Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Malaysia Dicing With Rare Earths

Hantu Laut

If it is safe why not build it in Australia which is a much larger land mass with only 23 million people, far bigger than Peninsula Malaysia.The plant could be sited in the remotest part of Australia away from populated areas.

Obviously, the Aussies are not telling the truth on the safety aspects of the plant.Otherwise, it would have been sited in their own country.Rare earths contain thorium, a slightly radioactive metal.

Are we so hungry for FDI that we are prepared to put the people's health at risk.

Read this most revealing article from New York Times on Malaysia dicing with the dirty work of processing rare earth.The long term effect could be catastrophic.

Obviously, Sabahans are far more environmentally conscious than West Malaysians.Money, rather than health seems to be the priority over there.

Rare earth is far more dangerous than the coal power plant which have been called off in Sabah.

Thanks to Prime Minister Najib's people first policy.


Anonymous said...

The rakyat deserve this - we reap what we sow, and since the people have so much faith in the govt, and a paltry sum of $ is enough to vote them in, let everyone, esp those in Kuantan suffer! Padan muka!

SM said...

Bro HL,

I agree that it needs a little more investigation.
It's in his (Najib's) home state anyway isn't it? I'm sure he does not want an environmental disaster on his hands.
He may know something we don't?
He can't afford any muck-ups especially since he has progressed so far in such a short time.