Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine:No Skin Off My Nose

Hantu Laut

Happy Valentine!

Do not join the rank of the ignorant louts.

Yes, Valentine has its root in Christianity but it is no more a Christian celebration, nor does it encourage vices or sexual liaison.

Her knowledge of history, if anything to go by, is pathetic.Her fallacy of composition is reprehensible.

Vices are not just the domain of Christianity, vices have large following in every religion including Islam.

It is fine for her to tell Muslims not to celebrate Valentine Day but to mislead her followers by making up her own version of history is absolutely disgraceful.

She portrayed Christians as being licentious and immoral.

Below, is a video of a sermon by Ustazah Siti Nor Bahyah urging Muslims not to celebrate Valentine Day as it is considered haram in Islam.

I will not disagree with her on this but why desecrate another religion to prove a point?

First she mentioned about the Romans worshipping the Goddess of Love and related that to Christianity.The religion was not yet born at that time.

Pre-Christian Rome practised polytheism.Christians are monotheists and worship only one God.Than she went on to say Saint Valentine helped in the invasion and downfall of Cordoba.Wonder which history book she read?

Saint Valentine existed around AD 269 and Islamic Spain or Cordoba was between AD 711-1492.There was a gap of almost 500 years between the two.The last Islamic rule of Cordoba was the Almoravid Era between 1030-1130 and then, thereafter, a period of decline ending in 1492.

Not likely that the dead Saint Valentine rose from his grave and helped the Christians to capture Cordoba.

In spite of her pitiful knowledge of history this lady has huge following on facebook.
She has more followers than Anwar Ibrahim and his wife Wan Azizah put together.
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