Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trigger Happy Cop,Uncouth And Uncultivated Politicians

Hantu Laut

We should never laugh at other people's misfortune and it is morally wrong to politicise other people's grief.

The accidental shooting of 15 year old Aminrulrashid by a trigger-happy cop is regrettable and a full-scale commission of enquiry should be held to satisfy the family of the deceased.

The police is a branch of government.The government should take full responsibility for the unfortunate incident.

The cop who shot the young boy could have taken other evasive action if he had been properly trained to handle such situation.Most law enforcement personnel are trained to use firearm only if confronted with a do or die situation which means the other party is also armed with a deadly weapon.Under no other circumstances firearm should be discharged at unarmed civilian, criminal or otherwise.

I strongly believe our police force needs a general overhaul. The deteriorating code of conduct, incompetence and lack of discipline among some personnel in the force is endangering members of the public.

conversation: 'there's been a police shooting, woman and baby  reply let me guess, they found a machete in the car afterwards?
From the Nutgraph.

Although, the cop might have felt a clear and present danger and reacted in such a manner, it should not absolve the police force of its responsibility.

Lastly, if there were worst politicians in this country I would give the medal of honour to Pakatan leaders for their lack of social etiquette, unashamedly politicising the incident to their own advantage without giving due consideration to the feelings of the family members of the deceased.It's about time these uncouth and uncultivated politicians learn to differentiate what politics and what are acceptable social behaviour. How we should react in time of grief and bereavement, particularly other people's grief.

Those who visit the family or attend the funeral should keep their conversation as brief as possible, the least said the better it is.There is no need to go into details or incite the bereaved family to make unnecessary statement.

All this can be done in good time after the period of bereavement.

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eddy said...

Alfatihah to the soul of Allahyarham Aminul Rasyid and takziah to the family for losing their beloved son at so young an age.

I think politicians from both sides of the divide especially so those from the Pakatan should stop writing and making statements that will only complicate the police investigation to the matter more akin to "menangguk di air keruh". Politicians should stop thinking about scoring points and politicising any issues that can garner political support for their cause.

After the Police papers are submitted to the AG, its either the Policemen involved be charged immediately under the penal code or the best is maybe for an Inquest be called first to ascertain how Aminul Rasyid life was ended on the driver's seat of the car, to ensure NO accusations of cover-ups by any party and closure to the deceased family.