Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Man Of Many Talents

Hantu Laut

Looked like Anwar Ibrahim is on the vanguard of another reformasi movement, given a new lease of life by the illicit sex video.If the tape is a true fake Anwar is king.

Rahim Thamby Cik misread the whole scenario, he has forgotten that Anwar is a better political animal than he is, one who can turn the table around and take the aces and give you the craps.

He has been drumming up supports by organising public rallies attracting thousands of followers and spectators and of course, the very thing he wanted to show Malaysians and the rest of the world, the brutal Malaysian police stopping his peaceful cheramahs.As Mahathir rightly portrayed in his book "When Anwar wanted to win people over, he could be very polished and charming.He could win over the strongly religious Arabs while being friendly with die-hard, anti-Arab Jews"

That's how good Anwar is in psychological warfare, rabble-rousing and bewitching.He has excellent interpersonal skills and can be very charming if he wanted to and just as nasty in the same equity.He collects friends as fast as he loses them.His impatience killed many of his high ambitions.The misstep costs him the premiership.

Remember! When he fell off a horse and almost broke his neck and had to use a neck brace for many months for the whole of Malaysia to see and took pity on him and prayed for his safety.

In his book Mahathir wrote that Anwar took up riding because he did.He probably mistaken a 'trot' for a 'gallop'. "Before he learned to ride properly, he started galloping.He fell, almost broke his neck and had to be hospitalised" said Mahathir.

That weaken spine of his came handy during his detention when he was again seen in neck brace for many months and the police was implicated.

Mahathir, over 20 years his senior have never had a fatal fall off a horse.Unlike Mahathir, horse riding or any equestrian sports had never been his passion. He rides for posterity.

During his time in UMNO, when he was Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister then and much involved in the youth movement where his main support base was, he picked up another sport, equally dangerous if your are reckless and impatience.

He took up jet skiing, a sport for the young and restless. There was a mad rush by the Sabah UMNO boys, some of whom did not know or have even seen what a jet ski looked like, to buy jet skis, to join their favourite leader whenever he visited Sabah then.Leading the pack was a one time Berjaya supremo/UMNO Likas divisional head, always seen with Anwar on his outings here.

I do not know Anwar personally because I have never been in politics, I only watch politicians.

I have only met one top politician twice, on trade missions to China and Pakistan, Tun Mahathir Mohammad, who was prime minister then.

In form, Mahathir, commands respect and is statesmanlike, even his gait is that of a statesman, unless, you are Lim Kit Siang or Anwar Ibrahim who have an axe to grin with him than you would not see him in the same light, he becomes a dictator and a tyrant.

I used to watch the going-ons from the safety of my 55-footer how the UMNO boys clamoring around him for attention.

Anwar is very charismatic, there is an aura about him that magnetise certain type of people to him.He can't be faulted for his extraordinary talent, that's how great leaders and great tyrants are born.Even Mahathir admitted how impressed he was with Anwar hence allowing his meteoric rise in the party until he found to his dismay that he would be the next victim of Anwar's glutton for power.The rest is history.

Impatience,recklessness and greed. That was the comeuppance of Anwar Ibrahim.

Majority of Malaysians are sold that the tape is a fake or even if it was not, say was an entrapment, Anwar would still deny and the whole world would believe him.

That's how good Anwar Ibrahim is.


SM said...

Bro HL,

Your "fixation" with DSAI is a serious problem.
Although I have come to mistrust DSAI, I don't see why you hate him so much (yes, I know you say you dislike him...ya rite!)?
You fail to see that the fixation that you have on him is the "norm" with UMNO & UMNO supporters. The more they try to "bugger" (pun intended!) him, the more the Rakyat feels sorry for him! The more sympathy he gets!
Rahim Tamby Chik, that paragon of virtue...trying to tell us about DSAI's illicit sex acts is like the "pot calling the kettle black"! I guess you don't see that?
To me, Najib would gain so much more by just completely ignoring DSAI! People will judge Najib & BN by results not by how much "shit" they can dig up on DSAI!
But I guess that may not sound logical to some!

Hantu Laut said...


Don't tell me you only read my blog.There are more pro-Anwar and opposition blogs than there are for the government which wrote even worse things about Najib and other UMNO leaders(which I really don't give a damn) compared to mine.At least I write in proper language and avoid vulgarism and obscenity compared to some of these pro-opposition writers.

Just take a look at that mad-against-Najib's Mariam Mokhtar ,Martin Jalleh,Dean John,KJ John,Susan Loone and the list is not exhaustive, they have fixation on Najib and the government.

I can assure you my blog, not even 10% of the whole content is about Anwar.I only gave him more space when there is controversy about him like the one we have right now.Otherwise he goes under my radar.

Don't forget he is also a public figure paid by taxpayers money and is open to public scrutiny.

Some people say every politician is doing it so what if Anwar does it.If that how Malaysians think why complain about corruptions, since every politician is doing it, let it be.

I don't hate Anwar, I hate hypocrites, whoever they are.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Actually I read the following regularly:-

Malaysia Today, The Malaysian Insider & your Blog. I really don't have time to read the other blogs out there.

Malaysia Today publishes articles from both pro-Opposition & pro-BN (I have read one or two of your articles there too!), so I get a gist of what Malaysians are saying.

To me, they can throw all the shit at Najib or DSAI in these Blogs as I won't decide based or "rumours". I will believe it when they come up with "real" evidence. E.g. don't tell me that Najib & Rosmah had anything to do with Altantuya's murder when there is no proof. Similarly don't tell me DSAI buggered that poof Saiful when the evidence is so "made up"! Our Prosecution stinks to high Hell (but I guess you get Monkeys when you pay Penuts!).

Yes, I like your Blog because I can "debate" rationally & civilally without having to read profanities & vulgarities (as you mentioned).

As for hyprocrites, well, both sides of teh Political divide have tons of those!

Anonymous said...

But of course Anwar Al Sheikh Al Juburi cannot fool everyone. Certainly not me.