Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bible - No thank you

Hantu Laut

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Malaysian oppositions have refined the art of ingratitude. Read Kit Siang's growl.

Even if the government do the right thing they would still demonise the action.
It's like a spoiled child brought up by equally spoiled parents who have never uttered the word 'thank you' and think the world owe them a living.

"Thank you" an expression of gratitude exists in every human language.Tough absent in the animal kingdom certain animals can still be taught to express gratitude as in "dog is a man best friend" where human kindness is reciprocated by the animal protecting its master.

So what if Najib allow release of the Bible based on political consideration, isn't all, including religions are about politics.

The stoppage by the government which should not have taken place in the first instance is most regrettable.As Minister in the PM's Department Bernard Dompok lamented that no such action was taken during the tenure of former Prime Minister Mahathir in spite of the fact that there was a standing order issued by the cabinet.

Mahathir was in control and his successor the so called "Mr Clean" was not.He was also "Mr Nice" and "Mr Yes" trying to please everyone including giving huge project to the now Sultan of Sulu and in the process screwed himself and his government pretty well.He has given to the world that the Malays have deep-rooted sense of insecurity

The government is insulting the intelligence of the Malays that we can't think for ourselves even in matters such as religion.

Take a notable look at the history of religions where people are willing to die for their beliefs.Wars have been fought in the name of religion.Even today and sadly, all for greed, Muslims killing fellow Muslims.What's happening in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan right now is the obsoletism that religion unites people.

It is obvious nothing the government can do if a Malay, in body and mind, want to convert to another religion, openly or covertly.It only achieve one objective .....making the government looking stupid.

We are no more in the age of camels and horses, we are in the space age where the far reaches of our solar system would soon be within our reach.

Stop the Bible in Malay and ban Christians the use of the word Allah?

What about
this.Can the government obliterate it, or ban the Internet completely, or ban Muslims from using the Internet? The whole Bible from "Genesis" to "Revelation" in "Bahasa Indonesia Seharihari" is available on the Internet.

I support the government of the day but I don't support stupidity.It's time Najib put his foot down and get rid of all that little napoleans before they get rid of him.

It is absurd to think that the Malays would convert to Christianity en masse because of the "Al Kitab" or would the government also like to ban the use of the word "Al Kitab" because it is in Arabic as some religious bigots would think is synonymous with Islam and has monopoly over it.

There must be something good in Islam that have made one-fifth of mankind walking the face of this planet.Roughly, 1.4 billion of the world population are Muslims and still growing.

I was a child of the colonial era where Christian missionaries abound in Sabah.I went to a government school where religion was not a factor and my girl friend who is my wife now also a Muslim went to a convent school, a Christian mission school where study of the Christian's scripture was compulsory.She got distinction in scripture.

Did she convert? No !

We keep the Bible,the Koran in Arabic and Koran with English translation in our home.

Have we converted. No!

My daughter finished her 'A' level in England with a chapel attached to the school which she attended once in a while.

Did she convert? No! She did even better than me, she and her husband donated many Korans to the poor Champ people of Cambodia and donated a cow as korban every Raya Haji.After studying for many years in England she came back with greater faith in her religion.

I go to church to attend funeral services every time my close Christian friends died.

Have I converted? No!

I still love my religion and fear of Allah.

So, please stop insulting us Muslims.


vinnan said...

Thank WTF. You UMNO bas/;]'s seize the Bibles use it for your political games in the name of your 'Ketuanan' rubbish and now you as,./'[s want the Christians to be grateful. Up your mo;'['s.

Freddie Kevin said...

I stay away from issues that touch on Islam out of respect to Muslim sensitivities.

Confidence in your faith is evident by your courage of this post.

Thank you

Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

Been a while since I last placed any comment in your blog. For this one, I have this to say, "Well said my friend. Well said indeed."

Purple Haze said...

Actually, the BN govt has refined the art of making an issue out of previously non-issues.

I sincerely hope that PM Najib's vision of 1Malaysia is to unite Malaysians instead of polarising them.

The DPM seems to take an opposite stance. Wonder what he will do if he ever becomes PM. He will certainly have to be careful in this internet age where video cams track every speech and action.

SM said...

Bro HL,

As you so accurately put it, if Najib does not get rid of these "little Napoleons", they will get rid of him!
These close minded fools are only making Najib look silly or even worse look "helpless".
They are also destroying all that he has managed to salvage after the last GE & his 1-Malaysia concept!
I fear that if Najib does not do anything soon, he will end up like Mr. Yes Badawi!

ZaNe said...

Who is leading the Home Ministry? Hishamudin or Little Napoleons? Look like the latter as they are now imposing more conditions on the release of the Bible. Why can't the Minister be more transparent? He should be looking after the interest of everyone unless of course he just wants to get votes from his constituency... and dream to be the next PM?

As a Muslim I am both ashamed and sad at the way this Bible issue is being handled. I can only pray to Allah swt to open up these peoples' heart and be more emphatic towards fellow human beings who just want to practice their faith. Whatever they want to call their God is none of our business.

Why should we be scared if our "Aqidah" is strong? That is why I always maintain that it is not the "form" like the wearing of hijab that is important in being a Muslim, it is the substance, your belief in Islam as a way of life which is more crucial. It does look like the people like you and I are in the minority in Malaysia. But just to remind our non-Muslim brothers and sisters that we do exist.

Anonymous said...

Thank you HL.

If only more Muslims are as confident as you are.

A Christian