegations perhaps by the Malays themselves against the Umnoputeras?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

vinnan said...

Another ultra racist raising his keris in front of a mamak again. What a great Tanah Melayu we live in. That's Tanah Melayu for those non-Melayus who may be called upon to defend this country one day.

Remember Mahathir and this Ibrahim racist bas;[' when you nons hear the call to defend this country.

Remember Iraq where 1/3 of the population turned the country into a living hell for the MAJORITY two-thirds who thought they could rule without the cooperation of others not like them.

You have been warned.

pakteh adam said...

Tuan HL

Menonton ucapan Tun selama 5 saat di TV3 tadi seolah olah terubat rindu kepada seorang PM yang betul betul berkaliber.

PM dan Raja Raja kita masih amat perlukan "mereka" untuk memeriahkan Ulang Tahun Sambutan Hari Jadi atau Keputraan!!

Hantu Laut said...


At least the Malays are better mannered than you.

eddy said...

Despite the raising of the keris, this is a democracy Bro, if the minority can have clan associations, Suqiu, Dong Zong, DAP, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, Hindraf and Makkal Sakhti I do not see a problem with the majority Malay/Bumis having an NGO like Perkasa.

After all in the 53 years of Merdeka the majority have always looked after the minority interest and so much so that they have overall prospered and have their own vernacular education and even have a commercial system within this country that monopolised most if not all trade in the country except maybe the Government linked companies like the Petronas group of companies and other Government linked companies.

Dr Mahathirs's call for the Government to give out the relevant statistics on student enrolment, property ownership etc will be good for the country as it will show how much the majority have been left behind and how much they have to do to catch up with or without Government help. The truth is a always a bitter pill for the majority to swallow, but its better then to have so called minority/majority liberals coming up with all sorts of accusations against the majority. I think in truth, the minority have succeeded beyond the wildest imagination of their forefathers who came to the then Tanah Melayu to start a new life.

The Malays/Bumis are not taking anything away from the minority away but through Perkasa only seeks to ensure that what ever little rights they have in the Perlembagaan are defended by the powers that be.