Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lee Kuan Yew's Chinese Excellence And Malay Paradox

Hantu Laut

Reported in the Straits Times, Feb 7th:

BY THE time Singaporean kids start Primary school, one in four are myopic. One in two Primary 6 pupils are myopic and towards the end of their teenage years, four in five 18-year-old males are myopic - and the trend is believed to be similar for females.

These alarming statistics has earned Singapore the unofficial title of one of the most myopic nations in the world. Ophthalmologists in Singapore cite genetic and environmental factors as the reasons for such high rates of myopia - or short-sightedness - in Singapore.

Also, Singaporeans' lifestyle which usually involves near-work activities such as watching television and using the computer for prolonged periods of time, contributes to soaring rates of myopia here.

Amy Chua had better described the Chinese gruelling parenting for excellence in her book "The Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother" which not only exist in the Chinese American families but among most Chinese Diaspora worldwide and I say Singapore should take distinction in this obsessive compulsive parenting.

My ten-year stay in Singapore where my children were educated have witnessed how parents particularly mothers pressured their children to reach academic excellence with almost zero tolerance.It's all work and no play for many Singapore's children.

A sore pimple in the Malay Archipelago, this 704 sq. kilometer (1/3 reclaimed land) nation outshone its bigger neighbours in academic and economic excellence.

The man who almost single-handedly transformed this tiny island nation into an economic powerhouse that have put bigger and more resourceful nations to shame had also created an ophthalmic nightmare and a society of rat-racers.

Political correctitude is not in his vocabulary.If success breeds arrogance than Lee Kuan Yew has it all and his cut is often the deepest with little attempt at diplomacy even when dealing with his bigger neighbours.

Lee is not an enigma, is not a person who generally expressed himself in metaphorical or allegorical language, he often spades in ethnicity and the genealogical trees that makes him looked like a consummated racist.He spares no time for turkeys.He has paid tribute to the minority Sri Lankan Tamil in Singapore and agonised the Malays at home and across the Malay Archipelago.

His diatribes had angered and caused much discomfort to his neighbours.

The Malays, particularly across the causeway have taken great exception to some of his salvos.

Here, a worthy read on Lee Kuan Yew and the Singapore Malays.

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Anonymous said...

The man who almost single-handedly transformed this tiny island nation into an economic powerhouse

Please, this is a myth perpatuated by the PAP and the old man himself. It was a team effort, people like Mr Goh, Raja & Deven played a bigger part with the people. Lee just took all credit for it.