Monday, March 15, 2010

The Singer Not The Song

Hantu Laut

Much ado over nothing.

When I read Pasquale's comment of Malaysiakini tasking of Rosmah's and her son's rendition of Chinese songs as enticing the Chinese votes, I almost tip over in laughter.

Does Rosmah think the Chinese are the most stupid people and can be bought over for a song? Well, the people at Malaysiakini think so.

It shows that Malaysiakini is running out of spins.It dwells on triviality.

It's no big deal.So what if Rosmah sang Chinese songs? Most people who love music would have liked some songs in languages they don't understand.Music is universal and transcends all boundaries.You don't need to understand the language to enjoy music.

It 's no more the days of Romeo and Juliet where the paramour entice his lover with music and songs.If Rosmah managed to bring the Chinese back to the fold,which is unlikely, it's her not the song.

Just for entertainment, I present the Rolling Stones' " The Singer Not The Song"

,and a movie by the same name "The Singer Not The Song" starring Dirk Bogarde and John Mills.It's a mixture of gay and heterosexual love.The movie is not exactly box office catergory. It's the actor not the movie.

It's Rosmah not the song.


Kaning-Kaning said...

Waaaaaahhhhh! Pompan gemok ni pandai nyanyi plak! Wakakakakakaka! Bile nak wat cd?

This fat lady makes me nostalgic. She reminds me of another well-endowed lady: Imelda Marcos, who incidentally cut a cd of her husband's favourite love songs. I would suggest making a music video too. So did Imelda, by the way. But hers was too twentieth-centuryish. Rosmah should make a raunchy music video, like Lady Gaga's latest. Wakakakakakaka! Of course of course of course.... Pakatan supporters would then shout that Rosmah is only trying to attract young voters with her Lady Gaga imitation. Then, equally predictably, the stupid magpie who thinks he's a dog, the Hantu Laut, and other mentally-challenged BN supporters would leap to Rosmah's defence, saying what's wrong with being raunchy? She's just being herself. Wakakakakakaka!

I won't be surprised if Rosmah would next cut a cd so that she would bring votes for the BN. Then, I would imagine that the likes of the Hantu Laut would say, what's wrong with that? She's a damned good singer. What's wrong with good singers cutting cds? There's nothing political to it. Did Susan Boyle cut her mega-selling cd to get votes for the Scottish National Party? Wakakakakakaka!

eddy said...

Betul lah Bro HL, Rosmah menyanyi karaoke pun boleh jadi bahan politik or its either that or the Malaysiakini reporters must have a very low opinion of the Chinese to even think of writing that wasteful article. Malaysiakini reporters are shamelessly trapped and are lost in their own cocoon after too much overdose of writing anti BN Government spins.

Kaning-kaning is another person trapped in his small anti BN cocoon..."other mentally challenged BN supporters"? aiyaaa, its so unoriginal lah. Then asking a question and answering it himself in the last paragraph takes the cake. Kaning-kaning you are so pathetic.