Friday, May 7, 2010

Sibu Folks Remember Hadi Awang's Insult

Hantu Laut

What Hadi Awang said of the Dayaks during the Batang Ai by-elections last year is going to haunt Pakatan in Sibu. His statement below insulted the Dayak community.


Translated into English
. "All by-elections before this the results were in our favour, only in Batang Ai we lost because they do not understand how to vote, still in their loincloths.I don't mean to insult but only civilised places voted for PAS"

I think he meant Pakatan Rakyat.PAS can't stand in Batang Ai because it's not Muslim areas.

Does Lim Kit Siang expects the Dayaks to vote for DAP's candidate after the being insulted by Hadi, saying the Dayaks are pea-brained and still running around in loincloths meaning they are still primitive.

Only arrogant and racially and religiously bias politician would dare make such reckless and racially offensive statement.

Kit Siang campaigning on a plane on the way to Sibu.

Sibu, will it be payback time?

BN on the right track.


eddy said...

PAS for All? Hj Hadi cannot and would not be allowed by the DAP to come even 200 miles of Sibu town center this by-election..he,he

eddy said...

PAS for All? Hj Hadi cannot and would not be allowed by the DAP to come even 200 miles of Sibu town center this by-election..he,he

whackthembugger said...

Is it true DAP is brainwashing the Christian community in Sibu covertly by playing up the “Allah” issue in closed door sessions with certain church leaders? Why covertly, why the non-transparency, why religiously inconsistencies, do we know the rot and deceit they spread against the interest of peace and tranquility of the Nation – shouldn’t Malaysians be shocked with such dangerous and reckless strategies played by the DAP? I thought the majority of the Christians to-day separate religion from politics.

I wonder if all DAP members are born again and staunch Christians to champion such cause but then again the DAP has been consistently been deceitful of its political mission; all that matters to such skunks is to raise emotional fervor to gain political mileage by whatever fabrications.

The DAP’s stance gives credence of their political interference in any inter-religious forum being organized, thus such forums should be abandon once and for all because they have been politically tainted. PAS ground roots, who were against the previous IFC and holistic in their way of life, will continue to rationalize that their leaders are consistently being inconsistent and misleading them in co-operating with the DAP.

The DAP especially its leader, LKS and his "Syaidina ------" (as a Muslim, I am too shameful to mention) should be punished with the SIA in jeopardizing the stability of the country with their rot.It is not about greater freedom, liberty or equality - they are just misusing the democratic process.

Anonymous said...

The fact that its already history n I'm sure you must be nuts to belief every statement made by the main stream media. I'm very sure that the statement will be brought out again by the media

Purple Haze said...


If the DAP are doing what you have inferred that they are doing, I am sure the mainstream media would have reported it. The question is whether it is a fact or mere speculation ?

Whatever religion one professes, let us not spew untruths.

I agree with HL that Sibu's Dayak folk should not forget Hadi's "insult". Sibu's Chinese folk should also not forget Tun Dr M's lament on ungrateful Chinese.

We should just get rid of all this silly political rhetoric and focus on the real issues. Sigh !!!