Thursday, March 17, 2011

Untameable Ferocities Of Mother Nature

Hantu Laut

The recent earthquake that hit Japan and the subsequent tsunamis that unleashed its destructive power showed how powerless humans are when confronted with this most furious of natural disasters.

Unlike the power of wind we have yet to find ways how to predict where and when it will occur.

These are heart-wrenching scenes of the destructive power of nature that human have yet to learn to tame.

A reminder that we are still defenceless against the ferocities of Mother Nature.

Please pray for Japan.


Freddie Kevin said...

yes we should have a thought for the bereaved Japanese. As economically powerful as they are, as you said the forces of nature is even more powerful.

Why can't all Malaysians be thankful for the relative peace that nature has given us by promoting greater peace and understanding among our fellow brothers and sisters of Malaysia.

Do we really realise how fortunate we are?

eddy said...

No civilisation no matter how sophisticated can withstand mother nature's fury.

In Malaysia some of us whine about just everything under the sun not realizing how fortunate we are being born in this blessed country.

Purple Haze said...

You are absolutely right that we are defenceless against Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, our FLOM thinks that it is due to the Japanese carelessness in implementing environmentally-friendly planning and development in the country.

Go figure that one !

WHERE2 said...

Heartfelt condolenceS to the Japanese families who lost their loved ones in this unbelievable tragedy.

Let this be a lesson to us all that everything around us is so temporary.