Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leave Libya Alone !

Hantu Laut

There have been talks of Western military intervention in Libya, particularly the U.S, itching to put an end to Gaddafi's rule and to secure the oil fields to avoid another world's economic calamity.

Oils reserves in Libya are largest in Africa and ninth largest in the world and have one of the lowest extraction cost, reason why Gaddafi is flush with money.

The revolution and U.S sanctions have fused together international banks refusing to clear U.S dollars for the Libyan oil trade.For the moment no one is getting money for oil which has brought almost all transactions to a halt.Production has plummeted from 1.3 million barrels to under 600,000 barrels per day.

Countries in Europe would be the first to face the dire consequence as most Libyan oil goes to Europe.

No Arab countries have yet made a call for Western military intervention for what is seen as an Arab revolution and Arab problem festering in the region.Other than some American politicians urging U.S military intervention it was all quiet on the Western front.No leaders outside America's borders have called for military intervention.The Europeans are stung by the Iraq military misadventure.

American military intervention in Libya would indeed be catastrophic.

To the Arabs, fear of Western military intervention, whether they are rebels in Libya or street protesters in other Arab nations ......the answer is clearly Iraq.

Iraq is a lesson that has gone completely wrong.America's democracy in despair.

When the Western powers entered Iraq to get rid of Sadam Hussein, which they successfully did, they did not expect continued resistance that have put Iraq in total chaos and taking the lives of more Iraqi civilians than what Saddam had killed during his reign of terror.

Much of Iraq are still unsafe with pockets of resistance unleashing deadly bombing from time to time killing innocent civilians rather than the intended victims.......the U.S military, safely sheltered in the Green Zone.

What have the American achieved in Iraq?

A very unstable government and fragile democracy.

All hell will break loose the moment the U.S military leaves Iraq.Arm resistance and guerrilla warfare would continue to beset the country as long as the American continue to stay in Iraq and civil war is much in the offing the moment they leave.Damned if you do damned if you don't. Iraq, may need another Saddam Hussein to stabilise the country.

There is no clear picture who is the unchallenged leader of the rebellion in Libya, if anything to go by, the rebels are very splintered and disorganised, giving Gaddafi the edge over them at the moment.

U.S.military intervention would make Libya into another Iraq and Afghanistan

It's time the U.S. take stocks of its damaging foreign policy and stay out of conflicts that do not concern them.

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vinnan said...

This is what happens when you slap a significant portion of your people around in the name of country and religion. The Yanks will eventually control the Eastern half of Libya where the oil is. Now China claims the potentially energy rich Spratly Islands which Malaysia also claims. I am sure you can fill in the rest here.