Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'll Be Damned ! It's Spitting Image Of Him !

Hantu Laut

RM20 million question? Is that how much the video cost?

By now many people would have viewed the short footage of the sex video on You Tube.Although, there were no sex scenes You Tube had taken down the video due to its controversy and objections from certain quarters.

The person in the video is a spitting image of Anwar Ibrahim. The idiosyncrasy is almost flawless. If he is not Anwar than he must be an excellent double of him.

Depend whether you love or hate him. For those who likes Anwar and hates the government, he definitely not Anwar and those who dislikes him and supports the government than he definitely is Anwar.Of course, those in PKR and Pakatan, without any doubt, would deny it is him till the cows come home.

I am doubtful of the location.The video could have been taken outside the country, probably, in neighbouring country and the hotel room is certainly not 5 star standard which I supposed Anwar is used to.The furnishing and fluorescent light in the bathroom is a giveaway that the place is a not a posh joint. The procurer, whoever he is, must be a very good and trusted friend and seemed to have an adjoining room.

It's either an excellent fake or a story of Brutus and Caeser.

I reserve my judgement.


SM said...

Bro HL,

I have not seen the video & don't intend to.
However, as you said...reserve your judgement until it is proven or otherwise.
By the way, I just hope it does not backfire on Najib though. I have a bad feeling about this one! Someone is trying to screw both DSAI & Najib at the same time. I have my suspicions but best to keep it to myself for now as it is unfounded!

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

The facial features bear very close resamblance to DSAI.

However the neck of the person in the vid seems a bit thicker.

Inconclusive for me.

That being said, his style of movements recognised by those familiar with DSAI, can rightly comment.

I can't.

DSAI has distinctive markings on his face and a clear blow up of the face in the vid would clear any doubts.

But then again, the pro DSAI would claim it's an actor resembling DSAI, made up complete with these markings and characteristic movement style.

Then there is the small matter of the Omega.

Will it ironically be the end?

Yes, I agree with SM and his point of view.

Judgement reserved.

Thank you

AH said...

I share yours (HL) and SM's views. Seen the video very briefly on YouTube out of curiousity but stopped shortly after the intro. BTW, I also agree with your previous posting. Sometimes less is better.

Anonymous said...

Brother Hantu Laut,

This is Anwar Ibrahim's HANTU RAYA..thats why look exactly like him.

SM said...

Bro HL,

I saw part of the Video.
Yes, Facial Features look similar to DSAI. However they aren't that clear either. The girl's face is very clear though. So makes me wonder...the video was taken to ensure that people "think" it's DSAI.
However, as Freddia Kevin said here, the "actor" is bigger, fatter & has a tummy too. Very unlike DSAI.
Finally this video was supposedly to have been taken in Carcosa Seri Negara,. Or am I worng? Look at the room...don't tell me it's Carcosa! Yes, looks like a cheap Hotel in Thailand! And you noticed that too.
Why would the Datuk "T" trio lie about the room? And like all liars, they won't stop at just one lie!
I still may be wrong but it very likely look like a "frame-up" job!

Hantu Laut said...


They never said the video was taken in a room at Carcosa, the screening of the video was done at Carcosa to invited journalists only.

I am not familiar with Anwar's anatomy but the face and moustache strongly resembled him.

Freddie Kevin said...


The vid was exposed at Carcosa but was recorded at another, at present, undisclosed hotel and location.

In as far as the Datuk T Trio are concerned, unless and until it is proved that the person in the vid is not DSAI, no one should accuse them of being liars.

Thank you

ah_zan said...

it's not him la... ini semua konspirasi hendak menjatuhkan DSAI... ini semua salah UMNO & BN...
bukan salah DSAI.. semua salah UMNO & BN.... btw... omega jamnye mana?

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that there are still people in perpetual denial mode!

SM said...

Bro HL,

I stand corrected. Yes, it was "screened" at Carcosa but I'm told that the room was in a hotel in KL. However, from the YouTube Video, it seems that the recording was in a Bangkok Hotel.
Yes, unless it is proven, we just have to wait & see who's lying.

Ayah Man said...

I incline to believe that it was Anwar in the video. However, we still cannot be conclusive and it is very unfair to the person accused. I suggest we undertake to do the foolowing:
1.Offer reward to track down Anwar's double.
2. Ask Wan Azizah to produce Anwar's Omega.
3.Do a CSI style of test on Anwar's Omega that is now with the Police.
4.Offer reward to track down the female sex partner of Anwar in the video.
5.Give even bigger financial reward to the chinese pros if she appears voluntarily to help resolve case.
6.Parliament to make it an exception allowing the screening of the video in the parliament.
7. Form RCI.
8. Call in experts from overseas to verify the authenticity of the tape and actors.
9.Dato Eskay has alot more to say about the issue. Let him go public.