Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ha! Ha! RPK Not A Fugitive ?

Hantu Laut

Read this and than read this.

When is he going to be honest with the people and call a spade a spade instead of beating around the bush and spent months not knowing what to do and not knowing what to say. The Home Minister needs some serious reinventing.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has even spoken out against criticising the police force. “If these attacks continue, how can we teach the younger generation about nationhood?

What have criticising the police got to do with nation building? If something goes wrong just stay still and do nothing to fix it? Is that what he wants us to teach our children ? Great! That's why he couldn't figure out how to handle the British government.

As in the idiom " one man's meat is another man's poison" one must not assume all things are alike.Different strokes for different folks.There is no detention without trail in Britain.It has abolished seditious libel and criminal defamation in January this year.The AG Chambers ,the Police and Home Ministry should know this and should stop misleading the people that they can get RPK back.

Malaysia is not alone, many American states and European countries still have criminal libel laws.

The Prime Minister is in a Catch 22 situation.If Raja Petra is truly bankrupt than a civil suit against him is difficult to pursue.I am not sure whether an aggrieved party can apply for direction from the court or Director General of Insolvency to sue a bankrupt.Maybe, some legal eagles out there can clear the air.

In the case of Najib and Rosmah a defamation suit should not be for punitive damages but essentially to clear their names.They were the ones implicated and defamed, not national security under threat, therefore, the use of ISA and the Sedition Act against RPK is not looked upon fondly by the British government.The Malaysian government needs some serious soul-searching.

Read RPK resonating blast here.

This thorn in the flesh will be around for a while. You may just have to tolerate him.

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eddy said...

1. As for the Home Minister, seriously I think the only reason why he he is still a cabinet minister is because of his father's illustrious name Tun Hussein Onn and his Grandfather's famous name Datuk Onn Jaafar. He did nothing as Umno youth Leader, nothing when he was Sports Minister, nothing as Education Minister and basically nothing in the Home Minister only gives warning after warning. Why UMNO members make him and Zahid Hamidi VP is a great mystery to me. I do not think that this two should be the 2nd pelapis leaders for UMNO, they will be eaten for breakfast by the pelapis leaders from Pakatan after the anwar's and the Lim's and the Nik aziz's have gone.

2. Back to RPK..just tolerate him like a sore in the butt, it comes and goes. But the moment he comes back to Malaysia then the sore will burst and get septic, he is more effective in creating chaos when he is physically in Malaysia going in and out of the police lockup where he will get sympathy..there are plenty of suckers for RPK in Malaysia Bro.