Sunday, March 14, 2010

SESB's Craps:'USED' Is Better Than 'OLD'

Hantu Laut

Not 'old' but 'used'? SESB trying to justify its purchase of second-hand generators for Sabah.

This chap from Tenaga thinks Sabahan are fools when the actual fool is himself.

In the case of Sabah it means from the frying pan into the fire.

Those second-hand generators purchased by SESB that the idiotic SESB Managing Director prefers the use of the term 'used' instead of 'old' is a complete hogwash, trying to bullshit Sabahans that 'used' is better than 'old'.

When people sell their old equipments it can only mean those equipments have exhausted their economic life.It means high maintenance cost, regular breakdown and expensive downtime.Otherwise, why would they sell? Bloody joker!Even a child knows that.

The 'old" equipment become 'used' equipment in the hands of the new owner, usually someone who has less money and can't afford to buy new equipment.So, does it matter whether you use 'old' or 'used'?

Tenaga has lots of money but it seems Sabah doesn't deserve to get better generators and better power supply.Priority, it seems is always given to the West.Sabah is a dumping ground for old things.

Below is SESB's Managing Director Baharin Din's feeble ground after being attacked by the MP for Marotai Ghafur Salleh asking him to resign or be fired for the perennial power shortages in Sabah.

I fully support Ghafur's stand on his removal.If you can't get the job done you should have the sense of shame to resign or be sacked. You have failed as CEO of the company, meaning you can't even convince your own board to do the right thing.

In most countries power companies make tons of money.In Sabah the power company has become a four-letter word.... completely fucked-up.

His incompetent statement below.

Kota Kinabalu: The mobile electricity generator sets supplied to Sabah's east coast, whether they are second-hand or new, have helped boost electricity supply there and significantly reduced the frequency of disruptions.

Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) Managing Director, Baharin Din, said the 32 generator sets (40 megawatts) - 17 in Tawau and 15 in Sandakan - had operated well so far.

"They have reduced power disruptions in Sandakan by 81.6 per cent and in Tawau by 87.34 per cent last month.

"So it's not a matter of whether they are new or old. As long as they are functioning and provide what they are contracted for, it should not be an issue.

"Also, the sets referred to were not old but used," he told a media briefing after a ceremony to sign a memorandum of understanding with Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu to promote energy efficiency, Thursday.

Baharin was commenting on recent reports the Kalabakan Member of Parliament, Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh, had claimed that Sabahans were being treated poorly when some of the mobile generators used to boost power output in Tawau, were found to be second-hand.

DAP had also claimed that the generators in Sandakan were second-hand ones. However, Baharin said if SESB were to follow normal procedures of obtaining new sets, it would take years.

"Following the scenario and the need to deliver the supply due to critical electricity situation in the east coast last year, the best option was to sign an agreement with Sime Darby Industrial Sdn Bhd (SDI), which is one of the country's biggest mobile genset suppliers," he said.

He said SESB's board of directors, to protect its interest, has also signed guaranteed buy-back and customer service agreements with SDI.

Baharin said under the deal, SDI would buy back the sets when the electricity supply situation has been resolved and the reserve margin improved, taking into account independent power producer (IPP), Ranhill Powertron 2's stations which were expected to be operational in stages this year.

"The first IPP unit of 65 MW will be launched this Saturday, while the second 65 MW unit in June and the third 60 MW sometime in October," he said.

Ghafur blasted SESB here.

Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Peter Chin Kui Fah said he would resign his ministerial post if the shortage of power in Sabah is not resolved by the end of the year.Likewise, he said the SESB's MD Baharin Din should also resign if the company failed to reach the target by then.

Nice to hear such bravado.Sabahans should jot this down in their diaries and make sure these two gentlemen resign should they failed in their promises.If they don't, than we should ask the prime minister and the whole cabinet to step down.

SESB blamed the lack of power due illegal connections and power theft.This is just poor excuse to cover their own incompetency.How much power can those miserable immigrants steal? Most squatters colony used low wattage appliances and light bulbs.

SESB should have dedicated inspection schedule of squatter colonies to regularly check on illegal re-connection.

They closed their eyes and ears to much bigger thievery, legal domestic users and factories who fixed their meters reputedly with the help of SESB staff.Factories are heavy consumers of energy and I wouldn't be surprised if some fix their meters to cheat SESB.

SESB should go state-wide to check on all meters suspected of stealing power and impose hefty fines on those caught doing it.

Sabahans have enough of those empty promises.If Tenaga can't handle the power woes in Sabah than they should ask the government to give it to other people who are competent and have the experience to run power company efficiently..


ONMU said...

Good Lord! Are you insinuating that Baharin Din should resign, or worse, be sacked? Why? Because he's incompetent? Because there are too many power outages in Sabah? Since when is incompetency a reason for resignation or sacking in the BN's Bolehland world? You disappoint me, Hantu Laut! You are now behaving like your own Pakatan Rakyat enemies! UMNO likes Baharin Din and the SESB: the KK UMNOputras even had their 2008 open house at the SESB hall at Karamunsing. I do not know how an open house can be held somewhere other than your own private or institutional house, but I guess the UMNOputras found the SESB's inefficiency to be reflective of their own inefficiency, and hence chose the venue. Look, so long as Baharin Din is supported by UMNO, who cares about his incompetence?

eddy said...

Heads should roll in SESB, its time the head of the company be responsible and accountable to the performance of this utility company.

Anonymous said...

hantulaut cakap macam hero..tapi sebenarnya penipu besar dan bodoh...putarbelit facts dan tak faham situasi kg sendiri.kesian org Sabah kalau dgr tin kosong ini.. nasib baik TNB mau tolong SESB, kerajaan Sabah pun tidak mau tlg... hmpir bankrap oleh Sabahan sendiri...bukan ada untung TNB ambil alih SESB...lagi kena bagi wang tiap2 tahun..sedarlah ...carilah kalau ada syarikat Sabah yg sanggup ambil alih SESb dgn tarif elektrik skrg...ada?