Sunday, May 9, 2010

Charity Begins At Home

Hantu Laut

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nor Mohamad Yakcop says here Malays are lagging all over.Who's to blame, the Malays or Malay leaders?

Why are the Malays still lagging behind? Pure and simple, Malay leaders and rich Malays are not doing enough for their kin.

A good example is work of philanthropy which is almost absent in the rich Malay world.There are many rich Malays, most beneficiaries of the NEP, but how many of them you can count on your two hands are giving back to society, if not in general, at least to the less fortunate Malay community? There are some but the number is very negligible.

Why did I use philantropy as example?

Philantropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others particularly by giving one's best effort or money to the less fortunate without expecting any return.

Most of those that have amassed huge fortunes through hard work are more likely to give back to society rather than those who have acquired it through other means.

Did the government have a good policy to help the Malays? The NEP if confined to its noble objective is not a bad thing.It has become a bogeyman to the non-Malays not for its purposes but for its abuses.

Indeed, the government have a good policy, but as long as those in power uses it as a gravy train to enrich themselves and to keep them in power, not in a hundred years, would the Malays see a reversal of fortune favouring them.

Nor Yakcop can shout the next hundred years, nothing will change, unless Malay leaders stop providing lip service and start caring for each other.

A few rich Malays does not make all Malay rich.


vinnan said...

Go to the Sks and SMKs to witness the almost non-existence of contributions from the UMNOputras. Contrast this with the massive contributions from the Chinese community to Chinese primary and Independent Secondary schools. Do you now understand why the Chinese basically did not give a shit about the RM 3 million for the Chinese school in Hulu Selangor? The Chinese learnt to be independent of the government a long time ago. The only difference today is that they have had enough of a government that not only refuses to help them but also blames them for all the failure of UMNO's economic policy. What is UMNO going to do to stop the Chinese from voting opposition? UMNO, treat the Chinese fairly? All the May 13 blood thirsty threats coming from UMNO and Perkosa say otherwise.

vinnan said...

Moreover. a few rich Chinese does not make all the Chinese rich.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Hantu Laut!

Konon kita nak muhasabah diri laaa dengan mengatakan melayu gitu melayu gini dan broadcast dalam cyberworld ni for all and sundry to read.

Sekaaaali, tengok tengok bukannya melayu yang bertobat respon, established melayu-hater macam vinnan pulak yang pitch in nampak lubang boleh masuk dan mengondemn melayu lagi, dengan statistic palsu "non-existence of contribution from bumiputras" nya.

Heheh Hantu laut. Lain kali kalau pandai lament bangsa sendiri kene pandai defend jugak. Keling tak sedar diri macam Vinnan tu, dahlah tok neknya masa datang tanah melayu menoreh dulu pun diberi kerakyatan, atas kesilapan tok nek kita jugak. Sekarang ni dah naik kepala nak tunggggguuuuuu jer lubang macam yang awak bagi ni, untuk bantai semula penduduk asal tanah melayu ni.

But anyway, you are doing a good move. Kita kene sedarkan ramai melayu yang tak sedar diri. Dan makin ramai pencacai macam paria Vinnan tu kondem melayu, makin banyaklah sebab-musabab kenapa perjuangan Perkasa harus di teruskan.

Antuvinnan Perkasa

Hantu Laut said...


Bukan salah Melayu, salah ketua-ketua kita yang beri kepentingan diri sendiri.

Perkasa tidak boleh dipersalahkan.Itu kewajibpan mereka membelah bangsa and ugama sama seperti bangsa-bangsa Cina dengan clan association mereka.Pembangkang mempertikaikan Perkasa untuk agenda politik mereka.

Ignore vinnan, he is a very angry man.

eddy said...

Bro, most if not all the Malay rich, being Muslim do give back in the form of zakat harta which is wajib on all Muslims who earns a certain amount of money each year. This Zakat harta goes to the Baitul Mal of each of the states where it is used to help the poor and the needy.

I do not want to comment further on rich people of ALL races who under declares their earnings to the know lah the one account for their partner, one account for themselves and one account for the income tax people thingy. Perhaps many do not pay taxes to the country(LHDN)as they should, but instead give the money away in the form of charitable contribution direct to say..vernacular schools,religious schools, mosques, rumah anak yatim, old folks home etc.

Muslims are taught from young not to publicise their philanthropy know the saying kalau tangan kanan memberi, tangan yang kiri tak tahu, but of course Vinnan would not understand these noble of concept.

I surely hope the Chinese Malaysians are not as ungrateful as Vinnan would like to potray, as I have many Chinese and Indian Malaysian friends who are definitely happy and grateful to set up home in Malaysia which ranks among the most race tolerant country in the world...heck , where can you find a blessed country in this world where the minority controls the retail economy and have their own vernacular school to segregate their young from the majority Malay/Bumis at an early age.

However still it would be interesting to see in the next GE what would happen to the future of the MCA and Gerakan if the Chinese all vote for opposition as Vinnan envisaged.

Hantu Laut said...

That's is true, all Muslims pay Zakat which goes to good cause.

I am talking about rich Malays who should also return back to society some of their wealth especially to the less fortunate.

eddy said...

Ya bro, I understand.