Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who Will Win Hulu Selangor?

Hantu Laut

Majority Malays and some Indians on one side - possibly BN.

Majority Chinese and some Indians on the other side - possibly PR.

They say 'a miss is as good as a mile' and 'a win is a win'.Either way, it doesn't matter what's the margin of defeat or victory, most important is to win.

Ask former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad who won by the skin of his teeth against Razaleigh for the UMNO presidency and to everyone's surprise became the longest serving prime minister of this nation.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher and poet said “Our strength grows out of our weaknesses” It is only learning what our weaknesses are than we can find the right solution to overcome them.Najib, has probably found the solution.

BN should have the edge.


eddy said...

Pity the Chinese votes are not going to the BN, my take is at best it would only be 30% in this by-election. The MCA and Gerakan are not very enthusiastic partners in the BN coalition any best their performance lacks luster no ooommpphhh no spirit. Dr Chua looks dispirited in most photos taken of him in Hulu Selangor, the new MCA President should project confidence working with their other BN partners.

Whatever happens after the HS by-election it looks like if Dr Chua and Dr Koh do not get their respective parties up to speed in respect to Chinese support of the BN, PM Najib will have to do what he has done to the MIC and actually reaching out to the Chinese directly via the NGOs and Clan Federation etc. MCA and Gerakan just have to stop trying to pin blame on UMNO for their electoral misfortune or would find themselves having to fight head on with the DAP in mixed electoral constituency only, in the next GE. In the last general election, the MCA and Gerakan and MIC were saved from annihilation because many who actually won, won in Malay majority areas courtesy of UMNO/BN spirit of cooperation and give and take.

Ultimately we must acknowledge that BN is not without its flaws but if we take out the cases of abuse,corruption,wastage etc...a BN Government actually stands for an inclusive Government participated by all races and ethnic background very necessary in a Multiracial Malaysia and a track record of successful solid short term and long term Development for all Malaysian.

Compare to Pakatan which pounds their chest about being multiracial but when push comes to shove puts a Malay candidate in a Malay majority(Hulu selangor) constituency, typical chakap tak serupa bikin of their leader, Anwar bin Ibrahim. Besides Anwar and Kit Siang's rhetoric, Pakatan is but a coconut shell seemingly hard to crack but all soft and watery in the inside..a lot of internal conflicts brought about by the different party agendas and most of all Anwar's maddening obssession to become the PM of Malaysia.

Having said that I think the HS parliamentary by-election has been a good campaign for BN overall. It was planned and it was quite well coordinated, I still predict a majority win by BN of about 3000 could be more if the Chinese support shift to 50%.

Y1 said...

I actually do not mind that UMNO go direct to the Chinese & Indians. Who knows UMNO may change its name from United Malay to United Malaysians?

Anonymous said...

Hantu Laut,
How did TDM actually win against TR? Were you there? Can you tell what happened before the last box was opened? End justifies the means and the future generations will pay the price.